Why Python Is Still Better Than Other Programming Languages?

In a pursuit to create simple coding and transparent style, the programmers have devised a number of languages, each richer than the other in their libraries and functionality. Python is a modern programming language that has found its home in top websites and has sheltered quite a few companies with its capabilities. However, it has still not received the attention it should have, and that too long back. A lot of businesses are yet to understand the potential of Python application development and understand the ease it offers to their solutions.

Guido van Rossum, the creator of the language, has emphasized upon the need for simplicity and readability in the code. Python is a much better language when compared to others, and here’s why. Hopefully, at the end of reading this, you would know why use Python to derive capable solutions for your business’ needs.

Fewer Lines, Better Coding

When you are working with Python programming language, you take lesser time and fewer lines to write your code. When you would have written multiple lines to get the web browser to print a simple line or word in other languages, you resort to simple and straightforward code in Python to do the same function. The fewer lines saves not just the effort of the programmer but also your money, as you get the program executed faster.

Extensive Libraries

With the library support, codes are less populated. Python offers support for libraries specifically for the string operations, web service tools, interfaces with the OS and protocols. This way, you won’t need to write separate code for the same, and you can win around with the use of the libraries. This makes completing the development easy and fast, and ensures you just have got enough time to execute and make the whole application error-free. Imagine what can you do with Python? The numerous opportunities and extensive capabilities it proposes.

Interpretable & Efficienct

With Python development, the unit time per solution is relatively less, which means you get to solve the business problem with a unique and defined solution faster. With Python, you can easily come to a real solution along with the algorithm in fewer hours than you would with other languages. Even the data structures are rigorous and can be achieved in fewer hours with Python. It is a well-defined and optimized programming language. The only place where it hurts is during runtime or execution, and that is manageable, as you have achieved a solution in fewer hours. The programming language literally docks performance out of the algorithms that you have derived.

Code modification is also easy and fast, as the entire solution is interpretable and efficient.

Easy integration

This has to be one of the best advantages of using Python over other programming languages. Developing web services by adding COM or COBRA components has become easy with the Python integration. This way, Python scripting language not just processes XML as well as the other markup languages but also calls upon the other programming languages such as C, C++ and Java. With this integration capability, Python makes sure it can easily run on modern operating systems with ease.

Increased productivity

We never really talk about productivity, do we? A good programming language makes sure you can improve your productivity. Python helps developers produce an algorithm and execute it faster than any other programming language. But that is just part of the productivity ease it offers. The integration feature combined with the unit testing framework Python offers improve the speed and performance of the application thus increasing its agility and productivity. Thus, when you are all set to develop scalable, multi-protocol applications, Python is your go-to framework.

Python going strong

With Python’s improved styling and better coding abilities, it is definitely a developer’s friend, when it comes to producing capable and meaningful solutions in time. Being adopted by top websites, and gaining credibility from scientists and businessmen alike, Python is definitely your business’ go-to choice for developing easy and fast solutions this year. You will need to hire dedicated and capable Python developers to achieve your goal.

Smaller learning curve

If you know Java, C or C++, Python comes easily to you. It has removed the need for unnecessary codes that were a part of the other three languages. It is pretty simpler and predictable in many ways. The style is interpretable, thus making the learning curve easy for the developers. This is one of the most important reasons why you should go for Python this year.

Populates world’s best websites

The final reason for choosing Python is because the world’s top-notch websites are built on this framework. Google, DropBox, Instagram and Spotify are all backed by Python, and we all know how beautifully they perform and the ease they offer. Even Disney and NASA have incorporated Python to their core. A wide variety of industries have been using Python and that too beautifully.

Coruscate has been offering simple solutions using Python to the complex business problems since inception. With a capable team, and experienced industry players, we offer just the right solutions for you.

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