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The electric scooter startups like Bird, Lime, VOI, GOAT and many more are thriving all over the world and making profits too. The current scenario of e-scooter markets makes operating an electric scooter rental business has become a good opportunity to invest.

Earning money in 2020 with e-scooters is made easy with our e-scooter rental white label solution -Rohak. Let’s check out the blueprint to start your e-scooter rental business step-by-step. 

Start e-scooter sharing business with our micro-mobility solution – A step-by-step guide


⇒ Research and regulations in the area where you wish to start your business


The first thing that is needed when it comes to starting your e-scooter business is market research in the city where you are starting it. You need to carefully understand the laws of every city related to e-scooters as that is essential to get you a city permit. Every city has its own laws and regulations. 

Our research team has collected data and has done in-depth market research for most of the cities across the world where the e-scooters are thriving. We have also maintained a detailed report for the various laws enacted in each city across the globe and we can help you to get the permit by getting in touch with the city officials. 

For example, an electric scooter is not allowed to be parked in the pedestrian area in the UK and in France, the max speed of e-scooters is allowed under 25km/h when driving it on the cycle lane.  

Therefore, before you jump into raising funds, get informed about these important things in your target city.

⇒ Hardware


This is no rocket science to say that your e-scooter business requires an e-scooter fleet. But you need to understand that choosing the right hardware is as important as choosing software. 

There are many e-scooter rental companies that have turned out to be unsuccessful as they were just concentrated on the business models and suffered financial crises as they didn’t bother to select nice, comfortable and safe e-scooters. These companies had to even lose their licenses as the governments were concerned over the qualities of e-scooter and the safety of riders.

Choosing us as your technology partner can help you to choose the best manufacturers to get a sturdy fleet of e-scooters. We have tied up with some of the e-scooter fleets manufacturers and thus we can help you save money and still get the strong and safe hardware. Not just that, we can establish the connection between your software and hardware using IoT technology. 

⇒ Tech-stack (Software)


We promise to deliver an amazing white-label mobile app for your users along with a back-office software for fleet control, fare control, and payment control. Our white-label solution is revolutionary software for you to earn high revenue and get started as early as you can!

Our tech-stack for white label solution of the e-scooter app development includes:

Backend – Node.Js

Frontend – React.Js

Database – MongoDB

Android App – Kotlin

iOS – Swift


The fundamental of your e-scooter business is your app. If you wish to make yourself accessible to your users, the app is the only easiest way to let your users ride the e-scooters freely. With the white label solution- Rohak, you get the following features: 

  • Real-time alert

This is an essential feature for the safety of the riders. The feature notifies the riders before approaching any school, park or market through the Geo-fencing technology. It also helps to track the live location of the vehicle. 

  • GPS-based speed control

To make sure your riders don’t break the laws, the e-scooters can be controlled through the built-in IoT controller or the mobile app. We make it easier for you through Rohak. 

  • Photo of last known location

This feature makes sure that the riders park the e-scooters at the proper allocated location without creating chaos in the cities.

  • Show CO2 saving in the app

The people are opting e-scooters ultimately to save the environment in their own way. So, we can appreciate their efforts by showing the saved emission of carbon-dioxide because of their ride. 



After reading reports about the head injuries and other accidents that even resulted in deaths sometimes, we feel that the e-scooter riders are exposed to liability and are not insured for the damages they may cause. 

The rider might have their own personal health insurance but what if they hit and injure a pedestrian? The rider can be held responsible but the insurance policy will not cover those costs. 

The e-scooter rental companies like Bird and Lime are seen placing the responsibility for accidents on riders by registering in their rental agreements that riders release the companies of liability.

Bird has its riders fully insured for anything that might arise as a result of a faulty Bird scooter. In the insurance policy of Lime, they offer a minimum of $1 million in liability coverage for each covered claim. 

While you opt for Rohak, we can assist you with a proper insurance policy that you can offer your riders. 

⇒ Fundraising


From the time when e-scooter startups came into the picture, the most important thing that they were concerned about was fundraising. Well, many investors take a deep interest in these e-scooter startups and startups like Bird and Lime have seen an increasing generation of funds with their steady success. These e-scooters have raised a lot of funds from venture capital funding and seed rounds. 

Recently, Bird has been valued at $2.5 billion in its new funding round led by CDPQ and Sequoia Capital. The company has raised $275 million in its Series D round. Bird claims it is proof of the effort to improve its unit economics.

Another company from Sweden, VOI has managed to raise $85 million from the investment group Vostok New Ventures. The company has existing investors named Balderton Capital, Creandum and Raine Ventures.

A newly expanding scooter-sharing startup Bounce has raised $72 million in a Series C financing round led by B Capital Group and Falcon Edge Capital. This takes their valuation to cross $220 million. The company aims to use the capital to expand and strengthen its technology.

We can help you to prepare the presentation for your investors and raise funds with our white label solution for micro-mobility- Rohak!

Know Rohak in detail:


Rohak is a platform that is a combination of the latest technology and amazing features. We are sure that our white label solution can fulfil each requirement for your business and help your business to jump quickly to the next level. 

If you are interested to know the cost and stepwise development process, visit our e-scooter app development page.  

You can also connect with us to ask for a demo and to discuss your business requirements and get the customized e-scooter mobile app via ROHAK.



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