The US gets its first Electric-only charging station offering brilliant future for EV charging station app

The US gets its first Electric-only charging station offering brilliant future for EV charging station app

The US has received its first gas station exclusive to the electric vehicles. This gas station is now accessible in Takoma Park, Maryland. Though the station’s owner is still not clear about success, they are excited to offer the services and try out their hands in this niche.

The first fully converted, gas-to-electric refuelling and service station for electric vehicles (EVs) expects that it will encourage environmental movement in the region. The station will maintain four dispensers connected to a high-powered 200kW system. It will support four vehicles to charge up to around 80 percent of their batteries in 20 to 30 minutes operating at full potential. Till the electric vehicles are getting charged up, the drivers will be able to wait in an automated convenience store.

Maryland doesn’t look like a good option to be the first testing ground for an all-EV gas station as the state ranks 12th in the country in Electric vehicle purchases. But according to data from the Alliance of Auto Manufacturers, in the two year period from 2017-2018

Maryland has seen an extraordinary 94.17 percent growth in sales. They saw a sale of electric vehicles over 9500. However, the state still lags behind the states with a smaller population like Colorado.

The idea itself seems to be the motivating factor for the owner, Depeswar Doley. He owned a full-service repair and maintenance facility called RS Automotive since 1997. He clarified that he is doing it for the good cause of saving the environment and not for making profits. He also feels that this step can inspire other business owners and promote the electric vehicle business. It is not unusual that youngsters are trying to promote environmentalism in the face of global warming. Doley was also inspired by his teenage daughter to move forward with this idea.

The electric charging station is jointly funded by the Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI) and the Maryland Energy Administration could be filling a genuine need. Takoma Park has been always coping with just two charging stations. The two stations were lined up by people all day. However, infrastructure is an open-ended challenge for electric vehicles. If we consider Tesla, they have strived to fill the void with more than 1,600 charging stations for its consumers.

Maryland has always been a proud national leader in terms of clean and renewable energy, climate change and the betterment of electric infrastructure and vehicles. This completely transformed gas-to-electric charging station is an excellent example of the administration’s responsibility towards the environment and transport.

How to start your own EV charging station?

An entrepreneur who wants to start an EV charging station business must know that the service is going to be in high demand in the future. With the arrival of electric vehicles, electric charging stations have started in countries like the USA, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, German and many other countries.

Here’s how you should prefer your EV charging station model:

Customer-facing companies with actual or designed premises can gain a competitive edge from marketing and branding possibilities and have EV charging as part of their customer experience. EV drivers are engaging customers, exemplified by high than average income and higher than average education. This model is engaging with companies wanting to improve revenue per customer visit.

You are required to establish several charging ports in your car charging station to allow for easy charging when your customer visits. It is very important to install safety gadgets along with installing electric charging gadgets in your charging station. Multi-site DC fast charging systems can be exciting options to launch a boost to new businesses.

EV Charging Station App Development with IOT integration

IoT is capturing the world and will surely be one of the most advanced areas of study for years to come. According to Gartner’s forecast, by 2020 a total of 20.8 billion connected things will be in use worldwide.

The devices will be connected and integrated to communicate with each other.

EV Charging Station Networks and IoT

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a valid example of a new generation of intelligent things. They are forming extensive networks with the use of IoT technology. IoT enables one to connect them to the monitoring system to be controlled, monitored, and examined.

This communication and connection via IoT are helpful to the following set of people:

  • Drivers who are potential customers and can use EV charging station networks in the future.
  • Companies owning the EV charging stations.
  • Local service providers who look after the maintenance and service,
  • Local sellers
  • Global vendors, who provide charging equipment.

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These are some features of IoT if used with EV charging stations:

For Users:

Internal and external sensors can be connected to the IoT cloud so that the voltage, electric current, temperature, etc. are known in real-time This helps to implement the necessary services and maintenance.

IoT for EV charging station monitoring and management

The geo-dashboard exhibits all geographically dispersed EV charging stations and helps drivers find the nearest EV charging station on the map.

Thus, we can say that IoT is a complete solution for monitoring and administration of shared networks of smart things.

Features we provide with EV Charging station app :

To run your EV charging station successfully, you need an EV charging station app to make the stations accessible to the users.

The basic features that should be included in an EV charging station app which make your app popular among your users are as follows:


  • Sign up
  • Find Available Stations and Use Smart Filters
  • Easy Payments
  • Push Notifications
  • See Station Pictures
  • Driver Tips, Ratings, and Reviews
  • Schedule charging, Reminders, History
  • Adding new stations


Want check EV Charging Station app Demo ?


A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

How to earn from the business?

The charging network owner’s main aim is to make profits. And there are two ways you can do it:

➠ Membership fee’s, Station usage fee’s

You can use a business model where you can charge your users with a membership fee or a station usage fee. To use a station the vehicle owner must be a member of the charging network and is required to carry a membership identification card. The member shakes the card at the station to start the process. They can also have a QR code reader in their app to do the same.

➠ Charging per minute or hourly basis:

You can charge either a per-minute, or per-hour, or per-kiloWatt-hour fee for charging station usage. You can also charge an extra fee after some hours which aids the car owner to move their car when the car is fully charged.

How Coruscate can help to develop an EV charging station app?

We believe in doing market research before starting the development of any app. Our research team has deeply checked the future prospects of the EV charging station. We have also studied the different Government rules that apply to EV charging in various countries and cities. We also have a deep understanding of IoT integration in your EV charging station apps.

We can help you to develop an outstanding app for your EV charging station that can help you to reap huge benefits.

FAQs – EV Charging Station Software/App

How to choose the perfect location for your EV charging station?

You need to carefully set up your EV charging station at a location where there are more electric vehicles. You can choose to set it up near public buildings, parks, and malls as people find it comfortable to charge their electric car while they do something else. They could go shopping, watching a movie or hanging out in a bar.

What gadgets are required in EV charging stations?

You should install several charging ports in your EV charging station to allow for easy charging. At the same time, you must install safety gadgets and signage to prevent your customers from causing anything that can harm them.

How much does an EV charging station app costs?

The cost of any app depends on the time and features of the app. You can figure out the cost of an EV charging station app by checking out the team size of developers working on your app and other white label solutions to save your time and money. Connect with us to discuss in detail about the EV charging app business model and development price.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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