Telemedicine App For Doctors Wavering And Improvising The Virtual Care Sector

Telemedicine App For Doctors Wavering And Improvising The Virtual Care Sector

Introduction to telemedicine and telemedicine impacting the doctors

Telemedicine is a blessing to the world which has witnessed a life-altering global pandemic, leaving all of us devastated and damaged  in every possible aspect in regards to the economy, social stanza and infrastructural.

The Telehealth and Telemedicine sector is fueled by technological advancements and thus we witness innovations with every sunrise that leaves the world in woo, and helps to outgrow the previously set healthcare standards.

Without the worry of getting out of your house, you can avail the medical services at your doorstep through the medium of telemedicine, where all the required medications are available at your fingertips.

The concept of virtual care has been introduced since decades, but it took a disastrous pandemic to prove the worth of virtual care in the world, and escalate the usage of it leading to greater success stories.

Thus, amidst the pandemic, the doctors are unable to operate their clinics, these applications work as a blessing in disguise, letting them provide the treatment to the patients sitting at the comfort of their houses.

Doctors willing to maximise their outreach beyond the boundaries should definitely opt for virtual care since the technology knows no boundaries and the doctors can treat patients beyond globally.

At the same time, where doctors immerge in the process of telemedicine and virtual care, they engage in a one-on-one conversation with the patient, studying the patient’s medical history in detail and working accordingly.

The Growth Of Telemedicine for doctor Over The Time

Telemedicine Market size was valued at USD 45 billion in 2019 and is expected to witness 19.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2026. Social distancing has been working as a keynote factor behind the aggressive growth of the telemedicine sector.

As most of the countries of the world were imparting lockdown, telemedicine was helping the doctors provide consultations to their patients, turning regular health check-ups at the clinics into regular check-ups via video calls.

In March 2020, one of the leading telemedicine companies Teladoc received an approximation of 15,000 virtual requests daily, with an immense volume of patients wanting to be treated at the comfort of their homes.

Telemedicine can be provided in hospitals as well as at homes. The telehome segment will show momentous growth of 19.6% during 2020 to 2026. Chronic diseases were cured via these platforms over the time.

Italy telemedicine market share was valued at USD 1.3 billion in 2019, and has been rapidly increasing ever since, perhaps since Italy is considered to be one the most affected countries by COVID-19.

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Our Research Suggests That There Are Some Significant Benefits In Engaging With The Telemedicine Sector, And Here They Are:

1. Expands Access To Care And Reaches More Patients:

Since, there are ample of patients who do not have access to clinics, or medical facilities amidst the lockdown, and thus have to suffer with diseases without being treated properly.

Telemedicine enables them to gain proper consultation and cure with no hesitation of commuting to the hospitals, or finding hospitals. 

Especially in rural areas, these applications can serve the purpose of humankind and make the lives of the rural habitants a lot easier.

2. Improves Clinical Workflow And Increases Practice Efficiency

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There have been vital performance improvements since these applications have come into existence, they facilitate both the doctors and the patients to ensure utmost safety and best services.

The doctors no longer need to worry about managing a thousand files and paperwork of every patient, instead they can store every detail of the patient at a place and access it anytime from the cloud space.

Thus, the process becomes a lot efficient and quicker, eradicating the time consumed in traveling, waiting and then getting the treatment. 

Through virtual care, the treatment time is given utmost priority above everything else.

3. Improves Patient And Doctor’s Satisfaction

When a patient is able to reach out to the doctors immediately at the time of need, and can rely upon the services, it brings them the ease and increases their trust towards the platform and the services provided.

At the same time, the doctors without feeling helpless can assure the best services and serve the patients with dignity and professionalism using all of their skills in the treatment.

Thus, we believe that telemedicine has brought the doctors and the patients a lot closer, providing them the ease of communication, via video and audio calls, and the exposure to technological advancements such as online X-Rays and Sonographies.

Telemedicine App Development for Doctors, Our Expertise

With an in-depth research and understanding of the telemedicine and healthcare sector, we provide solutions that serve the purpose of virtual care in the most efficient possible way, with best in class features.

With trials and tribulations constantly going on in order to curate the best solutions, we come across ample information and diversified knowledge that helps us build a platform that can lead the way.

Our team has a ready-to-go telemedicine solution for those who are willing to get their hands in the virtual care business without a doubt, our platform is everything you will need, and our team constantly works on improving the application as per the need of the market.

Current Offer: We are offering a TeleHealth Solution with all the essential features for an MVP at an attractive price of USD 15000 and ready-to-use within 15 days only.

Book a demo session with us, and get to know about our ready-to-go solution, up close and personal with engaging in a conversation with our technical experts and market researchers. 

Contact us, feed us your inputs, your expectations and will serve you with a platform that includes everything that you have planned in your telemedicine application for your healthcare business.

Get in touch with us right away.

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