In A Nutshell

We deliver reliable backend matching the intuitiveness of your frontend to enhance the customer experience by validating ideas and converting them to simple solutions.

How we work?

While solutions need to be unique and creative, they should be arrived upon using pre-defined methodology. At Coruscate, every solution is a result of research and understanding of customer needs. Want to know how we arrive at a solution?

Approach & Engagement

As drivers of original, unique and simplified technology solutions, Coruscate has defined standardized methodology, pre-defined approach, and flexible engagement models to achieve excellence.

Agile is how we roll

Our agile strategy makes us go through with your needs and the market needs before strategizing your project. We don’t develop till we have clarity on your workflow, the objectives you are holding on to and the goals you aim to achieve. With thoroughness and clarity, we define the timeline for the project, cost and the overall effort in terms of resources it will take.

We aim to keep the solutions economical

Engagement with the client is important, as that defines our communication and the streamlining of the processes.

With agile methodology, we deliver projects with shorter development cycles, constant collaboration and frequent feedbacks.

We make sure the changes suggested by the client does not delay us in achieving our objective.

Continuous delivery approach allows our clients to keep updated with the software versions.

We have imbibed flexibility in our working models:

  • Remote working model: Helps us connect with clients and resources in remote mode, while ensuring fast and timely delivery
  • On-site meetings: We have quick meetings in our office, with the internal team to get started with the project or to resolve issues quickly

Our Process

A defined process that is both in line with current needs and the software development life cycle helps us get you ahead of the competition. Partner with us to access our technology expertise, our defined processes and the world-class tech infrastructure.

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