Planning To Develop An App Like Uber For Laundry? The Must-Have Features You Can’t Ignore

A few years back, Uber redefined public transport systems, with the on-demand cab services. You could hail a cab using an application, and know where the driver is at the point in time. You could even watch the movement of the rider. On-demand became the norm of the hour with time, and slowly entered other industries, including food delivery, healthcare, and now laundry.

Cleanly was one of the popular laundry apps that tended to the convenience needs expressed by the end users with the on-demand phrase. The app allowed the users to get clean laundry at the end of the day, without stepping out of their houses or, winking their eyes away from the mobile phone. Cleanly took laundry to another level altogether.

This set the need to make an app like Uber for laundry, and a lot of people began competing in this segment.

We will help you understand how on-demand helps in the laundry segment, and what business model would be beneficial for the app monetization. We will also list out the must-have features for the application here that will help you connect with the audience and increase your customer acquisition.

Benefits of On-Demand Laundry App


Here we will talk about the benefits of a laundry app for both the entrepreneurs as well as the end users, who are the customers of your app.

Laundry is the dirty effort that everyone wants to get rid of. In fact, a lot of people tend to procrastinate when it comes to getting their laundry done. With an on-demand laundry app, you will give them convenience, and comfort. In fact, some of the apps offer choices for the cleaners to be used while doing the laundry, which adds to the value offered to the end user. Eco-friendly laundry services make the consumers happy.

If you are a traditional laundry business, the cost of owning infrastructure and hiring the staff adds to the cost. With on-demand services, you won’t need to invest in a shop where the customers can come and drop off the clothes. You simply need a warehouse and the right experience. You can always scale your existing infrastructure with limited costs and add to the profit box.

The on-demand platform i.e. the mobile app helps you connect with the customers. This means you won’t need to invest in the infrastructure or make any upfront investments for starting the on-demand system.

Reasons for On-Demand Laundry App


The evolving trends in the laundry business have been indicating an on-demand behavior since long. Here we will talk about why you should opt for an on-demand for your laundry business.

Changing needs of the consumer and their evolving nature is one of the important reasons why laundry business went on-demand. Consumers are looking for convenience and comfort, and on-demand is meant for just that. It gives the consumers transparency about the process and also offers quick and easy bookings

With the Uber model, the cab entrepreneurs did not own the fleet, which meant lower risk for them. They just acted as an intermediary and allowed the drivers and the end users to interact. This same model has been aped into the laundry business, allowing entrepreneurs to profit from a zero ownership model. No physical infrastructure or equipment is needed.

Must-Have Features for On-Demand Laundry App


It is important for you to know the features for the on-demand laundry app you are planning for your business.

Login screen: You must allow for easy sign-ups on your app. A simple and effective login screen is must for both the customer-side and laundry-owner side app. You can even allow social sign-up for the app.

Tracking screen: It is important for the users to track through the entire process. It is important for your app to integrate GPS and other navigation technology in order to keep the users updated. The customer will know what is being done from when they pick up the clothes to when it is dropped off. Once they have booked the service, the customer can even track the pickup person’s location and the ETA.

Reminders: It is important that you send alerts and notifications to the users about important things. For instance, you must remind the customers about giving their clothes for laundry or, about the delivery of the washed clothes, so that they are at home or have someone available at home to receive it.

Offers & discounts: This is another important aspect of the on-demand laundry app. You may want to send out information about the offers and discounts you are offering to the customers. They should be provided with information on how to avail the same, as well.

Payment integration: In today’s digital era, it is important to integrate the commonly used payment modes in order to make the payments easy for the end user. Make sure you have integrated the wallets as well.

Business Models You Can Consider


If you are planning on building on-demand laundry app for your business, here are a few business models that can help you.

On-site Business Model


On-site works for the laundry businesses with established infrastructure and a working team. You can have people pick-up the laundry from the customer’s home, and ensure timely delivery. Your app can allow the customers to fix the pick-up time, and the laundry preferences along with it. Bills can be paid easily and you can send notifications about the laundry to the customer via the app. The idea is to use the existing infrastructure and scale it to your needs.

In-store Business Model


Instead of having them do the laundry, you can install kiosks at the Laundromat, and ask the customers to drop their laundry off. The kiosks will be used to specify the number of clothes, their type and laundry preferences if any. In this case, there will be no doorstep pickup and delivery involved. The app will be used for the payment and schedule the delivery.

Marketplace Business Model


This is the model that is used to connect the laundry services with the customers. This is the Uber-like model we were talking about earlier. In this, the entrepreneur does not own a laundry business but, they will create a marketplace where the owners can connect with the customers, and get their laundry done on time. The users can select the laundry based on the price, location and ratings. They can even filter out the laundry based on other specific preferences. The transactions are app-based, which makes it convenient for the end user.



The on-demand laundry industry is becoming highly competitive, and if you want to get featured in the top app list, then you might want to differentiate your app from the existing players.

Coruscate has been delivering on-demand app solutions for a wide range of industries. You can come to discuss your app idea with us or, get a fully-functional app developed for your business. We work on simplifying the solutions for complex problems.


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