Struggling to Come Up With New Mobile App Ideas? Here are a Few Tips Just For You

The app store is flooded with millions of mobile apps. Considering the fact that hundreds of apps are being uploaded to the app store, and several are being rejected on a daily basis, you are in a fix over which idea to adopt and which idea to leave. In fact, for a lot of you coming up with a new idea itself is getting difficult.

Be it a ride-sharing app with a difference or, an online delivery, there are millions out there on the app store. So, how will you make a difference, and what kind of app will you launch to stay unique and relevant to your target audience.

DiDi is a ride-sharing app based out of China, and currently operational in over 400 cities. The success of this ride-sharing app can be attributed to the fact that it operates using AI. The technology allows for route planning as well as optimizing the dispatch system.

It also uses the data available at its disposal in enhancing the system and taking quick and effective decisions in real-time. While the services are all similar to other ride-sharing apps, its unique use of technology has set it apart from the competition.

It is difficult coming up with that small piece of differentiation that will not only help market your app but also improve your visibility and increase your conversions.

Here, we will help you come up with the ideas and also validate the idea for the target audience you have specified.

Become the Problem Solver


This is the most efficient and effective way of coming up with a mobile app idea for the segment of the audience you are targeting. Try and identify the problems they are facing. An Uber came out of a need for convenience in finding a ride to go from one place to another, which is also affordable.

Commuters were unable to find a ride at the right time, from the place they were located at, in the price they could afford. This led to inconvenience among the passengers. Uber saw this problem as an opportunity before starting off with a thriving ride-sharing app.

You will need to look for similar problems which will pose as an opportunity to you, and boost profitability. It is not important that you know the problem; it is equally important that you identify a unique way to solve the issue at hand. This requires thoroughness in understanding the problem, an in-depth understanding of how the market and the industry works, and finally the solution.

Check out the App Store


Sometimes the rarest of the ideas come from browsing or ideally checking out a few sites. That’s how you can come up with your million-dollar app idea too! Check out the app store for all the ideas that have been converted, and how they are succeeding. See what these apps lack, and how your idea can close the gap.

Check the app store for the successful apps, mostly the top grossing app collection, to know what kind of apps does the user look for in each category, and how they identify whether or not to use them.

If your app category is not among the top grosser, you might want to check the apps using keywords, and see if they are being downloaded and why. What makes the user click on these apps?

Observation Always Helps


Reality helps create the virtual world. So, it is very important you keep observing what is happening in the real world. There will be issues that need to be tackled. For instance, the very origin of apps like Evernote happened as a result of notes management issues faced by the number of people within organizations. You might observe such issues while tracing your world, and that’s where the real idea will strike.

The Funder’s Market


Investors will also give you an idea on what works and what doesn’t. The startup funding sites that declare the latest startups that got funded and the ones that received a good amount will help you know what category interests the investors, and what kind of apps get investment. This will help you gauge your idea, and come up with a solution for the problem being faced by the target audience.

It is important to know the market you are dwelling in and what the users expect in the market. You will be able to deliver an app solution only when you know what is needed and how to fill that gap successfully.

Now that we have helped you with ways of identifying the right idea, let’s see how you can validate the idea.

Validating the Idea


  • You will need to start your validation process with the right level of research. Yes, that is the key to knowing whether your idea will work with the audience or not. Know your audience, and the market well enough to know whether they will like the idea. Check whether such an idea has been developed into an app solution or not, and what happened to the app that was developed.
  • Know the apps that exist for the idea that you have. Search the right places and know how they have performed. Whether they have managed to attract the audience’s attention or not, and whether or not they have received a good funding to move further ahead in the market.
  • Describe the app, look for keywords that suggest similar apps and check the reviews and ratings. If there is a high search volume for the keywords, it simply means that the app is being considered by the users, and if you happen to build this app, it will definitely get a good amount of attention.
  • Check with the audience before you finalize the app idea. Yes, it is important to connect with the people in the target market and know what they think of the app idea. Ultimately it is the audience who is going to use the app, and if they don’t like it, it is better you don’t go any further with the development. So, make sure you check with the audience before moving with the development process.

Summing up


Having researched and validated through the application, make sure you plan and strategize the app development process thoroughly. It is important that you carry out the design keeping in mind the user’s needs and the experience they desire.

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