How to develop e scooter app like Gogoro in Taiwan

Encyclopedic coverage on developing an e-scooter application in Taiwan

Last week GoShare head Henry Chiang announced in a news conference that the company is planning to expand its service to Tainan, the city in Taiwan. GoShare is an e-scooter sharing service provider with Gogoro Inc (founded in 2011). Currently provides service in Taoyuan (launched in August 2019) and Taipei (launched in October 2019) in Taiwan.

GoShare is the first end-to-end mobility sharing platform that integrates the Gogoro Network, Gogoro Smartscooter, and GoShare App and turns into a powerful solution that eliminates many of the operational challenges and delivers an optimized platform that is easy and viable for riders.

GoShare integrates the Gogoro Network platform with the Smartscooter with the help of artificial intelligence and advanced cloud management. Operational efficiencies across the network and rider battery swapping that provides uninterrupted service to users.

Riding experience GoShare offers:

  • AI-based Authentication:

Users need to upload their driving license then the app uses AI-based facial recognition software to verify the photo in the license and provides payment confirmation. After completing the verification process then only one can access the service. The whole process takes only 3 mins with the help of artificial intelligence.

  • One-Click Reservation:

The app enables users to view nearby scooters and reserve one based on ride distance, remaining battery capacity. Then the app navigates rider to the reserved scooter and after completing the ride in-app map directs users to the parking place.

  • Fast and Convenient Rider Battery Swapping:

GoShare utilizes the same battery swapping experience that Gogoro e-scooters use. Users can extend their distance for as long they need. Rider swap-ability also increases the efficiency and uptime of the platform and e-scooters.

  • Smart application:

GoShare implements Machine Learning Algorithms. Which means the more you use the app, the smarter it becomes.

  • In-app user support:

GoShare also offers a support feature to solve any issue of users.

Things to keep in mind while planning to develop  an e-scooter application in Taiwan:

Taiwan possessing the highest density of motorcycles and scooters in the world but air pollution caused by the vehicles’ emissions is a major concern over there. That is why even local governments have integrated e-scooters into their transportation networks.

Taiwanese government offers cash incentives to encourage users to turn over their two-stroke scooters and has set a target of phasing them out completely by 2020. Additional subsidies are available if riders want to swap their two-strokes for an electric alternative.

By strengthening incentives for buyers, the Taiwanese government hopes to raise the total number of e-scooters sold in Taiwan to 200,000 by 2021 and has declared that no new fossil­-fuel motorcycles or scooters will be sold thereafter 2035.

These measures provide an immense opportunity for e-vehicle manufacturers and e-scooter sharing businesses in Taiwan. But hitting an existing strong market will be definitely a challenge for any startup.

What features you can add to develop a fast and flexible app?

Making an app with good features and attractive user-interface for your business makes a first good impression on the userbase. A poorly designed app will not be helpful for you to be popular amongst the public. 

  • Sign-up with the minimal details
  • Tutorial for educating them to ride e-bike safely and park it properly
  • Customize personal details
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Ride history
  • Show nearby e-bikes with the battery percentage
  • Enable users to book the e-bike
  • In-app map
  • Scan QR code to unlock e-bike
  • End ride by locking e-bike 
  • Show nearby parking spots
  • Ride details like time, distance, saved CO2 and fare
  • Payment history
  • Customer support 
  • In-app messaging

How Coruscate can help you to make an app like GoShare?

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