4 Reasons, Why You Should Consider Developing a Subscription-based Mobile App?

Subscription-based mobile apps have become more prevalent and favoured lately. Each enterprise is offering subscription to incorporate the revenue model in their own mobile apps.

In this type of subscription model, the customers pay a certain fees to opt go for it and the enterprise in exchange provides some seamless extra features for the subscribed customers.

In order to retain these customers, the enterprise then needs to come up with some really attractive schemes and offers.

Zomato has recently launched its subscription based model in India. It is called Zomato Gold. Their strategy is to target only those restaurants which can actually provide flawless service to their customers. There are many other brands like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Tinder etc. who have introduced the subscription feature in the mobile applications.

What are the benefits of subscription-based mobile apps and what makes them successful?

» Subscription based apps generate more revenue.

There is no doubt about why this model is called as revenue model. When people subscribe to your app, the paid subscription causes the income that is much more than what you had before adding the subscription model. People are attracted to subscriptions as there are more advantages being offered. More and more money is brought in through the subscription app as word of mouth spreads much faster.

» The outcome is more reliable income

These subscription based mobile apps offer a steady income. With each new user, the income only grows. There is no fear of failing as the marketing of the offers based on the subscription can be done confidently. Users are attracted to new offers and benefits which they could get by spending just a few pennies. The mobile apps relying on subscription models can be more predictable and can generate more revenue with many attractive new offers for the customers.

» These app help in engaging your customers.

Some companies provide subscriptions for 6 or 12 months. The user keeps visiting you till the time he has subscribed to your scheme. They would want to make their money spent worth it. And there are chances that if the customer is provided with new offers and benefits, they might even keep extending the subscription. So, it helps in retaining your customers too. It is a win-win situation for the company and the customer as they are both being benefited by using the subscription mobile app. Also, the company can be sure about having a customer base which will be consistent source of income for the subscription period of next 6 to 12 months.

» Subscription apps ensure unwavering delivery of value.

With many free mobile apps available in the market, it becomes difficult for people to go for paid apps. To top it, the competition is very high in the territory of subscription- based apps. In order to make the customers subscribe and to keep them for long time, an app has to offer consistent value. If the customer, at some point of time feels that he is not getting the value worth his money, it is likely that he might unsubscribe from the app or might not extend the subscription. So, companies offering subscription apps make sure that they offer undaunted value to their customers. They keep introducing new discounts and offers in order to lure the customers and keep the curiosity growing. This helps the companies in delivering the best to the customers.

After reading the above pointers, you must have got a fair idea about the subscription feature and how the success of these subscription based apps can lead to success of your company. This subscription feature has proved to be the most powerful model for revenue generation. And the apps which provide subscription are recognised more in the market as the user has to spend his hard earned money on these apps. The app in the trade-off the mobile app has to provide more and more value than its competitors to keep the users interested.

So, did it strike a cord inside you to get a subscription feature for your own app? Or do you want to build a completely new app with a subscription feature?, get in touch with us through our contact us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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