What Is ReactJS and Why One Should Hire ReactJS Developer in 2018?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library which helps in building up user interfaces. It is created and maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of developers. And can be used in developing single-page applications and mobile applications.

Some big companies have chosen ReactJS over the other technologies. Like, Netflix, Yahoo, SBERBANK, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Atlassian, KHAN Academy and so on.

ReactJS got little criticism too, as it works with Virtual DOM. It requires higher data memory (RAM).

Here are in depth examples of Netflix and Yahoo’s use of ReactJS

  • The main reason of Netflix to switch to ReactJS was to get better performance, code simplicity and modularity.
    Being an online video streaming channel, Netflix was facing higher loading time issues.
    So to get the issues resolved Netflix adapted ReactJS, which will reduce load time and will provide more dynamic way to watch and explore the channel. And transforms the user experience on mobile and desktop platforms.
  • One of the Yahoo developer shared,Over the years, the code base got evolved from a completely server side web app to the largest YUI (Yahoo! User Interface) based rich internet web app today.Yahoo was facing issues with its Model-View Controller architectural pattern. As things were getting complexed. Like in any MVC architecture, everything is inter connected and the events are the gel that hold everything together and Yahoo! User Interface events provide a great solution to handle the such events.And now code became difficult to debug. And as the code was difficult to debug the new assigned developer would find it more complexed to understand. And we wanted some new back-end  features,
    • Predictable flow
    • Independently deployable components
    • Shorter learning curve
    • No dependency on large platform libraries

    We evaluated some technologies and libraries to formulate the code but couldn’t find anything reliable so got settled for ReactJS and Flux. Some features with which we got benefited were like,

    • React implements one-way reactive data flow
    • Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) allows client and server side rendering
    • Code in JavaScript
    • Growing and active community
  • The best example of web application made through ReactJS is Facebook. The dynamic way in which the data gets updated on very few seconds, without reloading the page.

Some of the technical objects of ReactJS

  • One-way data flow
    • Properties get passed to a component from the parent component. Components receive props as a single set of immutable values. Wherever the prop value changes, the component’s render function is called allowing the component to display the change.
  • Virtual DOM
    • Virtual Document Object Model
    • ReactJS works on creates cache memory data structure, computes the resulting differences, and the browser’s display DOM.
  • Reusability
    • It’s a feature that allows faster development and easier deployment. One can easily reinvent the wheel with this feature.
  • JSX
    • JavaScript XML (JSX) is an extension to the JavaScript language syntax. Same as HTML.
    • React components are written using JSX.
    • JSX is similar as PHP or XHP component.
  • Nested Elements
    • Multiple elements on the same level need to be wrapped in a single container element written or returned as an array.
  • Attributes
    • JSX provides lot of element attributes same as HTML provides. And the attributes would be received by the component as props.
  • Architecture beyond HTML
    • The basic architecture of React applies beyond rendering HTML in the browser.
    • For an example, Facebook has dynamic charts that render . Where Netflix and PayPal use isomorphic loading to render identical HTML on both the server
      and client.

ReactJS to uses as your back-end or a front-end developer

ReactJS is a library that generally generates displays and they run on the front-end, and as a generation can happen on both the side. ReactJS can be uses as your back-end development as well as front-end development

If you run it on a server, it will generate one HTML as a string, and serves the string to user side a static HTML file.

And in one more technic names isomorphic technique. Called isomorphic react, in which the framework runs on both the client and the server side. If you will run it on the server side then, it gets rendered statically which makes it fast to server on the client side.

How can you hire a ReactJS developer?

If you’re looking for hiring ReactJS developer, Coruscate is the perfect technology partner for your mobile andweb application development.

For an example, one of our clients, asked us to develop a single page application through PHP, but when we showed them the benefits of using ReactJS. They agreed to our say, and allowed us to work with ReactJS as their app developer. They figured out some small benefits like speediness, scalability, well structural.

Our technical team is always happy to look into your requirement and figure out the right solution for the same. Let’s get connected!

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