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Tally Automation Software for Tally Users

Maintaining a Tally account is one of the vital tasks for any business.

Recording Transactions can help ease the process of bookkeeping. In contrast, most accounting software would provide a basic need that any entrepreneur is looking for when adopting technology for their business.

How can one use Automation Technology in Tally?


Let’s ask ourselves why Tally is Most Successful Accounting Software?

Tally has covered almost 90% of the MSME market in India, and all small to medium business owners use Tally as their primary accounting software.

Below mentioned are a few of the major benefits of using Tally:

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Ease to use
  • Widely used platform, so getting a well-trained accountant for Tally will be easy.
  • Saves time compared to keeping to Khatavahi ( Hard copy accounting )

However, time is evolving and so do the needs and necessities of the businesses.

Tally is proven accounting software. But accounting firms need to deploy several manpower and resources to enter the data into Tally. Still, there are some issues to look at when we talk about pushing data into Tally manually.

What are the challenges when it comes to using Manual Data Entry into Tally?


  • Data Inaccuracy

Pushing data into Tally all day could be a tiresome process that can lead to errors.

Human errors can’t be ignored at all.

  • Inefficient

Manually an employee needs to spend hours depending on the amount of data that needs to be captured. Even after spending hours, no one can assure that data is 100 % Error-free.

  • Time Consuming

Pushing data into Tally is undoubtedly a time-consuming process where dedicated people with resources are needed.

  • Costly

Costly as it may cost you productive labor hours that could have been used in some other more productive task.

Only a few clicks are needed to push data into Tally using an Automation tool like Suvit


Manually, companies/ firms have to deploy human and technological resources. Spending hours of productive time with humans over this unessential task can be easily avoided. It is people or teams that have to spend all day pushing data.

Usually, a skilled accountant or Data entry operator takes approximately 30 to 40 seconds to punch one entry into Tally.

Even after hiring a dedicated person and using necessary resources, one can’t assure 100% Error-free entries, and firms have to spend additional time rechecking the entries or keeping errors as minimal as possible.

What are the features of Suvit?


1) Making ledger entries automatically


In less than a minute, transfer data from

  • PDF to Tally
  • Excel to Tally
  • Scanned PDF Copy to Tally

It can read and insert data entries into the relevant ledger automatically. You will only need to select the relevant ledger once, and data will be pushed into Tally within seconds.

For example: Imagine having a single client’s bank statement with 2000 entries. An individual can take up to one and a half days to finish this task. But what in the case of having 200 clients and all of them having statements or any other sale-purchase transaction having more than 2000 entries. Suvit can push all the data into Tally almost 10 times faster than humans.

The machine learning technology of Suvit can fetch data from Excel, PDF, or even Scanned PDF and it can push all the data into Tally within seconds.

2) Sale, Purchase Entries into Tally

All accountants across any industry do the identical task of entering sale or purchase invoices manually. Be it received via hard copy or even system-generated soft copy. This increases the amount of time consumed for data entry into Tally and affects efficiency.

However, tools like Suvit can perform this task within seconds.

Bills can be directly added into Tally using Suvit. All forms of excel are accepted thanks to the auto formation learning feature of Suvit.

3) Client Access

In light of the recent events, we made sure to have Remote access to have access Data cloud storage from anywhere. The staff can travel anywhere with Suvit while remaining connected for work, or they can create a shared folder with their clients to easily access data so that the work can be done seamlessly without a pause.

As the famous proverb says, “Change is the only constant” humans have to learn and adapt to the changes to take the best advantage of technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

What is a far better tool than Suvit, which might assist in day-to-day life’s most time-consuming, error-prone tasks like Data Entry into Tally?

Why do we recommend Suvit to Tally Users?


  • Create entries in the Tally software automatically
  • Capable of completing the week’s data entries in a matter of hours
  • 100 % Accuracy (Win over human errors)
  • Cloud Access
  • Cost-Saving
  • Effort-Saving
  • Time-Saving

When a company begins to expand, many factors contribute to its success, one of which is the team behind it and the technology. The more brilliant teamwork is, the easier it is for the company to grow.

However, would this be possible with outdated and time-consuming software?

Here’s the same thing we’re approaching with Suvit. Give it a try and take a survey of your team who use and who don’t. The result will be in front of your eyes.

Visit Suvit.io for more information.

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