Make Buying and Selling Stocks easy with a Strattyx clone app using automated rules

Make Buying and Selling Stocks easy with a Strattyx clone app using automated rules

strattyx clone app

Stock markets are tough to handle. But is it not great to have an automated interface to check out the stock market for you!

Strattyx is a trading interface that enables you to set up an advanced “if-this-then-that” precepts and complete purchases on the stock market. many brokers enable you to buy and sell your shares via a mobile app or a web interface. But if you wish to offer an exceptional model or tools with automation strategies then that is what you get through Strattyx.

The company is trying to take the automated trading software to everyone from non-professional traders who have a few savings and to professional day traders. The startup concentrates on this particular part of the process. They are not trying to become an online stockbroker. The company, however, is collaborating with the current brokers, such as Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and many others by offering trade through an API. The startup basically acts as an interface and completes the orders on your part.

Apart from the traditional stop-loss and stop-limit orders, the interface also allows the users to buy or sell shares and also if there is some event on Twitter about the stock market.

There are a few examples of rules that the users can create which allow people to sell or buy stocks when a certain condition gets true or false.

Impressively, StrattyX will present a marketplace of tactics. If any lead investor begins to use a fixed set of automated rules and allow other users to follow the same strategy.

The startup moves one step ahead by providing the tools to train a model using machine learning and user-generated data sets. There is a great feature where a user can upload a .csv file with price history and different types of data points, such as SEC filings, earnings, etc.

As for further advancement, the company is planning to introduce a feature that would allow the users to check news headlines that could be rated with a Tinder-style swipe gesture where the users could swipe right if they think it’s good news or they could swipe left if they think it’s bad news.

The company has recently launched a mobile app which is still in its minimum viable product stage. They are also working on the desktop version. The cost of using the app per month for one user is $5. But they have even expensive plans for bigger teams which complete many orders through them.

What is the scope for Fintech apps like Strattyx?

There a lot of challenges that banks and the whole finance sector are facing. The effective supervisory environment and the rise of technology in everyday banking projects are transforming the way we bank. They are also catering to the fast-evolving via technology. This is where the Fintech apps make a difference.

The increasing usage of mobile devices and technology-based solutions is driving the requirement for financial and banking solutions. As Banks and firms are investing heavily in technology solutions, it has become the chief growth driver for the global FinTech market, which will fasten its worth at around USD 305.7 billion by the year 2023. The growth is expected at a CAGR of 22.17% during 2018-2023.

The various services provided in the fintech sector are regtech, payment/billing, insurtech, money transfer/remittance, mortgage/real estate, stock market, and other such services. Out of these, the payment/billing services segment is anticipated to stimulate significant growth in the global market, driving to a revenue generation of USD 207.11 Billion by the year 2023.

App Features we provide for your Fintech app like Strattyx / Strattyx Clone app :

» Dashboard

The dashboard is where an investor gets to check out everything regarding order status, watchlist, balance, charts, holdings, etc. As the screen will have loads of data so it is necessary to arrange it in a proper way in order to not confuse the users.

» Portfolio

This is an important feature for the investors to design and manage their portfolio without depending on any third party agent. You can even add the sort or filter feature to make the data finding easier.

» Latest Market Data

Your app should have the latest market insight to support investors to check out how their stocks are working along with vision regarding all stocks that are trending in the market.

» Stock Trading Functionality

Stock trading is essential to allow your users to get the complete process of holding, buying, and selling the fund a hassle-free experience for the investors.

» Fund Transfer

Fund transfer is an essential feature of your FinTech app as transferring funds from the users’ accounts into the application to then use in trading of the stock can be one way of carrying out cashless transactions. You should have a safe platform that would help it in making secure for users to transfer funds in real-time.

» Watchlist

To keep a track of the stocks which interest your users, there should be an option of watchlist made available to the users so that they don’t have to search for each of it separately.

» Synchronization

To create a trading platform for more than one device, the app should have a synchronization facility.

Along with all these features, having a great UX is the best asset for your app.

Why choose Coruscate?

We have various white label solutions to offer for your FinTech apps. If you are thinking to develop a Fintech app for your business, we can assist you with the market research, business models and the technology stack that your app needs. We have the best team of researchers and developers to help you out in developing a Fintech app that could take over the whole market. Also, our white label solutions are 100% functional and customizable according to your business needs. You can connect with us for further information regarding the Fintech app development.

» FAQs

What are the challenges faced while developing the stock market FinTech apps?

Developing a stock market app comes with a number of technical challenges. There are multiple tests conducted that make real-time data usage difficult. There can be issues with the real-time values of stock values and buying and selling stocks. You can connect with us to know more about solving these technical issues.

How can AI and machine learning be used in the Stock market-related FinTech apps?

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most significant disruptions that is seen to be embraced by the business economy very well. The FinTech centric industry is using AI and machine learning to improve their processes via Algorithmic trading and better targeting. This also allows for better customer support. If you wish to integrate AI in your FinTech app, schedule a free consultation session with us and ask for a free demo of the app.

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