5 Tips: How To Develop An iOS App Like Bodygram For Successful Execution?

“Karl Lagerfeld once said “Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality”

Who doesn’t like well-fighting and nicely sewn clothes from fabric that’s soft and nice? Bodygram, an app launched by Original Stitch, works on this premise. They offer custom creations of fashion to the people. So, what’s new you may ask? Well, this is an app and it takes your snap, scans your body, and tailors well-fitting clothes from the measurements obtained.

The measurements taken by this app are as accurate as delivered by the professional tailors. You need to give out only two photos, one taken from the front and the other from the side. This app will reveal complete measurements including shoulder, chest, waist, hip and sleeve.

The system also helps measure the body height and weight and helps design clothes that fit perfectly. You can get up to 40 necessary measurements from these photos. Currently, the apps are being launched for both iOS and Android.

An app like Bodygram will be successful with the precision of its measurements and the analytics that it uses in order to convert data into insights.

This app will not only be useful to the users but also offer convenience. It is definitely closing a much-needed gap between the tailors and the users.

While we are at this point in the discussion, it is important for you to know and understand what you need to have in order to develop an app like Bodygram. There are a few things you will need to consider, and we have listed out five essentials for you to incorporate. Let’s get started.

1. Usefulness of The App


When you are developing an app for the target market, there are two things you need to have clarity about: the problem the app will solve and the audience for whom the app is being developed.

Let’s start with the problem. For Bodygram, the problem was the fitting of the clothes. When people went on to purchase clothes on an app, they were not always greeted with clothes that were perfectly aligned for their sizes. They had to get it altered, which meant they had to physically move out of their homes to find a tailor. This app just took photos of the user and scanned it to deliver the custom fitting, which matches the size of the user perfectly. They solved a major problem being faced by the online shoppers.

The target audience was fixed by the app developers. They were trying to connect with the people who went online to make their purchases or, who looked online to shop for clothes. The convenience and comfort mattered to them.

If you have defined both the target audience and the problem you are planning to solve, you are ready for a viable solution. It is important you get the solution validated by someone.

2. Usability of The App


Bodygram used a feature that most of the users are comfortable with to deliver a viable solution. They integrated a camera and asked the users to either click the pictures or import it from the library. They used the user’s learning curve to integrate a feature.

If you want to make the app usable to your target audience, you will need to study their learning curve, and introduce features that they can use without extra effort.

If you have features that go beyond their learning curve, make sure you have small tips handed out to the users while they are on the app, so that they don’t face difficulty using the app.

It is important that the app is usable and user-friendly. Make sure you work on the navigation for the best results.

3. Integrate The Device Features


The camera is a device feature that has been aptly integrated into the app to introduce convenience to the user. The feature has been integrated in a way that the app works seamlessly, without producing friction.

You should ideally have the app use the device hardware for the best results. The gyro sensors are used in the temperature measuring apps. Similarly, there are other hardware aspects of the device that you can use to further the app development.

In some apps, you might have to integrate the APIs to introduce the important features. The GPS navigation API is a must in all the navigation apps.

4. Use of Emerging Technologies


This iOS app uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to introduce the precise measurements. It is time you adopt these emerging technologies to develop an app that is current and in line with the requirements.

Virtual Reality helps create immersive experiences, while Augmented Reality boosts the real image in the virtual space. Both these technologies are gaining importance and can improve how you perceive things, and your interaction with the app.

The idea is to create engaging experiences, and the use of emerging technologies is a must for that.

5. Go Real-Time


Your user wants to see the results in real-time. It is important you integrate real-time updates and parameters into your application.

From viewing insights to getting updated with the data, real-time will help the user make informed decisions. The real-time apps are more engaging than the delayed ones.

Summing up


We have just come up with the basic things that you need to consider when developing an iOS app like Bodygram.

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