E-Scooter Charging Stations Should Be More Accessible: Know How

Electric scooters are changing the landscape of India’s transportation and helping broaden the sustainability approach. Indians are shifting to electric vehicles for multiple causes and in the end, it is good for our planet Earth. No doubt that e-scooters are more convenient than fuel-oriented vehicles.

As you can see, sustainable, secure, and intelligent solutions are yielding excellent results for many businesses, as well as more loyal customers. Furthermore, sustainability is no longer a “tree-plantation” fan’s topic; it has become more of a USP. Those who do not adopt them quickly will be quickly pushed aside. Micro Mobility and sustainability have a strong bond. Our cities are changing, and so are the ways in which we work and commute.

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The growing popularity of electric scooters appoints new targets for their charging stations. People expect to be able to charge their devices at work, according to various studies. It is extremely beneficial to have charging stations that are already in the development phase.

Governments have also worked to encourage sustainability. Various tax reductions are available to encourage the use of electric vehicles. Inkwood Research estimates that the global e-bike market will attain $47445.60 million by 2028, rising at a CAGR of 9.16 percent during the forecast period. This leads to more demand for charging stations and it further leads to managing them.

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The demand for secure e-scooter charging and parking is increasing. To cope up with managing that we can build an app. An app that will handle the charging requests as well as the parking requests.

The Features You Can Expect:


1. QR Scan to start charging and parking: 

To lock or unlock the e-bike or e-scooter, users need to scan the QR code. This will enable users to charge or park their electric vehicle.

2. Dashboard for available spots:

Users should be able to see the vacant spots for their vehicles. With the clear and smart dashboard we can showcase the available spots so users can ride that way.

3. Map for the nearest charging station:

For finding the nearest charging station, users shall provide the map with routes to reach a particular location. With optimized maps, we can guide users to reach charging stations quickly.

4. Parking/Charging history:

To show how much time their vehicle was in charge and to get back at the right station, a brief history feature will be needed.

5. Login with Phone Number:

To use the application, users must perform Login first with their phone numbers.

6. Custom notifications:

For sending messages like charging is full, battery is low, and the station is in shutdown etc.; we will require a custom notifications feature. 

7. Payment feature:

One can charge hourly basis or subscription basis for charging or parking as user preferred. For this, payment gateway integration is must have!

Where Can We Target to Build Such Charging Stations With an App?


  • Corporate/Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Schools/Universities
  • Railway Stations
  • Public Parks
  • Theaters

Ah! The list is long…!


What Will Be the Impact?


Are You Looking to Develop an E-Scooter Parking Plus Charging Application?


With e-bike and e-scooter sales surging and growing in popularity among non-cyclists, the last-minute drive micro-mobility ideology might have an enduring shift. So if you are planning to drive your business in this direction then we will surely assist you. To build e-scooter charging app, contact us at: Coruscate Solutions

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