How to Develop a Car Rental App Like Turo for Your Car Rental Service?

Airbnb was a revolutionary concept for booking accommodation. How would you feel if the concept was reiterated when devising a solution for the car rental industry? The peer-to-peer renting system came into existence with the launch of Turo, a car rental marketplace. The company allows anyone with a 2008 or newer car model to list their vehicles on the marketplace. The company has spread its operations across U.S., Canada and the UK. The guests can choose from over 850 unique models and decide to drive a car that benefits their needs.

How Does Car Rental App Turo Work?


  •  You need to choose the vehicle that helps you complete the trip. It can be one of the many makes and models available in the marketplace.
  • You can book the car for hire from the host directly. This saves the money that you normally spend on a mediator, and also helps you get added benefits of working with a mediator.
  • The car is delivered at your doorstep.

The turo app not only benefits the users but also the owners of the vehicles. The owners can earn from the vehicle when it is not in use.

When you are developing a car rental app then these are the features that you need to consider.

Mandatory Features for Your Car Rental App Development


Check Availability:

The app should feature only the available cars in the marketplace. So, when a person is checking for cars currently available for the ride, then they should get a list of all the cars that they can rent immediately or would be available for the days they are planning. This feature would help the users know which cars are available and which ones are not.

Booking the Car:

This should be made easy too. For instance, when you want to book a car for the distance travel you are planning, the procedure should be plain and simple. Just like hailing a cab, you should enter your basic details, such as pickup, the number of hours you need the car for, and the travel destination. The available cars should be listed, and you should simply click on book now to complete the booking. This instant booking feature will make it easy and user-friendly.

Real-time Tracking:

You should be able to track the car and where it is located at a time with the help of the app. This would help you know the total time the car will take to reach your location, and how long before you start your journey. The real-time map view will help you keep an eye on the car and it’s movements. You will know where the car is traveling, and whether or not it is on the right track.

Scheduling the Ride:

In case you don’t want to rent the car immediately but, want to schedule the ride, then you should be able to do it with the app. The app should allow the users to select the date and time when they want to complete the ride. This will help them book in advance, and make sure that they have a ride for the future. There are times when you plan your journey but, due to unavailability of the car, you don’t complete the trip. Scheduling the ride will prevent you from facing these circumstances.

Easy Payments:

You should introduce multiple payment possibilities to the mobile app for the car rental service. The multiple payment gateways should facilitate easy and active payments. The payment received notification should be sent to both the parties involved, so that they can easily track the amount. There should be a complete history available for the payments sent and received, and the total earnings. This will help both the user and the car provider.

Vehicle Condition:

In case of the car rental service, it is important for the user to know everything there is about the car that they are planning to hire. For this purpose alone, the car provider should list out the condition of the car in detail and should be able to give out a synopsis of how the car behaves and what extra care the user needs to take when hiring the car.

Unlocking the Car:

In some cases, you don’t have people who can drive the car to your residence. At such times, you should be able to unlock the car of your own. That’s why you need the advanced technology incorporated in your phone that will allow you to unlock the car from its position. The wireless technology will act as a key, and you can easily get access to the car.

Map Points:

The car rental system should offer map points to the nearest and accessible gas stations and other places that you need to take your car to when on a trip. This will help you identify the main areas without help.

Key Points to Building Mobile App for the Car Rental Service


An Airbnb for the car rental place requires complete planning and identification of the most important elements. Here we will take you through the things you need to plan for before you begin developing the mobile app for the car rental business.

1. Identify the Pain Areas: You should begin with a thorough survey of the pain points faced by the users in the rental cars segment. You need to understand what they go through and the gaps that exist in this system. This will help you identify the solution that your business can provide, and how you can nurture the car rental business further.

Turo identified that there were cars that lay idle in the garage and could be used to provide incentives to the owners. They created a marketplace allowing the owners to list their cars for rent, and allow people to hire them.

2. Take a Unique Approach: When you are offering a solution to the problem, make sure you take a unique approach, instead of diving into the same process. The safety precautions as well as the considerations for your solution will be totally different and you will need to consider that before you start working on it. What should be the focus of your problem? The approach to your solution will depend on the answer to this question.

3. Development Process: Once the approach is defined and the solution identified, you need to work on the process. It is the process that will take up your most time but, once identified it will help you accelerate the process and reduce your time to market the solution.

Final Thought:

The car rental business is soon picking up, and you need to assume the responsibility of providing a good solution for the problems identified in the market. There are many features that need to be included in order to make the solution compliant for the user.

If you are looking for an apt mobile app development solution to your idea, connect with us. We will deliver you the ideal solution, without compromising on the quality or the deadline. You can email or call us and the coruscate team will get back at the earliest.

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