Top 7 Reasons To Choose Flutter: Flutter App Development

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Flutter: Flutter App Development

App development has seen the fastest evolution in the field of technology. Also, apps are getting better and better these days in terms of versions, performance, features, etc. Everyone is looking for their app to launch on all kinds of platforms. Cross-platform development is the solution for it but Cross-platform development is not easy and it used to have a bad reputation as cross-platform apps used to have a lot of issues in performance and maintenance. 

Then Google launched a framework called Sky in 2015, which was later renamed Flutter. Since then Flutter has been the game-changer for cross-platform app development. Flutter came with all the solutions for developers to develop a cross-platform application. Flutter is an open-source framework. Flutter has gained high recognition for its unique approach.

According to an article published by Flutter Team, There are approximately 50,000 Flutter apps published in the Play Store, with nearly 10,000 uploaded in March 2020. The top five territories for Flutter are India, China, the United States, Europe, and Brazil.

The 2021 StackOverflow survey finds that 68.17% of the developers loved working with this technology.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to choose Flutter as your next App Development 

1. Writes Code Faster

With Flutter, you only need to write one code for all the platforms. As an app owner, launching an application in the market as quickly as possible is one of the primary concerns. As you don’t have to write separate codes for different platforms, the development process becomes very quick! 

• Flutter makes app development faster by rationalizing designer-developer collaboration. 

• Flutter enables the possibility for designers and developers to work together and try different solutions in real-time to find the best solution that works for both. 

• Flutter app development is faster and cost-saving.

• The highest-feature, highest-quality, and near-native experience can be achieved using Flutter without a doubt!

2. Higher Performance

Flutter uses Dart language which is an object-oriented language and works on the principles of Ahead Of Time(AOT). By using AOT, developers can make their app communicate directly with native device operations. As a result, the application can meet your requirements in terms of performance. Also, Flutter has its own rendering engine. Flutter follows the Dart Language. Dart supports Just In Time Compilation(JIT). This concept of Just In Time compilation enhances the process of development and makes it faster and more efficient. In comparison to the other languages, Dart is a simple, fast, and easy-to-compile programming language. This brings out the fast and high-quality performance.

3. Dart Code Architecture 

Widgets and APIs are a great help in development as they ease down some complex development processes and developers just need to integrate these modules in their applications but these modules can affect the performance of applications in some ways.

Flutter developers don’t have to worry about this as

• Flutter uses Dart as the base language. 

• Dart also supports a garbage collector function, which helps in the optimization of memory usage. 

• Flutter supports multi-threading which supports the long-running tasks simultaneously and also maintains the smoothness of the application.

4. Hot Reload Feature

This feature helps to see the recent modifications by default once you save the changes. With the help of this feature, designers and developers can collaborate to create a better User Experience. This is the key feature for reducing the development time by 30-40%.

This also helps in quick bug detection. This feature also shows the live alteration of the application for both Android and iOS.

5. Rendering Engine

Flutter supports Just In Time (JIT) compilation. Flutter has its own rendering engine. Flutter is a cross-platform for app development that allows you to do many things that you won’t be able to do on other cross-platforms. As Flutter has its own rendering engine, Flutter can easily run all the high-performing tasks simultaneously. You can access the built-in UI in the Flutter on any platform. 

6. Flutter Widgets

Widget needs to look like a natural part of the application. Having widgets in your application will make your application enhanced. Flutter brings a lot of range in terms of widgets that are customizable and extensible. Many platforms have to rely on other services to integrate widgets into their application, which also can be a third-party loophole! As long as you are using Flutter widgets, there is no need to worry about any third-party loophole. Flutter extracts Material Design widgets for Android and Cupertino for iOS. 

7. Easy Testing

Testing for both platforms can be difficult sometimes. The quality assurance team needs to give a close look at testing. With the use of Flutter, Testing can be easy! Yes, you read it right! The hot reload feature of the Flutter can detect and fix bugs very quickly. This will help the testing team to find bugs in real-time and also helps them to solve them. That’s how the Flutter development can make testing easy!

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So those are seven truly compelling reasons why choosing Flutter as your app development framework would prove to be a great choice for your business in 2022. 

Cross-platform development is something that business owners have been looking for for a long time. Flutter app development helps business owners to develop their cross-platform applications on budget and in a shorter time period. 

So if you are looking for Flutter app development, you can reach out to us here. If you have an idea with you for any application, Our Development Team can help you realize your vision.


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