Uber for business App Development: an advanced way to define business travel and join the innovation

With the changing trends in travel, business travel is also welcoming innovations. Uber for business has been launched to provide a solution for your issues related to travel operations. They have come up with an all in one solution for your business travel problems.

What is Uber for business?

Uber for business is nothing but a smarter way to get everywhere you wish to travel. You can have your digital headquarters at one place and run the transportation operations across the world. You can get a clarified picture of trip activities, the billings can be automated and the expensing and reporting all can be done via Uber for business app.
Uber for business App Development

How does Uber for business work?

The Uber for business works with a web-based app. You can allow a few selected people the ability to request the rides for your customers, clients, employees and anyone who is important for your business. The dashboard is where you can define how they can ride via the dashboard and leave the rest to the app.
The app saves your customers from the worries of taking out-of-policy rides and submitting expense reports. The Uber for business app is very affordable and consists of no overhead expense.
You can easily provide multiple rides at the same time to every person you need to. Uber for business is an excellent way to provide point-to-point rides without wasting a single minute. This innovation is the absolute solution for your transport needs which are getting complex day by day with the growth of your business.
The use of Uber for business app has a report of saving $58 savings per expense report.

Activating the Uber for business app:

» You just need to have the Uber app installed on your mobile device.
» If you are a new rider, you need to first create a profile on the Uber app. Activating the profile has been made too easy. You just need to enter your email and phone number and get started.

Here is how you can activate the profile in 5 steps:

Uber for business App Development
» Find the email invite and click on ‘Get started’.
» Tap on ‘Join the account’.
» Add a payment profile of your choice.
» Integrate the expenses in the profile.
» Once you launch the app, you are ready for your first business ride!

In the 6th step, you need to:

» Open your Uber for business app.
» Find the Menu bar on the top left.
» Locate ‘Payment’ section.
» Check out ‘Rider’s profile’.
» Click on your company’s Uber for business profile.
» Select or add a payment method and you are good to go.

Want to check if your Uber for business account is activated or not?

You can confirm if your account is activated or not in just 3 simple steps:
» Open the menu.
» Locate Payment option
» In the ‘Rider’s profile’, you can find both your business and personal profile.

Why should you consider building an app like Uber for business?

The latest trends in business travel are changing with time. As new technologies are coming up every day, there is a lot left unexplored in the business travel apps.

Here are a few things that can convince you to enter these waters and explore the possibilities of innovation and profitability:

1. Improving business travelers experiences with machine learning technology.

When someone is on a work trip, they have to remember which payment method they should use while they pay for travel. They need to submit the expense reports to the company. However, if they use the wrong payment method accidentally, it becomes very frustrating.

An app like Uber for business not only handles such moments but it prevents such mistakes from happening in the first place. So, machine learning is making it possible to find out if the rider is on a personal trip or a business trip. This can help the travel managers to keep a track of usage and money spent without having to reach the finance department time and again.

2. The data of locations can help you to keep your employees and clients safe anywhere.

Businesses need to take care of their employees and clients while they are on business trips. To have their location information handy while they travel makes it possible to send help instantly in case of an emergency.

3. The is a large scope in merging personal and business travel tools.

The personal preferences of your travelers are the deciding factors for your travel tools. If you manage the travel at your own company, you need to adopt a technology similar to what the travelers are already using.  An app like Uber for business helps the travel managers to cooperate and manage the business travels according to the traveler’s choices.

How can an developing an app like Uber for business help you as a travel business owner?

The new trends in travel are disrupting the ways of traveling that were originally there. The new ways of traveling are becoming user-centric. The face of business travel is also getting more streamlined each day. You can also be a part of the change by building an app like Uber for business.
Coruscate can help you to make ground transportation better for the people important for your businesses. If you are interested to know the further scope of this mobile app, do not hesitate to connect with us. Our dedicated research team can guide you with some unique features which you can have in your app in order to make transportation in businesses a smooth process. Click below to get free app estimation.
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