Which popular apps and websites are built using Laravel and why should you hire Laravel developers?

In our previous blogs about Laravel, we have discussed why Laravel is the most popular PHP platform for app development and how you can hire our expert Laravel developers to build awesome apps and websites for your business.

Today, we are going to list out some impressive websites and apps that have been developed using the Laravel platform. We have tried to include a little bit of a description of each website to make it easier for you to distinguish between the businesses.

According to Google trends, Laravel has secured the most powerful PHP framework. The top platforms having the most traffic are all built-in Laravel.

Here is a list of websites and apps built using Laravel for your reference:

🢂 Laracasts.com :

This website is specifically created for educating developers. It helps them master the Laravel skills and provide a new experience to write the PHP code for small to enterprise-level web applications. The website is supported by the Laravel community founder. A subscription to the website is available to learn the Laravel from beginner to master level course. In case you have technical queries, you can post them on the website and have them answered by the experts.

🢂 Alison.com

The website is a Learning management system where users can enroll themselves with a certification course for various course categories like IT, Medical, Marketing, and Languages. The website has earned popularity around the world because of their vision to provide learning and education in order to help people in changing their lives. The website is a source of free knowledge and has more than 10 million learners across 195+ countries.

🢂 Watchseries.cr

This is a famous portal to watch movies, web-series, videos, etc. online for free. The website allows its users to subscribe and watch their favorite shows. The users are allowed to add notifications regarding their favorite shows in the Facebook profile to stay updated with the latest episodes.

🢂 Barchart.com

It is a chief portal for financial experts and businesses to get the latest market data for the US, UK, Australia, and Canadian stock markets. It works with stock, commodity, gold, currency exchange and option data. It also offers trading software to its members to buy and sell online for several European markets.

🢂 Neighborhoodlender.com

The platform deals with redefining the mortgage experiences of people. They are local lenders in No-closing financing. They make sure that the whole overwhelming and complex process of mortgaging gets a whole lot simpler for the users. They transform the process into an easy, straightforward experience and save the user’s time and money. The website shows a wide range of functionalities offered by Laravel

🢂 Laravel Tricks

This is another website build for Laravel developers to get hands-on tricks and make the development process easier. All the queries related to Laravel development have been answered on this website having simple design and options panels. The comment section is made available for any open-discussions.

🢂 World Walking

This is a healthcare platform and a project to motivate people to do more walking. They also have an app easily accessible to everyone through smartphones. There are features offered on this platform developed in Laravel like Solo Walking, Group walks, workplace challenges and calculator to keep an update of steps walked by a single user or a group. There are also rewards and recognitions on the successful completion of a target.

🢂 FusionInvoice

This platform developed in Laravel is a self-hosted invoice system for freelancers and small businesses. The users can pay a one-time charge and host their own servers. Instead of choosing monthly payments, they can get paid quickly and comfortably by generating invoices online using built-in PayPal, Stripe and Mollie integrations.

🢂 Cachet

The software built on the Laravel platform is used by many giant companies all over the world to better communicate downtime and system outages to the customers, teams, and shareholders. The software can be best used to check the functionality of your website and solving the existing issues by enabling rich status pages that can be used to see what services are performing optimally, and which are down.

🢂 Asgard CMS

It is a multilingual CMS system built with Laravel 5 and has an MIT license. It is a launch-ready platform. All the CMS systems are large and have a lot of modules in them. Such system does need a robust technology to be built on and stay successful.

🢂 Orchestra Platform

The platform is built to provide boilerplate for your applications. It is an admin panel that manages Laravel extensions and user management. They have curated Laravel extensions that can offer the boilerplate for any web application development to guarantee a fast deployment with the most reliable tools available on Laravel.

Few web applications where Laravel has been used are

Laravelvoyager, flarum.org,LaravelPhp Spreadsheet, attendize.com, lavalite cms, Council, bookstackapp.com, etc.

Summing Up:

All of the above-described web applications belong to distinct categories of businesses. So, we can make out that you can hire Laravel developers for developing a web app for any kind of business and Laravel has diverse applications.

Whenever you consider choosing a platform for developing a web application for your business, it is better to choose the platform tested on a regular basis and used by many great successful websites. We have worked and tested all of the PHP development frameworks at Coruscate and found out that Laravel tops all of them with all the required features and capabilities to build an amazing web application.

Not only that, but Laravel has an artistic, classy syntax to make the app more enjoyable and creative. Laravel is an expert framework that can be used in the majority of web projects and is reliable for tasks like authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

If you want to check out more applications that we have successfully built with Laravel, do not hesitate to connect with us or check out our case studies section. Also, if you would like to have your web applications developed with Laravel or hire Laravel developers, we can help you out with the best services being the Laravel expert in the industry.

Connect with us to discuss your business requirements or queries with the Laravel development.

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