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The cities in emerging markets wrestle with rising traffic-clogged and dangerous roads. Urbvan is a startup that provides private and high-end transportation shuttles in Mexico.

Urbvan clone app make travel comfortable in Mexico and around the world with a private shuttle service app

Instead of traveling with the busy and congested public transportation, people prefer traveling in style. Opting for a private shuttle service could be a great option when it comes to a long day of traveling.

If you are into the private shuttle service, you must consider getting yourself a private shuttle app to make your business much more accessible to your customers on their fingertips.

Urbvan was co-founded by Joao Matos Albino and Renato Picard. Urbvan is taking the controls from startups like the now-defunct Chariot and customizing the business for the requirements and demands of developing market ecosystems.

Albino originally hailed from Portugal. He arrived in Mexico City as a hire for the Rocket Internet startup Linio. Unfortunately, the company could not last long. But Albino stayed in Mexico and eventually got a job in a startup named Mercadoni. He met Picard in the same company.

They witnessed the initial success of Chariot when it was launched from Y Combinator together. They also kept a track of Indian startup companies like Shuttl. The two men aimed at making mobility better accessible and more efficient. They made it a point to study economics and the market. They understood that there was a great need for private shuttle service in the congested cities of Latin America.

The public transportation in the US mostly in the cities of San Francisco and New York is considered to be much safer and successful than the urban environment of Mexico City. However, the white-collar workers that comprise Urbvan’s principal clientele feel that there is a need for private shuttle service in Mexico as the public transportations are less efficient.

Urbvan company started its services in the year 2016. It has five vans in its fleet at the beginning which they brought on lease. They retrofitted to incorporate facilities like Wi-Fi and plenty of space for a limited number of passengers.

Today, the company has expanded remarkably compared to that of the early days. The company claims to have more than 15,000 monthly users and a fleet of 180 vans.

Urbvan has optimized its services as per the safety, as well as the comfort of its passengers, claims Albino. The private shuttle service deals with companies like WeWork, Walmart and other retailers in Mexico City. They take care that all the stops on a route are protected and safe. The private shuttle service company also cares for its drivers. The company provides them with additional training because of the extended capacity of the vans.

They have made sure that every van is also outfitted with a panic button and cameras inside and out for extra monitoring. The company enables the customers either pay $3 per ticket or sign up for a monthly pass that ranges from $100 to $130.

The company gained financing from Kaszek Ventures and Angel Ventures, with the earlier investor Mountain Nazca also participating.

According to Albino, the global market for private shuttle services is so large that there will be many winners in each across the world. He went to observe Shuttl’s operations.

He says that every city has its own needs to adapt the transportation.
The technology requires to be flexible to the city’s interests. Transportation needs to provide more value to the city’s commutation.

The Indian market is super complex from that of Latin America. It’s a huge market with a lot of gridlocks. But the value project is a bit more basic. Urbvan is operating in Mexico City and Monterrey. They intend to grow into Guadalajara later this year.

Best characteristics of Urbvan that we provide you with our private shuttle service app development or with Urbvan clone app

» Insurance
Each van at Urbvan has an extremely qualified host, security cameras and monitoring ensured 24/7.

» Quick

The company makes sure that you arrive at your destination without delays and in-between stops. The hosts of the company will regularly find the most optimal route for you.

» Restful

The passengers can reserve their seats with the help of the app and enjoy spacious seats, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and charging terminals.

» Sustainable
The company wants to take care of the planet as well as the services are pocket-friendly. The company not only helps you in saving money but you can also contribute to creating a more sustainable city, traffic in the city and reducing CO2 emissions.

» Electric terminals
The vans are equipped with cargo terminals which make sure that the passenger does not run out of battery on their way to their destination.

Scope of the private shuttle service : How private shuttle service app can help you

The solutions for private transportation in Mexico have risen at a great speed in a very short time. This has happened as a result of the great reception that Uber has had after its entry in the national territory. Choices of national origin, such as Avant, Buggy Rides, and Mexilimo have tried to achieve a little bit of their success. But all of them leave out an essential section.

The group private transport is the niche that each business has neglected. Only a few, like UpperBus have seen the huge opportunity in that business. However, now another opponent commences activities in Mexico and offers a comfy, safe and, above all, high-quality service, to transport without complications. Many other competitors are now finding opportunities in the private shuttle service and the niche is expected to have high demand as a business venture in the coming days.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Ride-Hailing division is around US$30,360m in the year 2019. The revenue is assumed to prove an annual growth rate of 15.5% between the years 2019-2023, resulting in a market volume of US$54,097m by 2023.

Looking at the current scope and features of the private shuttle service, we can conclude that there is a huge scope for the startups to explore this niche. To increase the number of customers and end up in the top lists of ride-hailing apps, make Coruscate your technology partner. We can help you with our latest out of the box ideas and best technology solutions for your business.

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