Requirements of Client

Australian client happened to pitch his requirements to us. He wished to have an app developed that would be compatible across multiple platforms. The client had an idea in his mind and thoughts oscillating about how to solve the problem of cleaning services. He wants to take a different approach and deploy services that would aid cleaning at a simple tap. The team at Coruscate indulged into discussing several prototypes and finally, the blueprint of SnapACleaner appealed the client's interest.

Challenges Faced By The Development Team

SnapACleaner - Tap An App For A Dedicated Cleaner

The Mobile App Solution

Deploying a cleaning app for iOS or cleaning app for Android is not just blissfully designed and convenient to use, but also has a configuration that helps receive a request from clients that are looking for home cleaning services. Being a one to one connection, it is very easy to communicate and provide consumers with the required assistance. With the help of an on-demand cleaning service app, users can now directly book services online and as per assistance.

Technologies Used


Features of On-Demand Cleaning App

An app for On-Demand Cleaning Services as designed by us is packed with all the wanted features that lead to crafting seamless connectivity between the cleaning service providers and the consumers.

The app for cleaners is segmented into three sectors to ensure hassle-free communication. Each section has its own set of dedicated features that aid requesting service from the user side, accepting and rendering services from cleaner side and monitoring both from the admin panel.

User App Features

  • A page that enables users to log in or sign up
  • List Of All Cleaners
  • Initiate Request For A Cleaner
  • Listicles for all the job request
  • A list that displays all the completed jobs
  • Your transaction history
  • Details of User Profile
  • Few static pages indicating the about us page, terms and conditions page, and a privacy policy page

Cleaners App Features & Panel

Similar to the user panel, there is one created for the cleaners. It helps them seek job request and agree upon the same if convenient to them.

  • Login and Sign Up
  • Job Request
  • Completed Jobs
  • Jobs Confirmed
  • View Transaction History
  • Detail of Cleaners Profile
  • About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Admin Panel Features

To keep track of both end services, an admin panel is created that would under your control and you can keep track of the cleaners added, job request and a few other features as:

  • Login - Authenticate Admin Authority
  • Dashboard for Business Insides
  • Heat map of User Interaction
  • 100 Point ID Verification System
  • Payment Management System

And The Cleaning Service App Developed

After multiple efforts and endless debugging, the app went live. It was definitely a success in the field of mobile app development with on-demand cleaning app being the new entry to the world of apps.

Now, users can seamlessly connect with cleaners, customize services as per their own convenience and request for a cleaning job. On the other hand, cleaners can easily find a job and stay updated with their job request technically.

SnapACleaner app can run effectively on the following mentioned platform

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