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10 On-Demand App Ideas for your Startup

Riding the wave of startups, on-demand apps are gaining popularity. Young entrepreneurs are looking to develop applications that solve real world problems. 

Especially after the covid-19 pandemic, people are more reliant on technology to fulfil their requirements. The past few years have created big opportunities for digital businesses.

 On-demand apps connect the users with service providers where they can place orders for different products and services and have it delivered within minutes. 

If you are looking for startup ideas which have great potential to scale and generate profits, here are the top 10 options you can consider. 

On-Demand Laundry Services App


This area is still largely unorganized in India. The service providers are local and people have limited options when it comes to choosing a laundry service. Depending on where you live, you will have to choose between what is available around you. 

With an application, users can; 

  • Determine the time slot they need for pick-up and drop of clothes. 
  • Mention the care they need for their clothing like delicate clothes need special care. 
  • Track the status of their order 
  • Avail quick service when you need clothes to be laundered immediately. 
  • Track expenses and create monthly budgets 

A standardized on-demand app, will solve problems like untimely delivery, damage of clothes, tracking expenses manually, lack of quick services. 

On-Demand Gardening and Lawn Care Services


Another largely unorganized segment of the Indian market. Gardening and lawn care products are widely available but there is no established player in the service industry. On-demand gardening services can be a problem-solver for those who would love to grow their own food and herbs for organic living. Even for balcony garden lovers, who don’t know how to care for each type of plant. Users can book weekly or monthly services for lawn and garden services. 

On-Demand Chefs and Cooks


A niche market, but this startup idea does have potential. People can hire cooks and chefs for special occasions or large gatherings. 

Also helpful for those living alone and having less time to cook. Users can simply book the service through the app and hire specialists for the job.

On-Demand Errand Running App


You can create an application where people can book a service for running their daily errands like picking up groceries, paying bills, dropping off items to someone, filling fuel in cars etc. 

Basically anything users want to do but don’t have time for it. This will solve everyday problems and people will enjoy more time to do things they love or find important. 

On-Demand Beauty Services

A dedicated app for covering all beauty service needs. Hair, makeup, skin services, all available through an app. Users can book online and avail these services at home. A life-saver for those looking for a quick fix before an important meeting or occasion.

On-Demand Professional Organizers


With growing consumerism, people are shopping more than ever. Online availability and easy payments have increased the frequency of impulsive purchases. But with limited space at home, we start stuffing our space. Even for people who shop less, keeping items organized around the home can be a challenge. We misplace important things because of no space planning. 

Solving this issue, on-demand professional organizers can provide the service to us. Having the option to hire specialists through an app can be a game-changer. This startup idea is valuable and can do wonders. 

On-Demand Car Wash Services


Car wash services are needed in all urban and suburban areas. People are looking for convenience when it comes to regular car washes. An on-demand application where users can book a quick car wash either at home or office, is a brilliant startup idea. You can add features where users can:

  • Book a quick wash if they are in a hurry! 
  • Book regular deep-cleaning of the car. 
  • Service some parts, check the fuel, engine oil etc. 

On-Demand Babysitters

Useful for new parents who need some help with their kid, or any parent in general with children of less than 6-7 years of age, on-demand babysitters can solve a lot of problems. Either they are busy with work or need some time off, parents can hire a babysitter easily.  Users can book the service though the app and schedule the day and time. Parents will be assured that the person has valid IDs, has gone through background checks and is experienced with children. 

On-Demand Food Delivery App

Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats, are all successful examples of on-demand food delivery services. You can also create something on similar lines. People can choose from restaurants and order online. If you want to develop such an app, contact Coruscate and get consulted. 

On-Demand Home Cleaning Services


Sanitisation and home-cleaning is a necessity but not everyone has the time or skill for it. The Indian market is largely reliant on local service providers or house-helps. But there are many problems that can be solved with this startup idea.  Especially after covid-19, the demand for home cleaning and sanitisation services has increased. If you focus on quick service and affordability, your business will scale in no time. 

To develop your on-demand application for a startup idea, contact us to get consulted. Coruscate offers years of experience and technical expertise to support your venture.

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