Taxi app development New opportunities and managing a workaround for the ride-hailing wait times

Taxi app development in 2019 : New opportunities and managing a workaround for the ride-hailing wait times?

Are you interested in starting a taxi business? and want to start your own taxi booking service? Here is the quick guide to start your own taxi booking business in 2019.

Do you want to go niche and be unique? If your answer to these questions is yes, this blog is just for you. We have discussed the best business ideas and opportunities for you to grab quickly. Further, we have discussed the return of Cabify in Barcelona.

First, let’s start with the taxi business opportunities and business models for you in the year 2019.

The taxi business basically includes moving passengers between their chosen destination. The thing which differentiates it from any other mode of public transportation is that the service provider manages the pick-up and drop-off locations. The business can be started with a few vehicles and drivers. And after some time passes, the business can be expanded steadily as you begin to benefit.

How can you start your taxi business successfully in 2019?


how to start taxi business?

In order to start your taxi business and be victorious in your endeavor, you need to understand and research the trade and know the different rivals. At the same time, you should know the requirements of the public before spending your funds. Certainly, there is no shortcut to success and no business is ever easy to start. But if you are a focused individual and you have the goal to win then this business can be just the one for you.

The taxi industry in the world is very competing. The taxi industry in the United States comprises of more than 7000 businesses having around $6 billion combined annual income. There is an equal chance in the business and has an open market. The taxi industry is labor-intensive and the annual revenue generated per employee is about $70,000. To start and run a taxi business is never easy. There are thorough research and consideration involved and the purposes set procedures defined in order to achieve them within a certain time period.

In order to start your taxi business idea, you need to commence by stating explicitly the intention of the taxi company, its missions, and achievements. You need to define the highlights of the taxi firm and its business description with a specific strategy of delivering the company’s aim. Your business plan should be able to explain the service that you wish to provide as well as set the rules and priorities appropriate.

The business strategy should also be capable to carefully define your financial scenario, cash flows, and the calculated profits or losses. This can help you to work subsequently and you can attempt to make more of profits. Remember to keep your business strategies for your new taxi business simple. This will help you to achieve your goals in the stipulated time period.

Here are a few taxi business models for you to consider that can prove to be a great opportunity for 2019. & Future of Taxi booking app development in 2019

1. Off-road taxi

Off-road trips have become very popular with a one-day outing for a lot of travelers. And if it is a fair-priced vacation, it can be really relished by every member of the family. These voyages can be given in half-day or all-day packages to customers.

Remember that advertisement and promotion for off-road or backwood trips is comparatively easy. At the same time, it is best achieved by creating and sharing promotional stuff about the activity to every local restaurant, hotels, and travel agencies. Admittedly, this type of taxi market can be very profitable, even if the business partners get a 10 or 20 percent commission for referring customers to the business.

2. Airport taxi business

Unlike any other taxi-related trade scheme, the most prominent threat to surmount when preparing to commence an airport taxi the first thing is to get an operator’s license. This license can be difficult to get and very expensive. But, it’s positively not impossible to obtain an operator’s license for an airport taxi. Keep in mind that an airport taxi can be a very profitable business to own and operate. Marketing this profession is best achieved by building networks and partnerships with companies and local businesses. 

Managing workaround for the ride-hailing wait times and the return of Cabify to Barcelona

In a very short time after they closed their business in Barcelona due to the VTC rules regarding the private-hire vehicles in Catalonia, Cabify started operating back just after a month when it left.

The Spanish ride-hailing company, Cabify professes that it has a strategy to adapt its business model to comply with laws, implemented by the local government. These laws had forced a waiting time of at least 15 minutes between a booking made and a passenger being picked up.

These laws were imposed with a motive of ensuring that the taxis and ride-hailing firms are not competing for the same passengers and to make sure that both the industries do not overlap and struggle to keep up in business. Previously, there has been a series of taxi strikes, which included scenes of violence on the streets of Barcelona due to the conflicts of the two sectors.

The new rules also forbid private-hire businesses from revealing the real-time geolocation of vehicles in their apps before a booking. The location can be displayed once the booking has been done.

The judgment also prevents VTCs from pursuing business by intentionally circling the streets. This means that the taxis need to return to a base, such as a parking lot or a garage and wait for the next booking.

Cabify’s workaround for commanded wait limits before riders can be picked up is to change its business model for the region. They have turned their business from being an intermediary platform to a transport company which is working with a VTC firm with a local fleet of 300 cars.

According to another report in El País, Cabify users are expected to affirm a renewable year-long contract via new in-app terms and conditions at no additional costs, Then only it is possible to apply the wait time only once for every customer, allowing on-demand rides after that.

If you want to survive the throat cutting competition, Coruscate can help you with a business model with an outstanding taxi booking app development that will make you sustain the rules and regulations and still earn profits for your business.

Here is a table showing the basic features of a taxi booking app and the time and development costs involved in it.


Taxi app development price/cost

We can help you customize your taxi booking app according to your business requirements and make you stand out amongst your rivals. For any further queries, you can connect with us via the contact us form for free consultation and advice regarding the taxi app development.

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