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Types of On-Demand Apps in India: 6 Business Ideas

Technology is changing the way we live. Smartphones have become the central device for interacting with the online world and on-demand apps have contributed greatly in driving this revolution. Uber was one of the first on-demand applications to disrupt a traditional industry and change people’s habits. 

On-demand delivery apps and service apps are solution providers. They enable ease and convenience for users. As an entrepreneur, you can get inspiration from these applications and build your own on-demand app. 

Major Benefits of On-Demand Apps


Easy to Use 

On-demand apps have a simple user interface. It is easy to navigate and place orders online. Users don’t have to go anywhere physically or even pick up a phone to order. 

Easy Cancellation 

Users can easily cancel the order if they need to. Only a few clicks and users receive their refund if they have already paid for it. 

Reviews and Ratings 

Ratings from other customers are meaningful to users as it helps them in their purchase decision. It also provides the platform with feedback which further helps them in taking decisions and making required changes. 

Real-time tracking 

On-demand delivery apps usually have integrated maps and navigation which allows users to track their purchase in real-time. 

Payment Methods

There are many payment modes available which let users pay from either their credit cards, debit cards, online wallets or cash. It makes the experience smooth. 

Types of On-Demand Apps in India 


On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

Zomato and Swiggy are two of the most popular food delivery apps in India. You can order from local restaurants depending on your location and choose from the various modes of payment available including cash on delivery. 

It is easy to place an order through the app and delivery partners will deliver the food to your doorstep within minutes. These apps usually charge a delivery fee and taxes are calculated on checkout. Customers love the discounts and membership perks.

House parties and weekend binging are now sorted with such on-demand food delivery apps.  

On-Demand Grocery Apps 

With on-demand grocery apps, you can order your groceries online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Big Basket and BlinkIt (formerly Grofers) are two of the most popular apps in this segment. 

The discount offers and ease of shopping makes these apps a hit among users. Using these apps is quite simple. 

  • Choose from a range of products which include fresh fruits, vegetables, pantry staples and other household items and fill in your cart.
  • Choose a delivery time slot convenient to you. 
  • Make the payment online or choose to pay on delivery. 
  • These on-demand delivery apps save a lot of time and effort and make life simple.

To develop your own on-demand grocery app like Bigbasket, contact Coruscate. 

On-Demand Home Services Apps 

Urban Company is the most popular on-demand home service app in India. Plumbers, carpenters, repair mechanics, salon services and more, everything is available on this platform. Especially suited to meet the needs of the Indian market, easy access to such services is now possible. 

On-demand service apps like Urban Company, provide a range of home-services at competitive prices. 

  • Users can download the app from either Playstore or Appstore
  • Register details as a user. 
  • Book the service at a convenient time 
  • Choose the payment method. 

On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps

Uber and Ola are the top taxi booking service apps in India. Users can book a taxi, bike or rickshaw using these apps. They tie up with local drivers and earn commission on the rides they take from the Uber/Ola platform. 

For a customer, using the app is easy. Just fill in your pick up and drop off location and request the ride. With inbuilt navigation, and fare estimation, on-demand taxi booking apps are convenient and simple to use and have changed the way we travel on a daily basis. 

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On-Demand Goods Pick up Apps 

Under this category, apps facilitate the pick up and drop off of goods from one place to another within a city or a limited geographical range. With the help of delivery partners, service providers like Swiggy Genie, will receive your package from your home, which can be food, medicines, books or anything really!  And deliver to the place and person you need to send it to. 

On-Demand Entertainment Apps 

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar  are the top applications in this category in India. They are popular streaming services that broadcast and create entertainment content. 

Usually these on-demand applications have a subscription fee which could be monthly or yearly. 

Users can register themselves and pay for the services online. 

The only tricky feature is that the subscription is auto-renewed after the payment cycle ends and can be annoying for new users who are just trying out the service and do not want to commit to paying for it everytime. 

These on-demand entertainment apps have changed the way Indians consume content. 

If you are looking to develop your own on-demand delivery or service app for your business, contact Coruscate where we can give your business the technological edge to succeed in the market.

 Frequently Asked Questions: On-demand delivery apps 


What are on-demand delivery platforms?

On-demand delivery platforms are applications which allow users to place an online order for a product or service and have it delivered immediately. 

Is there an app that can deliver anything?

Swiggy Genie is an Indian local parcel delivery app that can pick up and drop off items from one location to another within a limited geographical range. It delivers pretty much anything you want. 

What features should an on-demand delivery app have?

It usually depends on the nature and function of your service but fundamentally, an on-demand delivery app should have these main features: 

  • Appealing yet simple UI
  • Payment Integration 
  • Map Integration 
  • Order history and tracking feature 
  • Rating and Review System 

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