Best new year resolution apps for setting goals and keeping resolutions for 2020

A new year always comes with the excitement, holidays & gifts and the previous year always farewells us with a sigh that this guy has again not achieved any of the resolutions he made last year.  

Almost 80% of us fail to do justice with our new-year resolutions, but if you have made your mind to not repeat the history in the year 2020, we’ve got your back. We have listed out the top new-year resolution apps which you can employ as the helping hand to achieve your new-year resolutions and prove 2020 the best year of your life. To make this learning more rational, we have categorised the apps in below way. 

Best New Year Resolution Apps for 2020  


Following are top new year resolutions and new year resolution apps to achieve each one


Resolution #1: Get in shape 

What does it take to achieve it? 

Set a fitness goal, formulate a workout plan, keep track of training, seek support and eat right. 

How these apps help you to achieve it? 

⇒ Nike Training Club: 

Source: Apple App Store

A free fitness app launched by Nike – Nike Training Club – is the best ally to experience a physical change in surprisingly less time. The app is equipped with all the necessary features required to reach fitness goals. When you open the app for the first time, the app asks you a few questions and based on the answers, it suggests some initial workouts. You can also select the workout plan manually according to your needs. The app has more than 185+ workouts for all levels.  

With the Nike Training Club app, it is very painless to track the progress. In-app purchases increase the number of features and enable you to communicate directly to the Nike Certified trainers. The best part of the Nike Training Club app is different workout plans for home workout and gym workout. 

⇒ Foodvisor  

Source: Apple App Store

Your diet plays a significant role when you are fighting an uphill battle to get in shape. It is a tedious task to calculate the calories of the food you take and maintain a record of it. Foodvisor app decodes these issues with its AI-enabled features. 

The Foodvisor app identifies the food items on a plate and displays the estimates of proportions as well as a comprehensive report of the nutritional value of the meal. Because of this very unique and easy feature, the app has successfully acquired more than 1 million users within a very short time. 

The best feature of the Foodvisor app is that it shows recommendations from the dietitians for the recipes and diet plans to get proper results.

Resolution #2: Learn a new language 


What does it take to achieve it? 

Watch, listen, read and write in your chosen language 

How this app help you to achieve it? 

⇒ Duolingo: 

Source: Apple App Store

If you want to learn a new language in the year 2020, Felicidades! Estamos muy orgullosos de ti! 

Duolingo is the best free app to learn new languages in the easiest way. Through the app, you can learn many languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Greek and many more. 

Different exercises and gamification make it really easy to get an understanding of the lessons rapidly. Organized learning, progress tracking with ‘tree’, unlocking stages like a game are some other groundbreaking features of the Duolingo app. 

The developers of the Duolingo app has integrated the app modules for reading, writing, listening and writing which four are the fundamental requirements one needs to meet to successfully learn a new language.   

Resolution #3: Save more money 

What does it take to achieve it? 

Make saving automatic!  

How this app helps you to achieve it? 

⇒ Qapital: 

Source: Apple App Store

Qapital is the revolutionary app which you can use to set the amount you want to save in 3 months or 6 months and stick to your set goal. It basically links your saving account and uses IFTTT (If this then that) rules to save money for you. The app is working on many pre-installed rules. However, you can set your own rules too. 

One of the most useful rules is the round-up rule which saves money to the nearest $1, $2, $3, $4, or $5. For example, if you set $2 and spend $4.2 at the Starbucks, the app rounds the expense up to $6 and save $1.80 for you in Qapital saving account. 

Resolution #4: Quit smoking 


What does it take to achieve it? 

Remind yourself what you are losing because of your smoking habit! 

How this app helps you to achieve it? 

⇒ QuitNow: 

Source: Apple App Store

This is one of the hardest yet very purposeful resolutions to achieve in 2020. If you have tried previously many times to quit this deadly habit, try one more time. But this time, let the app do wonder for you! 

QuitNow app can make your difficult task easier. It is basically a motivation app which keeps you motivated to stop smoking by actively reminding your resolution. It serves up a variety of reasons to keep you on the same track. It shows date and time last time you smoke, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked and how much money you have saved. The best feature of the QuitNow app is that it shows how your health is improving as you are getting closure to your goal. 

Resolution #5: Be responsible to the environment 

What does it take to achieve it? 

Opt for electric vehicles 

How does this app help you to achieve it? 

⇒ Bird: 

Source: Apple App Store

Due to global warming and climate change, the human race is in danger. If being responsible for the environment is one of your resolutions for the year 2020, all people living on this planet earth should be thankful to you!

Needless to say that cars are the major source of greenhouse gases which are very harmful to our environment. But recently, the wave of the e-scooters which are environmental-friendly has hit many countries. 

Bird is the most successful and funded micro-mobility company which enjoys the presence in all major cities of the USA and Europe. From its app, you can locate the e-scooter, unlock it and contribute for the better tomorrow. It just requires $1 to unlock e-scooter and 20-30 cents per minute of the ride. 

If Bird is not available in your city, you can search for some other micro-mobility startups and e-scooter apps. In 2020, amid climate emergency and protest, e-scooter and e-scooter app are estimated to lead the chart of trending technologies and business ideas. 

In the nutshell: 

The number of people who fail to achieve their resolutions is surprising. Though not achieving resolutions does not affect you and your surrounding overnight, it will surely make you regret once in a life. Thanks to advanced iOS app development and Android app development technologies, few entrepreneurs have made many groundbreaking apps accessible to people. Using these apps, you can seamlessly stick to the goal, track the progress and achieve it one day. The precisely-designed and developed apps will make your 2020 journey towards your goals so memorable that even after achieving resolutions when there will be no requirement of the app, you won’t uninstall it!     


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