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5 reasons why Uber For Kids Is A Successful Startup Idea

Mobility and commute for kids has to be approached differently than what you’d do for adults. The concerns are different and safety matters are held as priority. Taxi-booking app development which was earlier focused on servicing adults, is now moving towards delivering for children. 

Uber for kids is a concept that is centered around providing safe and comfortable rides for children. 

If you are considering developing a taxi-booking app, keep these strategies in mind. 

Make it as safe as possible

Safety concerns of parents, sending their kids in a car/taxi with a stranger will always be at the peak. As part of making a successful strategy for your taxi-booking app, ensure safety of children is a priority. Some measures you can take:

  • Keep a record of drivers and cars that are employed for the service. 
  • Show the profile and ratings of drivers on the app 
  • Keep a tab on the speed-limit of cars 
  • Keep strict rules for employability of drivers and their backgrounds 

Integrate Real time tracking 

Crucial in taxi-booking app development, integrate real time GPS tracking on the application so that the parents can track the ride. Again a part of creating safety and earning trust of parents, tracking features should be in the app. The app can also provide regular notifications to parents and other updates. 

Payment Options 

Multiple payment options are important in on-demand applications to allow users to pay through different modes like credit card, debit cards, UPI, cash etc. It just makes it convenient and easy as a process. 

Keep it as budget-friendly as possible

If you choose to increase the fare prices or charge a hefty commission from drivers, chances are that your TAM (Total addressable market) will narrow down. Make sure you offer value for money and the convenience does not come at a premium price only for the elite. The larger market you are able to address, the better scalability and revenue you will see as your startup progresses. 

5 Reasons why Uber for kids is a successful startup idea 

Parents are busier than earlier and there is a demand 

Considering how valued time has become in urban life and how less people have it, parents are busier. Therefore this niche market will cater to those people who are looking for real solutions. 

Children often have multiple engagements throughout the day and picking up and dropping them off is an everyday thing. 

So a dedicated taxi-booking app like Uber, will solve a lot of these issues. 

It is a scalable business 

Developing a network overtime and expansion in different locations is possible without a ton of fixed cost. The cars will belong to the drivers and the maintenance will be handled by them. In some cases, you can provide a regular maintenance allowance if that fits your business plan. 

Otherwise it is based on the app interface, marketing and training of the drivers. If you get these three things right, the business will scale in no time. 

Understand how you can create the best app interface for your on-demand app here in our dedicated blog. 


The funding received by companies in the taxi-booking app development  sector, especially in the niche of Uber for kids, is available.  Zum, a ridesharing app for kids, has raised millions in funding over the past few years. This does point towards a shift in the system. As a startup, you will not struggle to generate funds if your plan is in place. 

Low Fixed Cost

Fixed costs attached to this business are low in comparison to other on-demand applications which may require keeping an inventory or supply chain management. Uber does not own any of the cars and still makes money off of it.  You will need a solid and technologically advanced  taxi-booking app for which you can consult Coruscate. Apart from the required variable costs of employee training and marketing, the main pillars of the business model will not require a truckload of fixed costs. 

Potential to become the first choice of customers

Not only referring to the first-mover advantage you will receive to establish yourself as a brand, parents will choose a reliable and systematic option when it comes to their kids’ safety

 In comparison to public transport, which is pretty dangerous these days, your Uber for kids application will appeal to them for the trust and transparency you offer. 

Parents will be less stressed about the children being left with a stranger because they have the app with all the details and trust the process. 

Creating Uber for kids in a sunrise niche industry, with all the right things in place will make you an instantly recognizable and reliable brand. 

How we can help you develop Uber for Kids 


Coruscate is the best  top taxi-booking app development company. You can check out our work here. If you want to develop the best taxi-booking app for children, partner with us to do the job like an expert. 

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