Top 10 Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development

Top 10 Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development

With each passing year, the online business is experiencing a wave of growth. There was an increase of 23.3% in online business sales in the year 2018 when compared to the previous year. From the past three years, the online business has seen an average growth rate of 25.6% in sales. This proves that on-demand mobile apps are flourishing.


E-commerce is experiencing change every now and then. It is continuously forming a new way for the people for purchasing goods in every part of the world. These circumstances are making the future of e-commerce reliant on apps.

There are a lot of changes that e-commerce is going to happen in the e-commerce industry in the coming years. The startup entrepreneurs should take into deep consideration what the future of the e-commerce and on-demand industry would be.

Apart from these, there has to be more focus on providing amazing customer service and going with the latest technologies. Developing apps can allow business persons to have complete control over their businesses. There are many on-demand services that have great scope for the entrepreneurs looking for business ventures.

Top 10 Startup Ideas that Benefit On-Demand App Development


Uber for Medicine- Transform your pharmacy business

The unhealthy lifestyle these days has made falling ill quite common for everyone. People are taking medicines for many diseases and to top it headaches, coughs and colds are commonly found symptoms. However, finding the right medicine becomes a difficult affair as sometimes you cannot find it at your nearby pharmacy.

Thus to enable those who may be in the need of medicine at any time of the day, the pharmacy delivery app is very essential. With this app, users can be assured of medicine delivery right at their doorstep without the trouble of running to different medical shops in search of a single medicine. The app also promises a profitable business venture as the demand for such platforms is rising every day.

Uber for Laundry – Effortlessly Scalable and Economical

The on-demand laundry app can make your business reach a large customer base. Going online for your laundry business can give your business virtual visibility and also helps it to be proactive.

In the busy world, customers do not prefer waiting for their turn in long queues. They prefer an easy approach to get their laundry done without having the hassle of standing for long hours. The on-demand laundry app is the best solution to fulfill your customer’s needs.

The latest scenario in the on-demand industry gives a huge potential to the online laundry business with a custom mobile app. The Uber for laundry app can help your customers to schedule their suitable pick-up time, set preferences, get notified, and have their laundry delivered right at their doorstep.

➯Uber For Courier – Dependable services

The Uberization of businesses has not left the couriers too. Like every other on-demand industry, courier or delivery/pick-up services do not follow traditional ways of business. The process was previously done manually and they even entered data for every package manually. But now, with the invent of Uber for courier apps, customers can save time with online tracking equipment, tracking IDs, delivery notifications, and other custom services.

An uber for courier app enables business people to provide dispatch administration to the general population in the topographical area they select. The new age is suggestive of how dispatch worked before. A trip down the world of attached concepts returns us to the days where we need to trust that a bundle will be dispatched to an individual. As a business person, you would know the hugeness of On-Demand Delivery Services and the developments seen by courier administrations.

Customers can make utilization of the Uber for Courier management by connecting and sending bundles to the collector within a time period. This can be a good business looking at customer dependency on such courier services.

➯Uber For Movers – Relocating made easy

People are stressed out when it comes to relocating as involves packing and moving of all the stuff. Sometimes, even hiring a professional doesn’t guarantee the most reliable service. Customers rely on or inquire for dependable on-demand movers allowing complete transparency in their services.

Customers looking for global services will find it convenient if they are offered with an on-demand app for relocating. Hence, creating Uber for movers for the target-specific market is an intelligent investment for the new entrepreneurs.

➯Uber For Plumbers – Get a plumber at your fingertips

Plumbing companies can have more customers and respond quickly to the demands using the Uber for Plumber app. The app involves less paperwork and precise tracking on customer service will make plumbing businesses gather huge revenues.

If you go for an app like Uber for Plumbers you can make your plumbing business reach thousands of people and gain high revenue by providing on-demand services.

➯Uber For Tutors – Get regular income even with part-time services

An uber for tutor app is a platform where students can connect with the subject teachers and get their lessons online or at the comfort of their home by finding the most suitable tutor through the app. Many circumstances such as parents busy with office work, unavailability of teachers, etc. have made learning a problem for the students as there is no one to solve their difficulties.

Many teachers who are excellent in their subjects and are available to provide lessons can be benefitted from the tutor apps as they can find their students right on their app and earn according to the number of hours they wish to be available. Creating such a platform as a business can be beneficial for entrepreneurs in the long run.

➯Uber for Babysitters – Earn while you babysit

The working parents are always looking to have someone to take care of their children when they are unavailable. They need someone reliable to handle the responsibility of their child. Creating an on-demand app for babysitters would surely be a profitable business.

There are many startups coming up in the market who offer trusted & experienced babysitters on an hourly basis. There is proper background verification for service providers in order to make sure that the parents are at ease with their children in good hands. The babysitters can also earn a good amount and in turn, the startup can also make huge profits.

➯Uber For Doctors – Doctors anytime, anywhere

People experience deteriorating health with changing lifestyles, food habits, stressful work schedules. Since we are losing the track of time, health issues keep coming up as a part of daily routine. Many times there are complications that cannot be approached due to lack of doctors.

People wish to have an instant solution to their health issues right at their fingertips in the busy schedule. The on-demand doctor’s app is a blessing in disguise as users can place a request for the doctors at a click of a button and discuss their issues with the doctors directly. They can even schedule an appointment for visiting the doctors according to the health conditions. They can choose from different specialists based on their health requirements.

Uber For Mechanics – Reach more customers

What can be more frustrating than a car breaking down in the middle of the road? In an unknown locality, searching for a mechanic gets very difficult. At such times, Uber for mechanics app would be an excellent solution.

With such an app, you can offer on-demand reliable repairing, anytime, anywhere. You can allow the users to place a request for mechanic service by choosing the nearby service provider.

Once the request is received, mechanics can visit the locality with the tools needed to fix the problem. Building an Uber for mechanics app is perfect as many features can be blended into it. You can also integrate the SOS feature and repair related features to make it easier for your customers to place requests.

When you make up your mind to go with any of these ideas, think of Coruscate as your technology partner as we are experts in developing the on-demand business apps and we have delivered many successful solutions. You can also get more ideas if you read 19 Successful Startup Business Ideas Of An On-Demand App Like Uber In 2019 for your startup venture. To discuss a business model and app development cost for your on-demand business, feel free to contact us for a free consultation session. Our BDE will happily assist you with all the necessary information.

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