Uber for kids app is the guardian angel of working parents. Know how to develop a kids-ridesharing app to be the early player in the emerging industry

Uber for kids app is the guardian angel of working parents. Know how to develop a kids-ridesharing app to be the early player in the emerging industry

Uber for kids app is a profitable yet untouched business. Know the top kids-ridesharing apps and cost to develop Uber for kids app.

US Bureau of Labor conducted a survey on 34.2 million families in 2016. The outcome of the survey is eye-opening. It says, almost 60% of the families had both father and mother employed. Which means, for this many numbers of parents (or maybe lower but not too much), it is an everyday struggle to reach office on time after dropping off their kids to school.

In the morning, when parents and kids both should have calmness in the veins, they are shouting each other so that none of them waste a single second! What an irony!

To get rid of this everyday struggle, Uber for kids app is the best option. It is safe, secure, reliable and affordable. Through that app, parents can book the ride for their kids, a certified driver comes to their home, picks up the kids, and drops them off to school on time. Meanwhile, parents enter their office and start working with a grin on the face. (There shouldn’t be any better start of the morning than this, at least, for working parents)

Talking about the business opportunity out of Uber for kids apps, it’s a huge market and steadily growing as the number of working parents is also growing. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to have a breakthrough, Uber for kids app can be the one.

Scope of developing Uber for kids app

It is very obvious that the major users of Uber for Kids app is the working parents with the kids who are enrolled in the schools. These parents who are your potential users might use your Uber for kids app regularly for their kids. According to the report ‘Employment Characteristics of Families’, the percentage of the population with children under age 18 was working or looking for the job is 71.5 % in 2018, 10% higher than in 2016.

The major obstacle for Uber for kids apps is the school buses which a lot of working parents still prefer. However, there are a lot of drawbacks of conventional kids transportation system over the technologically advanced Uber for kids apps. In conventional kids transportation system, parents simply cannot track the location of kids live on their phones. That conventional kids transportation system doesn’t also provide a personalized experience and pick up drop off facility on the desired time.

Overall, due to two major reasons – an increasing number of working parents and many drawbacks of conventional kids transportation system, developing a Uber for kids app can be the moneymaking idea.

Top Kid-ridesharing apps or Uber for kids apps, making the lives of working parents easy

Following is the list of the top kid-ridesharing apps which are the early players in the segment and getting everything out of this very profitable industry.

VanGo – Uber for kids ride sharing app


VanGo - Uber for kids ride sharing app

VanGo is the North Texas-based kids-ridesharing company, enabling the parents to book ride for their kids to and from the schools and sports complexes. It is the dedicated app for the kid, ages between 8 to 18.

The reason why parents are opting for VanGo is the fact that drivers of the VanGo have at least three years’ experience in childcare or education and have both criminal and driver safety background checks cleared. In fact, almost 85% of their drivers are mothers.

The VanGo app comes with a few similar features in the segment. Parents can book the ride prior to one day. They get notified when their kids are picked up and dropped off. They can even set geofencing to sustain the safety of their kids. They can pay from the app and share the experience with other parents.

Zum ride – Uber for kids ride sharing app


Zumo - Uber for kids ride sharing app

Ritu, a working mother who was working as the product leader in a Silicon-Valley-based company, started Zum Ride in 2014, inspired by the problems she was facing. To deploy kid-ridesharing company back in 2014 when the market possibilities for such business were very limited, Ritu got help from his two brothers.

Today, Zum is the fastest-growing kids-ridesharing company. Data documented on its website shows that Zum has completed 5M safe miles and transported 750K children.

Zum is having the vision to tie up with schools to offer a more secure and safer ride to the kids. They offer various types of vehicles which can be tracked by both school authority and parents. Zum claims that it is a very cost-effective and efficient solution which is really true. Today, over 2000 schools have tied up with Zum for the sake of safety and security of kids.

Skoda parents taxi app

Almost 66% of the parents jokes about being a taxi driver for their children. Thus, Skoda went the extra mile and developed something unusual for the parents as well as kids. It is the taxi app which charges kids in chores. Confused? Let’s understand how it works.

When parents and kids step in the car, parents can start the ‘taxi meter’ which calculates the miles parents drive their kids around. Based on the number of miles, the app shows the chores kids are supposed to complete. Parents can even share it on social media so that kids cannot easily get out of it or avoid it.

This is of course not the app like Zum and VanGo, but it exhibits the scope kids-ridesharing industry holds. It also presents that like all other industries, innovation in business model and business processes is welcome also in kids-ridesharing business. 

Business model, you can follow in Uber for kids-ridesharing business

Kids-ridesharing business can be run in Uber-fashion where drivers are hired as independent contractors and paid based on the rides they complete. Here, it is not recommended to integrate surge pricing module just for the sake of earning more money. Because surge pricing can only work perfectly when there are thousands of drivers with the same amount of users. Meanwhile, a kids-ridesharing industry has limited users, unlike native ride-sharing industry.

If you don’t want to follow the Uber model, you can hire the drivers who can be called your company employees and work on either part-time or full time. These drivers are usually paid on an hourly bases and something not on the amount of work they do.

To make your service more affordable, you can introduce a monthly subscription model for everyday users.

Know more about Subscription model for ride sharing business

So, after reading so far, if you have made your mind to develop the Uber for kids app, following are the features you have to request a mobile app development company to integrate into the app.

Top features of Uber for kids app

In such an online business, an app is the only way of communication between users and app owner. Thus, it is always the fundamental requirement to spend more time to design the feature set which makes your Uber for kids app stands out.

  • Ask minimum details while signing up.
  • Both the driver profile and user profile should be well -documented.
  • While booking the ride, fetch the location of the user automatically.
  • Allow users to pre-book the ride.
  • Get them notified with every action.
  • Present the content-rich profile of drivers to the users.
  • Let users track the location of their kids’ ride.
  • Let users set the geo-fencing.
  • The app must have an in-built chat feature to talk with drivers instantly.
  • Enable parents to share the experience with other parents.
  • Allow parents to pay through multiple payment options prior to or even after the ride.


How much does it cost to develop Uber for kids app?

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