Know 6 reasons why Go-Jek is successful before going for Go-Jek clone app development?

Go-Jek is the most successful multi service providing company. Know why Go-Jek is successful and Why building GoJek clone is wise step for multi service businesses.

25 million monthly users, 1 million drivers, 3,860 trips per minute, 100 million annual transactions, 10 million-plus Go-Jek trips only in Singapore, $2 billion worth food deliveries annually, $3.1 billion raised fund and $11 billion estimated company value are probably enough to declare Go-Jek a successful company. But what matters the most is how a company went from 11 bikes to $11 billion and changed the market landscape of the on-demand services from scratch?

We are going to reveal the same in this blog. We will discuss the attributes participated in Go-Jek’s success and how you can derive benefits from it if you are planning to develop Go-Jek clone app.

1) Hyper-experimenting way of doing business

Go-Jek was founded by a native Indonesian entrepreneur named Nadiem Makarim in 2010, with only 20 drivers. During the initial years, they worked completely manually. In fact, they used to assign the drivers after checking their availability from the roaster book.

But with the advent of cost-effective on-demand app development solutions, they took their everyday business processes online and developed an app. They have experimented many new things on their business models, business processes and mobile app. Today, what we are seeing, an app which offers more than 20 on-demand services with the highest ever satisfaction rate, is the result of their hyper-experimenting protocol. In one of his interviews, Founder and Chief Executive of Go-Jek, Nadiem Makarim stated that hyper-experiment the hell out of everything is the key to make your on-demand service providing company successful.

Here, it is worth to mention that in such an online business, to experiment anything new, you need to update your app after studying the brief impact of it on your business. Thus, Coruscate, a leading GoJek clone development company becomes the lifetime strategic business partner of clients like you who want to develop Go-Jek clone app and helps them to revamp or rewrite the business model, business processes or even the app whenever needed.

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2) Multi-service platform

Perhaps the only reason behind Go-Jek’s success is its adoption to the multi-service platform. Go-Jek offers the ultimate solution for the everyday needs of life. Go-Jek app is equipped with more than 20 services like food delivery, taxi service, parcel service, house cleaning service, beauty service and many more.

Because of the multi-service platform, Go-Jek has generated many revenue-streams while making sure the resources they use keep very limited. The multi-service platform has more benefits, such as lower app development cost, more users, potential to expand business boundaries and lower internal cost.

Sensing the opportunities in the multi-service platform, not only Go-Jek, but all major mobility companies are currently following the same path. They are integrating more than one service in the single app to make a good impact on users’ life and to earn more money.

So, if you are a startup and planning to develop GoJek clone app, we recommend you to add as many as services you feel you can satisfy with the available resources. Coruscate can develop your Go-Jek clone app with customizable features under $10k and within 45-55 business days.

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3) App development approach

For the sake of earning more money in very less time, entrepreneurs are opting more for clone apps. Developing an app by following clone app development approach might look like a profitable idea at the first glance, but as you acquire more users, managing the user satisfaction and engagement rate from the clone app which lacks some groundbreaking features like AI, Business Intelligent and Dispute Management in the admin panel, will be the tedious task. It can lead your business to the dead-end, after tasting initial success.

Talking about the Go-Jek app, it is custom-built. They never copied the features of another app or followed the app cloning approach. So, if you want to take your on-demand service business to the next level like Go-Jek, it is a fundamental requirement to not follow the app cloning approach.

Instead, you can hire a mobile app development company which has earned expertise to develop a clone app but with the customizable features, which is known as the hybrid approach. It costs you less than the custom-built app and gives you the all necessary features you are supposed to get in the custom-built app.

Coruscate has developed a customizable platform for Go-Jek clone app named Vahak that is capable to accommodate the custom features you wish to add into your Go-Jek clone app.

To know more about the difference between custom-built, app cloning and hybrid app development approach:

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4) Reliance on technology

In the 21st century, technology adoption defines the fate of every business. For Go-Jek, technology is its employee with the many superpowers who can complete many tasks within seconds!

Go-Jek claims that they are managing 1 million drivers with only 12 engineers and many well-written algorithms. Yes, you heard it right. These numbers show how technologies can reduce the internal cost of a company to a significant level.

Currently, almost all business processes of Go-Jek are managed by the robust algorithms which need very less human involvement. More importantly, these algorithms don’t make mistakes too often like humans. As a result, you can achieve an outstanding user satisfaction rate.

Coruscate has written many robust algorithms, especially for the Go-Jek clone app. These algorithms are performing tasks like assigning drivers or service providers to the users, calculating the fare and ETA, splitting the payment and blocking non-genius users.


5) Working with local authorities

Among Go-Jek’s 20+ services, one service is payment service. And when it comes to payment service, a company should need to be very careful. Because, in the past, many payment service providing companies became the victim of license suspension as they failed to satisfy the legal norms.

Meanwhile, Go-Jek has tied up with local and national authorities from the first day of its business. They have updated the app many times with the changes made in legal norms by Bank Indonesia and Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the companies providing online financial services.

You might have now got the idea that integrating payment service in the Go-Jek clone app isn’t a one time process. In fact, you need to update your app with every little change government makes in the legal norms.

In such a situation, Coruscate can be your best IT partner who stands beside you throughout your business journey, and whenever such a situation emerges, helps you to rewrite the code. As if this is not enough, you can also seek help from our business team to understand the legal norms and proper ways to satisfy it.

6) Maintaining demand and supply ratio

Maintaining demand and supply ratio is one of the challenges you have to overcome in on-demand business like Go-Jek.

To know more about business challenges associated with on-demand business like Go-Jek-

Are you business ready? Know top on-demand business challenges before developing an on-demand app like Gojek?

Looking at the way on-demand business works, you as the app owner is the platform provider on which service providers are registered. These service providers are responsible for satisfying the demand, generated by the users.

In this whole business cycle, you as the business owner must need to pay heed at how many service providers are available to satisfy the demand. It should always be synchronized.

If you fail to do so, your users will not get service on the time and they will straightaway swap your app with some another app.

Go-Jek is armed with many disruptive features in its admin panel to make this impossible task happen. They rely on many algorithms which predict the future demand after taking factors like weather, traffic, and events into the account. So, now when admin knows the areas with the highest demand, he can encourage service suppliers to serve in those areas only by offering them some boost or rewards. Isn’t it sound like a futuristic way of doing business?

Coruscate, as a leading Go-Jek clone app development company, understands the urgency of having a feature-packed admin panel. Thus, we integrate all vitally important features in the admin panel. But the heat map feature is something you can derive many benefits to keep running your business smoothly. This heat map feature shows the past, current and future data of demand of a particular location, thanks to the fusion of AI and BI technologies.

In the nutshell

Since factors like the adoption of technology, app development approach and admin panel features elucidate the ways of operating Go-Jek clone business, developing Go-Jek clone app is more exhausting than the running a business like Go-Jek.

If you end up hiring an awful Go-Jek clone app development company which offers you only a few very common features with second-rate admin panel, you will fail before even starting the business. So, there isn’t any better way to jump into Go-Jek like business than following the success path of the Go-Jek itself.

With Coruscate, you can be very honest with users and with your business. Both you and your users will get for what you are paying for. To know more about features and ask for a free demo of GoJek clone app, contact our app scientist and business expert today.

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