9 Ways To Market Your App For Free (No. 10 is For 2019)

This content guide you ‘how to market your app at no cost?’.

These steps will only cost you time and following them will undoubtedly increase in the number of followers and downloads then you have now. Don’t miss out point no. Ten for your app success (It’s exciting).

As of March 2018, there were 3.6 million apps in the Google play store. To grab the recognition of any mobile users, you need more than a mobile website.

If you’re a budget-conscious, ad networks may not be the first feasible point of call to acquire new users. With this study, we provide the best useable ways to raise your app downloads and make your app different competing app stores. With this study, we offer the best useable ways to increase your app downloads and make your app to compete in app stores.

Best nine ways to increase app downloads and traffic within zero budget are:

1. Promote Your App Through Video

2. Create A Website Or A Landing Page For Your App In Your Existing Website

3. Create an Online Presence Of App

4. Pitch The Press

5. Share Valuable Reward – Promote the app reviews

6. App Store Optimization: Get The Benefits And Jump Over Pitfalls

7. Include Great Screenshots

8. Power of Hashtags- Social Sharing

9. Make Your App Free at Launch

Add on App Marketing Strategy For 2019

10. Forecast Your App Success With 2019 Mentions

Best 9 ways to increase app downloads and traffic within zero budget are:


1. Promote Your App Through Video

More than 50% of internet users understand the content through visual appeal, and a small video can present you app much faster way to your audience. A material in the form of video can be the easiest way to showcase everything from process to app features and offerings.

Video can be shared on the blog post, Instagram, Youtube channels and also sharing offline on the medium as WhatsApp will help you to market your app.

While you must be worried that creating video might be costly but don’t suffer, the free video making an app like VivaVideo, Video Maker has replaced the myth that making a video can cost high.

2. Create a website or landing page for your existing site

The simple logic for creating a website or landing page is to give information about your app to customers. People always Google about the product, so the first thing to come up in search results is the website or landing page of your app. It is the most significant step for brand awareness. Take the example of Tinder.

The landing page can include a few screenshots, some positive reviews, or even a brief video tutorial of how it works and showcasing the functionality of the app.

3. Create an online presence of your app through contents

You know your app, and you can explain your app usage to anyone unless you’re meeting in person. But, a material can tell your app in the broader perspective. The usage can be any, such as user feedback, user experience, and a small write up by the blogger.

There are many free mediums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, WordPress and much more free content publishing sites. Sharing a content which speaks about your app is one of the different ways to increase your user base.

4. Pitch The Press

Many entrepreneurs give an interview about their stories, and few of the app startups share the overall app concept through a press. Reaching out to the journalists and talk about your tale is a useful way of app promotion.

There are thousands of app blogs and websites where you can talk about your app idea or pitch them about your app use. Appadvice one of an excellent example if you want to start.

5. Share valuable reward – promote the app reviews

App review platforms are good lead generators. They publish deep reviews, feature key options and benefits of new apps.

There are two most common ways of cooperation with such media. First, you send them an overview of your product with links to app stores and ask to write a review. In another case, they might include you to specific lists or ratings of similar apps.

There is a great variety of app review sites, like appolicious.com and tons of other resources, allow you to submit your application for review and introduce it to a large audience. However, stay relevant, choose websites and categories that fit your product best of all.

Quick response. It is important to be there as soon as possible when users need to speak with you or ask something to you. It is a sign that you give value to each user.

6. App Store Optimization: Get The Benefits And Jump Over Pitfalls

You can optimize your icon, title, description and choosing the right category to be found faster in official app stores.

An implementing ASO strategy is one of the critical things you need, to strive in this competition.

App Store optimization helps you get better rankings and show up on relevant searches with the use of keywords. App descriptions and relevant keywords are meant to make sure your app is searchable.

There are many alternatives to app stores such as Amazon Appstore,  GetJar, Appolicious, AppsLib, Opera Mobile Store, AppBrain, and SlideMe might bring outstanding results for your marketing campaign.

7. First impression last, Clear and simple screenshots

Mobiles users search their needs in app stores, and they come to your app listing page and see the first image which is screenshot about your app which gives them an idea of your user interface without installing an app.

Your screenshots can convince them that your app is worth downloading, so it has to be awe-inspiring screenshots that demonstrate the advantages of your app and urge people to download it.

Here are some great resources to create communicative, visually appealing app screenshots.

DaVinci Apps
App Launch Pad

8. Hashtags – The new version of taglines 

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to get some noise you need to work on hashtags for your app. Trending hashtags are one of the best ways to execute your content or participation, but in the new way of a hashtag, you can define your app’s common hashtag.

Meaning: If you have a travel app which solves the on-demand need, your hashtag can be #TravelOnDemand.


Make sure to regularly post interesting content, be it “best of” series, development updates, industry news flashes, user surveys or user content. Always add your main hashtag and descriptive hashtags to maximize exposure on social channels.

9. ‘Free’ always get the attention at the time of Launch

For a user to understand your app and their usability, they have to use the mobile application, and at the time of launch with your all marketing efforts, people want to try, explore and utilize the app. So, at the time of launch, there is no point to add a barrier to download.
You can go to the in-app purchase model and price your app to unlock other features, but at the launch, it has to be free to experience the basic version of the app at least.

A new year always comes with good hopes but how you can utilize in your app marketing strategy for 2019?

10. Forecast your app success with 2019 mentions

One of the secret strategy to market your apps in the coming year. If you have the plan to launch your mobile app in December end? Or planning to update your app with the latest features to gain app popularity? Then January 2019 is perfect to reign in an app store. But how?

• An App Icon should be modified (if existing) with the tag of 2019 or create a new icon.

• Concerning point 6., optimize the product or service content including title and description.

• If you are planning to add new features for your existing mobile app, add it under the heading- Key Features for 2019 or 2019 App Features.

• Antivirus security App is one of the best examples.

Those were our ten ways on marketing your app for free. As you can see, with enough passion and patience, you can make your application discovered without any financial expenses. People are tired of the overwhelming amount of ads that shout out to them everywhere, and they are much more likely to follow a product that is well-marketed and well-positioned rather than aggressively advertised.

With nearly 90% of the global population having a smartphone, you can see that the future of mobile marketing lies with the apps and hand in hand it escalates the need for mobile app development.

We believe that if you have a great app idea then you have a lot to share with the world. So, what are you waiting for? Just click below button to share your app requirement and we will get back to you soon.

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