Scooter sharing app development: How to become the leader by launching the best Scooter Sharing app in Europe?

Electric scooters or e-scooters have transformed the way of transportation. This blog is for entrepreneurs and tech giants who are interested to start their own scooter-sharing startups like Bird, Lime etc. We have shared how can you launch your own scooter sharing app in Europe and how to become the leader in the e-scooter sharing industry.

The transportation industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years. Keeping up with the changing trends in transportation, people are not new to the e-scooters and electric mopeds. These tiny two or three-wheeled vehicles are offering a new way of commute around the world. 

Even Europe is not left untouched with the buzz created by these vehicles. They are becoming the hottest trend in European nations. With the increasing demand for e-scooters, several startup companies are investing massively in this field in order to facilitate transportation. Not only the dockless e-scooters but also the scooter rental companies which rent the e-scooters or e-bikes for a day, week or a month are on great demand. 

The dockless scooter-sharing companies like Bird and Lime have earned a whopping amount of profit and are now expanding everywhere around the globe changing the way of transportation. Bird has already launched its scooter sharing app in London. It is the first app in the UK after which the United Kingdom has welcomed many other scooter sharing app.

Fascinating statistics to illustrate the rise of scooter sharing businesses


  • As per the records by Polaris Market research, the market size of e-scooter is expanding with annual earnings of around USD 17,630 million in 2017. Further, it is anticipated to grow with a growth rate of 12.8% particularly throughout the forecast period.
  • It is also foretold that the increasing awareness on greenhouse & result of carbon emissions might bring out the quick adoption of e-scooters for the next 8 years.



  • The globally trending e-scooter apps like Limebike, Bird, Skip, Spin, etc. are as thriving as their opponents or favourite cab sharing service companies like Uber & Ola.
  • An added extensive report by Polaris Market research exhibits that people favour choosing electric scooter over electric motorcycles. The extravagant demand for scooter sharing is also anticipated to control the market of an on-demand cab or taxi booking industry.
  • One of the most widespread scooter-sharing apps i.e Bird is preparing to launch its service in the Tel Aviv region. Bird’s competitor Limebike published data to reveal that about 60% of users accept that they favour scooter sharing service rather than travelling by car. 
  • Another Lime’s survey suggests over 7,000 scooter riders travel on the streets of San Francisco that frames to approx 0.8% of the city’s population. Another startup called Wind Mobility is projecting a cut-throat competition on Lime & Spin with a wealth of $22 million in seed funding for promoting e-scooter rental services.
  • Also, the European countries are accepting the growth of e-scooters with open arms.


Scooter sharing app development in Europe


Building a scooter sharing app business is very complicated but we make sure to resolve the complexities for you. Rohak makes it easy to build, grow and scale fleets and member base. Our experience and specialisation give another layer of support, allowing you to attain operational excellence quickly. 

If we look at Cooltra, it is the biggest European Company offering the best scooter rental services. It rents the scooters to tourist to make their stay awesome. The company has its shops widespread over Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and more than 100 rental locations.

The company offers to lease and drive a scooter is not only fun but also is the easiest way to go around the city, without any nuisances like finding a parking space, remaining stuck in a traffic jam, waiting for public transport or spending high taxi fees. The company provides scooter sharing services which enable flexibility, agility and freedom for the riders when they ride the scooters around the city.

Cooltra has different scooter models with different various engine capacities like rent 125cc scooter or electric scooter. The company also presents information about the best travel places around the city.

Can your scooter sharing idea become a big hit?


Europe has been steadily embracing the dockless and the scooter rental electric scooter platforms so far. 

Acknowledging the consistent growth of the scooter sharing companies, we can express that theory of the electric vehicle is going to prosper in the near future.

So, as a scooter sharing startup, if you are stuck with the thought about how to take the e-scooter app development forward, consider Rohak.

Our white label solution can make your scooter sharing idea a big hit instantly. Opting for Rohak can help you to launch your fully functional e-scooter app within 45-55 business days. 

Connect with us to discuss your idea as we are a leading e-scooter app development company that have successfully developed many e-scooter apps and have entertained 10000 + queries regarding scooter sharing app development. We can help you with the technology, hardware selection, battery, business models and much more. We offer end-to-end business solutions for e-scooter app development. 

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