On-demand Solution That Will Support and Augment Work From Home Experience

Off-the-Shelf On-demand Solution That Will Support and Augment Work From Home Experience

The time is tough, and calls for tougher actions. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we are all observing social distancing, and staying put, waiting for the chain to break. At this time, corporates are taking a tough call for everyone to work from home. They are making it increasingly easy for the employees to work from their homes, and extending as much support as possible,

At a time when on-demand is flourishing and extending its reach across industries, it would be impossible to note just how they are offering maximum support during these tough times.

Food delivery on-demand solutions like Zomato are trying their best to ensure food reaches people who are unable to cook and manage the house, and give them some respite in these tough times. On-demand grocery and pharma solutions ensure that the users don’t have to venture out and buy the food. They are reaching out to the users with their app solutions.

Tough times don’t last but, you definitely need help to conquer these tough times, and the on-demand segment seems to be doing a great job.

Benefits of On-demand during Covid-19

  • As we have already mentioned, we are all under lock down. Not just cities, but countries are under lock down. Some people are scared to move out while a few others have responsibilities that bind them to the houses. At this point, on-demand deliveries can help them gain access to essentials. From food to groceries to medicines, everything is delivered on-demand
  • The people don’t have to venture out, which will benefit the lock down situation. The ultimate aim at times like this is to break the chain, and it is only possible when you follow the lock down. As a result, on-demand becomes more useful
  • It is convenient and easy to access. You will notice that the on-demand solutions offer the ease that no other mode of delivery does

The major industries that the on-demand segment is targeting include

  • Grocery: The long queues in the grocery stores is one of the biggest pain points for the users, which has led to the development of on-demand app solution for this segment
  • Food delivery: A lot of people eat out or are dependent on restaurants for their daily food. The on-demand segment allows them to choose from different restaurants, and allows them ease of ordering and payments
  • Healthcare: On-demand has allowed users to buy medicines, avail doctor’s appointment and go through other healthcare needs hassle-free with the on-demand solutions
  • Taxi: Get a ride anywhere at anytime with the on-demand taxi solutions. It helps you get from point A to B as per your convenience

Business Requirements for On-demand Apps

When it comes to getting an on-demand app ready for your business, there are quite a few things that you need to plan through. Here we will talk about the requirements that will define the solution.

  • Purpose of the On-demand Solution

You should begin with the purpose. Why do you need an on-demand app solution? What do you aim to achieve with this solution? The answer to these two questions will define the need for the on-demand app solution.

  • Target Audience

The second most important consideration for an on-demand app solution would be the target audience. What is it that the target audience wants, and who is it that you aim to develop this app for? Let’s say it is an app for everyone who stays away from home, then you have broadly defined the app solution. however, you will still need to narrow down your definition of a target audience.

  • Features of the Solution

When defining the business app solution, you should also define the features. What all features will impress the mobile app user, and how do you aim to enhance user engagement? The user’s engagement and their app usage is tied to the app features you will be including in the mobile app. 

  • Business Model

Before you market the app or even define the full-fledged version of the mobile app solution, you need to define the business model most suited for the app. you should understand if subscriptions will work or, you need to incorporate a new model that will earn more members.

Once you have defined the requirements, let’s get started with the features. During each stage of your mobile app, the features will change.

Basic App Features

The off-the-shelf mobile app will come with certain basic features that you cannot ignore.

#1 Scheduling

The first and most important feature for the on-demand app solution is scheduling. Whether it is the ride sharing app or a food delivery app, you need to schedule the pickup point, time and other factors. Adding a new address, looking for options in your nearby location and other things related to scheduling should be easy to access with the mobile app

#2 Payments

The user should be able to make the payments from within the app. The on-demand solution you are deriving should integrate almost all the important payment gateways, thus making way for easy and hassle-free payments.

#3 Real-time Tracking

Integrating GPS feature into your mobile app is no longer an option. It is more like a must-have for your mobile app. you should enable real-time tracking and should ensure route optimization through this integration. This basic feature will help increase engagement.

Extended Mobile App Features

As you grow, so does the mobile app. You should be able to extend the features essential for the mobile app according to the needs.

#1 Push Notifications

As you grow, you will offer more services, keep upgrading your app or add new details to the mobile app. The push notifications will help you relate the new instances to the user. It will enhance the quality of engagement

#2 Reviews and Ratings

With time, more people will add to the user list, and they will want to know more about the executives working with you. Your delivery partners need to be rated so that the next set of users are aware of their professionalism.

#3 Flexible Work Hours

You can allow the user i.e. the delivery partner to choose their work schedule, and partner with you accordingly. This flexibility will allow them to be with you for a longer while.

#4 Manage the Pricing

As you grow, the competition will grow with you, which is why you should allow the admin app to incorporate strategies that can help manage the changing prices. You should be able to manage surge and discounted prices from within the app.

The Top On-demand Apps

  • Zomato
  • Uber
  • Ola
  • Soothe
  • Handy
  • TaskRabbit
  • Medicast

Cost to Develop On-demand Apps

The cost to develop an on-demand app depends on the following

  • The platform for which the app is to be developed. Whether you are planning an iOS-only app or an app for both platforms
  • The feature list. Do you want to get an off-the-shelf on-demand solution or a highly customized solution for your needs?
  • The integration demands posed by your mobile app also add to the cost of development

How Coruscate can Help?

Coruscate has a good experience in developing on-demand app solutions. Here’s where we can help.

  • You have an on-demand app idea but, you are not sure whether it will work or not. We help validate the idea and help you realize whether it is a marketable app idea or you should make changes
  • We offer end-to-end app services, which include planning, strategizing and testing as well as deployment. We optimize your app for the app stores
  • Our expertise lies in the app development segment, and we also possess industry knowledge, which makes us able enough to handle your app requirements.

Summing Up

On-demand app solutions will allow you to concentrate on the core while taking care of all the possible things you need during the lock down. Even otherwise, on-demand app solutions offer maximum convenience and minimize your issues.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

If you have an on-demand business idea that can cater to the users during the Covid-19 and can help them stay at home in a safer and hassle-free way, then we are here to help you convert the idea into a defined solution.

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