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E scooter business is booming now days, Yamaha’s new swappable batteries solved the deep rooted problem of the e scooter business owners.

Just when we thought no other progress is possible for these tiny e-scooters which have conquered many big cities, there comes a piece of news stating their further jump. 

The Swappable batteries


swapable batteries escooter

There are a lot of e-scooter rental companies which are showing a huge interest in battery swapping technologies. When big companies like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki joined the e-scooter business. And only a few months ago they declared that they were merging troops to accelerate the development of swappable battery technology for the e-scooter. It is said that this technology could solve the biggest issue that the electric scooter industry is facing these days.

Though their connection is yet to yield any fruit, Yamaha, a Japanese giant has revealed a new electric scooter which they have developed jointly with a Taiwanese e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro. The electric scooter is called EC-05. There has been always restricted autonomy and extended charging times for the e-scooters till now. However, Yamaha has recently launched an electric scooter with battery swapping capability.

While building the electric scooter with swappable batteries Yamaha took care of the designing the scooter and Gogoro were in charge of all the mechanical bits. The Taiwanese company Gogoro is well-known for its swappable battery technology. The technology is just like Kymco scooters. The riders can swap the batteries and the rider can swap the batteries and plug them at dutiful charging stations or at the residence.

A teaser video has unveiled that the recently launched e-scooter EC-05 will get LED headlamps along with a fully digital instrument cluster. It will also have disc brake at the front and flexible suspension at the front and back. Though the exact blueprints of the scooter are yet to be disclosed it is expected to extend characteristics and performance figures similar to that of Gogoro’s own e-scooter which is called the S2.

The electric scooter S2 offers a max power output of 7.6kW at 3000rpm. And the e-scooter manufacturing declares that it can go from 0-50kmph in 3.9 seconds. It is being stated that the expected range of electric vehicles from Yamaha would allow a range of 80 km and 100 km. Looking at the current scenario, it is obvious that the Yamaha EC-05 will help and become an excellent partner for long and effective intra-city commutes along with conventional inter-city range.

The all new EC-05 electric scooter emphasizes removable batteries and the electric scooter technology is the first for a Yamaha electric scooter. The detachable batteries have been designed for easy recharging, and to exchange the drained battery with a fully charged battery. The Yamaha EC-05 will be originally marketed in the Taiwanese market from August in the year 2019. The new model will be even traded in many markets around the world, which would mean that the swappable battery technology is coming in a grand way to several other countries also. 

Gogoro’s recent expansion – Updated on 12th Aug 2019

While continuing the partnership with Yamaha, Gogoro recently announced its new partners. Aeon Motor and PGO are going to launch new scooters in this summer that run on swappable batteries and charging infrastructure of Gogoro.

This new partnership makes a lot of sense to users. Anyone who wants to buy Gogoro’s scooter can now have a choice to buy a scooter from Yamaha, Aeon Motor, and PGO. Users of these three companies can now even exchange batteries at the 1,300 GoStations in Taiwan.

How will the swappable batteries function?

The Yamaha EC-05 will be accessible only in Taiwan for now. Gogoro has over 1,000 battery exchange stations spread across Taiwan. Some of the exchange centers are powered by on-site solar panels and another 250 slated for installation by 2019. So, that has made Yamaha consider charging and swapping infrastructure is already fixed. The EC-07 e-scooter is expected to hit with two swap-able 2170 Lithium-ion batteries. The main battery will stay with the owner and this battery can be removed and charged at any place. The secondary battery is meant to be used as a rental. This battery can be switched at recharging stations across the country. Gogoro is said to be reviewing possible partnerships, suggesting that the EC-07, and other electric scooters from its fleet may launch in the global market earlier than anticipated.

As the name explains itself, the battery swapping technology will enable the owner of an electric motorcycle or scooter to stop at a station and switch the drained battery from his vehicle and pick up a freshly charged battery. Charging stops would become much faster and useful just like a stop at the gas station.

The new electric powertrain specs are not yet declared. However, it is expected that it will offer similar numbers to the existing Gogoro 2 Series scooters. The range of these electric scooters will be roughly 60 miles and a top speed of 50 to 60 mph.

The development director of Yamaha India, Yasuo Ishihara validated that the two companies are working, unitedly with other Yamaha research centers in various countries in order to develop a platform or base for electric bikes.

It is said that the collaboration with Gogoro in the Taiwanese market will not only increase the mobility options for the Yamaha customers but also it will help them embrace the challenge of creating a new mobility option by being the leader in sharing the battery swapping system.

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Gogoro was established as an open platform innovator using energy network infrastructure to fuel the smart city development in megacities. Gogoro feels valued to collaborate with Yamaha. Together they are taking a major step towards their combined goal.

If you are a startup looking for the electric scooter business opportunities

We have always predicted this e-scooter business to be there for a longer time. There is no way that these tiny vehicles are getting outdated. With the increasing awareness about environmental problems, people are adopting transportation options which are cheaper and pollution-free.

After looking at the current scenario of the e-scooters, you can make up your mind to join the competition. But before entering, make sure you have your weapons- the app ready and handy. Get the e-scooter app development done by experts as we know the depth and width of this business. If you need any guidance about how to proceed and where to get started, you can read our blogs regarding the guide for e-scooter business. 

Here is a chart depicting the basic features and the price to develop an e-scooter app with just these features.


Escooter app cost

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