Top 5 Chat Features You Should Not Miss In Your Custom Chat App

Top 5 Chat Features You Should Not Miss In Your Custom Chat App

In this era of communication, Chat Apps have made communication easier by sending and receiving real-time messages. Today, these chat apps are becoming important  for communication and now they are becoming an integral part of our lives especially due to the pandemic.

The global live chat software market is expected to reach $1.7 billion by 2030, rising at a CAGR rate of 8.8% between 2021 to 2030. The messaging apps have been responsible for about 2% of the $3 billion in revenue generated by the entire mobile messaging market. (Source)

There are many articles about what are the must have features in your application and having had the experience of 6+ years in custom app development, here’s what we think is best for your chat application. 

Must have Features in Your Chat App

Must have Features in Your Chat App

1. In-chat Pay

This is one of the chat app features where the user can do payment exchanges without leaving the chat window. It will allow users to integrate with top payment gateways to send or receive money just like they are sharing contacts or multimedia. 

2. Encryption

Nowadays, users are preferring End-to-End Encryption for communication particularly when private messaging is concerned.  People demand their data be concealed from strangers and the application company. 

E2EE provides protection against a third party break-in. Encryption is an extremely high-end and reliable security system, which prevents all types of data leaks from third parties. This is a fundamental feature, which you should consider while developing a custom chat app.

3. Supportive Multimedia

A multimedia feature allows users to experience more interactive and real-time fun communication using GIFs, images, and emojis, to express their emotions. Also, this feature lets users share different file formats like audio and video apart from graphics.

4. Group Video Calling

A Group video calling feature would be like a cherry on the top for your chat app. This feature allows users to have face-to-face interaction instantly with their family, friends and community irrespective of their location! This feature would be a great addition to the app. 

5. Push Notifications

The push notifications feature enables users to check the updates for new messages. So, it is a must-have feature for direct communication with alerts. It also notifies users about a new contact, someone’s online status, etc.

You can always take inspiration from Google! Yes! Wonder how? Google provides a chat app named, Chat. Look at the features of Google Chat so you can draw some inspiration for building a custom chat app for your business.

Additional features

• LogIn: To let users authorize their log-ins, you need to provide a third-party API to keep everything safe and secure. 

• VoIP/SIP calling: With the help of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you’ll be able to provide seamless Voice calling and video calls

• WebSockets technology: For communicating between servers and the mobile app, WebSockets technology will be used to send and secure data sent via messages. Other data can be stored in a variety of databases.

• Chatbots: Chatbots for business professionals so that they can communicate and collaborate with people via automated text messaging. 

• Location tracking and sharing: It will let users quickly share their location with friends/family to easily track and reach them.

• Bonus Reading: You can provide value-added features like secret chats, self-destructing timers, temporary messages, and many such.

• Cloud storage and Backup: Integration of cloud storage services will help the app to save and store all the data. Cloud Integration is a great solution for those who are accessing their data from multiple devices.

• Dark and Light Modes: The UI of your application is very important. You should add this popular feature of customizing the light and dark modes of your app.

There are many custom chat app providers in the market but not everyone will connect to your business vision. Every business requires an ideal strategy. By understanding the key business idea and your targeted audience; you can create more opportunities for making your application a hit. 

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