Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework to develop customized web solutions and mobile applications. It has features like modular packaging system (different ways of accessing relational databases, aid for application deployment and maintenance).

Laravel is the high rated PHP framework, which had its stable release as Laravel 5.6 in February, 2018. Stable release means it is unchanging. API (Application Program Interface), behaviour and functionality are considered final for that version. And security updates and bug fixes can be changed or modified.

Why To Hire A Laravel Developer?


  • It is an open-source PHP framework, means it has a strong community support.


  • It is easy to understand and easy to learn.


  • It simple, elegant and readable.


  • As it is simple and easy, debugging the errors turns out to be more speedy.


  • It offers database migration, schema builder and painless routing


  • It has a queue library (where one can create and modify the library as per need)



What’s new in Laravel?


  • Laravel Horizon:
    • It provides a beautiful dashboard
    • It provides self-testing configuration


  • Laravel Dusk
    • It provides an easy to use browser and automatic testing API (Application Program Interface)


  • Laravel Echo
    • Event broadcasting got evolved
    • And one can have the power of Web Sockets for the application with an ease.


  • Build a chatbot with Laravel and Botman
    • Laravel helps the developer to build customized bots as per need with ease and where and when the modification is needed can do it easily.

Some of the technical objects of Laravel


  • Directory Structure
    • Directory structure or a folder structure got changed in Laravel 5
    • All the classes are namespaced in Laravel 5, which has auto loading standards
    • Vendor, public and bootstrap directories are at the same place but configuration, storage and database directories are moved to the roots in the newer version.


  • Elixir
    • It is a GulpJS API, which helps to define the gulp tasks for the application
    • The gulp packages are in the package.json and Elixir’s main plan is to reduce the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript


  • Authentication
    • As it is a mandatory and a core part of any of the web application, it’s too much time consuming process for any of the developer to execute it.
    • Laravel 5 came up with the feature called ‘Pre-built Validation Code’.
    • For the application developed through Laravel, this feature minimized the developer’s time to implement the codes for the authentication.


  • Commands and Artisan
    • Command line is used to handle the Laravel project, but in Laravel 5, it provides an in built tool called Artisan, which helps developers in developing and creating their own command through which they can express complicated business logics in a simpler format.


  • Route Caching
    • This is specially for those application, who have a large number of routes.
    • Commands php artisan route:cache and php artisan route:clear turn route caching on and off respectively.


  • Route Migration
    • It is very tedious and irritating process for developers to check each process for allowing or disallowing the task to perform in the controller actions.
    • But, Route Middleware allows to do this.
    • It also helps to add-on more layers to existing HTTP routes


  • File Support
    • Laravel uses a local supportive network, for which it uses Flysytem
    • In Flysystem, the different file support is created on a nearby remote cloud-based network.


  • System database Migration and Security
    • One can expand the database structure of the application by utilizing Migration System of Database Laravel 5.
    • Laravel Schema builder can also be used to create database structure.
    • And one don’t need to worry about the safety and security while using Laravel.

Few examples of the companies using Laravel


  • Deltanet Travel
    • It is one of the leading destination management website in Greece. Which manages tourism services. Laravel framework is been used to create the website. The website has smooth navigation and less loading time.
    • Below is the link of it https://www.deltanettravel.gr


  • Neighborhood Lender
    • It is a website of loans and mortgage calculator, which asks for complex functionality with smoother outcome. And Laravel can convert any level of complexity in an ease.
    • The website is been beautifully created. Easy navigation, easy access and easy to understand.


  • MyRank
    • It is an online learning website for people in India. The elements used in MyRank is different than others so one can say that Laravel is versatile performer, with easy understanding.
    • MyRank is been built with the beautiful integrated functionality.


  • Laravel Tricks
    • Laravel Tricks been built on Laravel framework, it is been built for the own in-house branding. Created by Laravel for Laravel. A well-created website to understand how much of complexity has been converted in ease. Everything is beautified nicely, easy navigation and a lot more small small things.


  • World Walking
    • This website is been created to project the motivation, means to motivate people for the most basic but effective exercise like walking. Some people don’t like walking. Like every day they will make plans to complete a walk of this much of kilometers, but trust they are just plans.
    • So to motivate people to walk enough of kilometers a day, this application is been developed using Laravel. And for the smartphone users, it has really a nice app, too.
    • And it not only measures your footsteps but also helps in improving your walking skills.


How can you hire a Laravel developer?


If you are looking for hiring a PHP Laravel developer, Coruscate is the perfect solution to your query. Even if you don’t know which framework or a platform to use for your web application or the mobile application, no worries, we are there.


When our clients come down to us with some queries like, I want to develop an app for this thing but I don’t know what would be the content and which framework should be used. We just tell them to relax. And we ask them to express the problem in their language, now after taking up a lot of projects we have started understanding their language and we give them solution like this framework can be used, and this should be the structure.

So whenever it is required come down to our place, and will solve your query over a cup of coffee. Let’s get connected.

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