On-demand Doctor app: Life savior app to fight Covid-19

On-demand Doctor app: Life savior app to fight Covid-19

We can see that the healthcare industry is a little slow to adopt the latest technologies. But now this notion seems to change after the emergence of on-demand healthcare apps. With an on-demand doctor app one can have a doctor at doorstep anytime and get treated. 

Patients also want quick and convenient healthcare services and seek simpler ways to reach out to healthcare providers for treatment. According to a survey done by the leading IT company, Accenture, a growing number of consumers prefer digital health services.

But any idea becomes successful when it solves the real-life problems of people. The same is true for on-demand healthcare applications. The Covid-19 crisis is working as a driving force for the digital healthcare and telemedicine industry. 

Top On-demand doctor app and its statistics

According to Statista, the global value of the telemedicine market has risen above USD 18 million and is expected to grow more than USD 40 million by 2021. The market size of mobile healthcare apps for android is expected to grow by approximately 21% to 42%.

Some of the top on-demand healthcare startups:

  • Doctor on Demand: The U.S. based, Doctor on Demand application provides an online consultation platform. The startup has recently received $74 million funding and recorded annual revenue of $12 million.
  • Amwell: The app makes doctors, therapists, psychologists, and other healthcare provider’s consultations convenient for the patients. You can also choose the pharmacy of your choice for medicine delivery. The app is funded and supported by the American Well company.
  • 2nd.MD: The company was founded in 2011. If a patient wants a second opinion on a medical condition, The 2nd.MD app can help. It has recently got a $2.29 million investment.

Top On-demand doctor app and its statisticsThe trend of on-demand healthcare does-not seems to fade away soon. With investors having an eye on innovative on-demand healthcare solutions, it’s easier than ever to get funding to turn your ideas into a reality.

In these critical times, several private telemedicine companies and biotech startups are offering on-demand services for people who are worried about COVID-19 symptoms. Some are only available to the existing members of the company while others are free to the public.

How on-demand doctor apps work?

  • Using an app you can set up a home visit of doctor for your comfortable timings. You have to provide information about symptoms, medical history, and insurance information at the time of booking.
  • The doctor or a healthcare worker then shows up at the given address and time and will perform physical assessments based on the symptoms and diagnosis. They will then prescribe medicines or any tests needed.
  • You have to pay a consultation fee to the doctor through the app itself. Usually, an app will show the consultation charges before booking.
  • Some on-demand apps offer a digital report or summary of the service to keep records for future purposes.

Benefits aren’t limited to the on-demand doctors only, these apps can also provide supplementary care services e.g. Blood tests, Virtual assistance for cold or flu, Ear infections, Headaches or fevers, Annual physical exams or Family health assessments, etc.

Important features of on-demand doctor app:

Doctor panel:

  • Login/Logoff
  • Verified bio-data of doctors
  • Schedule of appointments
  • Appointment accept or reject
  • Edit or reschedule appointments
  • Accept payment
  • In-app chat/call/facetime
  • Block patient
  • Feedback
  • Rate user

User panel:

  • Login/Logoff
  • Profile setup
  • Book an appointment
  • Status of  appointment
  • Edit or cancel an appointment
  • Make payment
  • In-app chat/call/facetime
  • Rate doctor

The market for digital health after COVID-19:

Certainly, the virus has caused so much damage in our society and economy, but one thing is for sure is that it does have highlighted flaws in our healthcare system which needed to be fixed soon after the crisis gets controlled.

The doctors and nurses who risked their lives in the crisis will surely demand new ways to treat patients. Similarly, if social distancing becomes a part of life then the general public will also want new technologies that don’t force them to go to crowded hospitals for routine checkups or treatment.

So the telemedicine services and on-demand doctor app have more potential after covid-19. So it is very important to set up a business that stays relevant post-crisis.

Ways to stay in the market even after COVID 19:

  • Developing an app with The Internet of Things (IoT) features is very important.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can also be very useful for doctors to keep records.
  • Big Data Science will help a doctor to access the patient’s historical records on demand.
  • The 5G network will definitely be an essential part of the future healthcare networks as it will provide significantly more bandwidth and better communications quality. 
  • MRG (Mixed Reality Glasses) technology can be helpful for doctors to see a patient remotely and have a physical appointment in the near future.
  • Implantable will definitely help in the near future as after inserted under the skin, it will monitor a patient’s vital signs. With this technology, the patient’s temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, and glucose can be measured on a minute-by-minute basis. 

How Coruscate can help you to build on demand doctor app?

If you have an awesome idea to develop an on-demand doctor app then you can definitely contact us. We have immense experience in developing mobile applications, web applications, AI, and IoT applications. we can help you to take your ideas further. Personalized quotes and app demo is available. You can consult our business experts anytime for free of cost. 

Current Offer: We are offering a TeleHealth Solution with all the essential features for an MVP at an attractive price of USD 10000 and ready-to-use within 15 days only.

Summing up:

The future of our healthcare system is definitely not just about technologies. Making good healthcare accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life is equally important. The coronavirus may be damaging the economy and costing thousands of lives, but this doesn’t mean that we sit back and watch the entire show. As entrepreneurs now have a huge opportunity to create a change and develop a digital healthcare system. Coruscate is here to guide you through business ideas, planning and developing an app and even after that.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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