5 Reasons Why E-Scooters Are Good More Than Just Being Planet-Friendly

E-Scooters have taken the world by storm. The micro-mobility revolution has truly taken off in 2022.

The E-Scooter app development industry has seen a boost of investment and development. Because of the increasing demand, more e-scooter app businesses have entered the market and many are thriving. 

Lets understand why E-Scooters are good and an option you can consider for daily commute 

Zero Carbon Emission


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. E-scooters are planet-friendly and fuel less. 

In the age of social media and advertising, planet and environmental issues are usually raised for marketing purposes. Brands and celebrities jump on these bandwagons to appear a certain way. But guess who is not in it for the clout and publicity? A fully functional e-scooter. 

It is ambitious to say that e-scooters alone can improve the planet’s health. But if we are able to replace a decent number of daily commutes from fuel-driven to fuel less, it will have an impact. 

E-Scooter App development is being encouraged by governments across the world because of the sustainability factor. 

Budget Friendly Option 


It is easy on the pocket, usually 1/3rd of the cost per trip of a conventional fuel vehicle. It saves a lot of money on maintenance and fuel. So E-scooters have that advantage over their  traditional counterparts. E-Scooter App Development is backed by this and companies are constantly pushing to keep the fares low. Better performing batteries are being developed to keep the costs and prices low. 

E-Scooters Are Convenient 


Electric scooters are really convenient to carry along. Also while riding, electric scooters fit into small lanes and escape the traffic. It is also convenient because it needs less parking space.

In fact it requires minimum parking space. 

E-Scooters Are Fun 


Simply put, electric scooters are fun to take around for a spin. Also helpful in traveling around 1-2 kms circumference in campuses or office complexes, when walking feels a bit too much. This could be a good marketing point for businesses who want to appeal to the younger generations. At the same time, the fun ride makes adults feel like children again. So the appeal is present across a wide age group. 

E-Scooters Are Easy To Drive 


Fuel driven cars and bikes require months of training to master the skill. So as a newbie, you cannot expect to take the keys and take a drive around town. 

Whereas with an electric scooter, you can do it more or less. Keep in mind, this is not a sign for you to be irresponsible. Simply comparing the options side by side, it is way easier to learn riding an e-scooter.  

Teenagers (of age) can get used to the road and traffic and basic rules with an e-scooter. In fact anyone can learn it quickly. 

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