Make a free table booking application like Dineout, OpenTable, Nowait, and change the restaurant industry

Bitter recipe of people’s busy life – A story!   

George was coming back home from work after a busy Friday. He suddenly remembered that it was his 2nd year anniversary with his wife and he hadn’t done anything special for his wife. Immediately, his mind started thinking available options he had to make the evening of his anniversary special.

He thought to buy a good gift for her, and to do so, he started hunting a good shop of branded bags for his wife but at this time of the evening, all shops were closed. He got disappointed. But later, his mind found one more option which was taking his wife to a romantic five-star restaurant.

He entered his house with a big smile on his face and told his wife to get ready for the ultimate romantic candlelight dinner. George and his wife reached the restaurant and got stunned to see a big queue out there. Due to the weekend, all the tables at the restaurant were occupied. George felt sad. He and his wife came back home with loser-like feeling and got sleep.

Imagine, how could George have avoided that situation? He would have booked a table of the restaurant through one of the online restaurant table reservation app and they could have taken one of the most memorable dinners of their life.

Possibilities market holds for online restaurant table booking application like Dineout, OpenTable and NoWait.

In order to get an excellent opening for any business, the first and most important thing is to choose in which industry you are jumping in.  , Not all the business idea is becoming a successor of the industry as the needs of users and markets are changing at every second. Thus, before jumping in the restaurant industry, you have to take a look at the possibilities market holds for such kind of online table booking application.

» Fewer Competitors, more business:       

If you ask any business person about the nightmare of his business, his answer would be competitors. Keeping alive in the ware zone of competitors, companies have to invest a lot. But there is one industry which is just spreading its legs into the market. Online table booking app for the restaurant is new sensation Internet is feeling. If we talk about India, there is only one popular table reservation app is there for the people to reserve tables. The reasons if you ask me for less public interest in this new trend, my answers would be the market itself. This is a kind of new idea in the Indian market, for both customer and restaurant owners. Additionally, very few know about this kind of business model.

» Everyday business

Restaurant and food industry is the business which targets the survival need of the people. With the increasing wages of the people and influencing technology, people tend to live a good lifestyle. Unlike earlier days, people visit the restaurant regularly, not only on a special occasion. Because of this new way of living lives, it is very obvious that the restaurant is attracting more customer than ever.

According to statista, annual revenue from food and drink in the United state is more than 600 billion U.S dollar. Even in a developing country like India, revenue generated from food Industry is 1.3 billion dollars and growing at about 10% annually. So by keeping technology in the hand, jumping in the industry which satisfy the prime need of the user, one can establish a million dollar company.

» Untouched Industry

Restaurants or food is the industry which is still maintaining a safer distance from technology engagement. Unlike other Industry, like, grocery, clothes, restaurant industry is still relevantly new in term of producing revenue through online public interest. (Online food delivery app become quite popular only recently). So by smelling the needs of foodie people want in the food industry, you can be the best chef of their life!

How online table reservation app like Dineout works?

In an online table reservation app, there are mainly three roles along with the user interface, are distributed in the application. One is for customers, second is for restaurant and the third one is for the admin who is there just to manage the app.  

How online table reservation app like Dineout works?


How money circulates in online table reservation app business, what is the business model you can follow?


» Unclogged cash flow:

As a platform provides, your company doesn’t have to charge anything while the restaurant owner lists his restaurant on the app. But the restaurant has to pay you when it gets any booking through the app. But again there is a trick here. The restaurant has to pay based on the customer, not the tables. So, if there is one table has been booked by a customer for 5 people, then the restaurant has to pay you for five-time, not for one time. Now imagine, with this business model, how great amount of revenue you can generate for your company.

» Advertising

Advertising is a very common way to maximize revenue. By allowing other businesses to add their relevant product on your application, in the form of ads, you will get paid a great amount of money.

» Premier services

Dineout has introduced Dineout plus app which is exclusively for 5 five restaurants. So if a customer wants to book a table of 5-star hotels, the customer has to pay to get access. Like dineout, you can also boost the money flow in your organization by introducing premier services in your app.

Why Restaurants choose online table reservation app?

Of course, one can argue that why a restaurant should have to list itself on the app and pay for a reservation where the restaurant is already getting a reservation through calls, a restaurant is already getting their regular customers, the restaurant is already happy with the traditional cash payment method? Answers of those questions are following.

1. The restaurant will get exposure on the internet and it can become part of an online database

In this era of the Internet, there is a simple rule of every business which is to be available online. If a person keeps his business away from the internet, then the death is near. Restaurant business also needs cuddles from the internet to reach near as many as new people and restaurant owners know this mantra. Listing their restaurants on a reservation application can promote the restaurants to a great extent.  

Data is the major asset of this century. To become a known player of the industry, one should have to be somewhere in the specific online database. By listing the restaurant on the table reservation app, the restaurant will have its own place in a large database. This secured place in a database will help the restaurant to be more visible online and in Google search.

2. Thanks to API, restaurants can integrate their own app with your online table booking app    

Application Programming Interface (API) is there in online table reservation app to make the restaurant’s own application more user-friendly and more features packed. Because of API, restaurant’s own app can enjoy features which are exclusively available in our online table reservation app, like, table booking, food delivery, and payment.

3. Authentic reviews

If a restaurant is listed on the online table reservation app, then only those customers can give reviews of the food and the ambience of the restaurant, who actually visited the restaurant. This is how a restaurant can keep a distance from fake reviews.

4. Because of the web-based approach, managing a restaurant comes on a fingertip

Unlike the software approach, staff don’t have to run to reach near a computer in order to update the status of the reservation, delivery etc. With the help of the web-based approach, staff can see and update all major operations and current status of that operations through their mobiles.

Why customers choose an online table reservation app to book a table?

Any piece of technology or innovation is called successful only if it helps people to save money and time. In the case of online table booking app, this thing is justified, and because of these benefits users will automatically attract. People get rid of standing outside of the busy restaurant with the hope that their turn will shortly come and they will be blessed with a hot delicious dinner. Also, people will get a lot of offers available on the application if they make a booking of their favourite restaurant through online table booking app.

Final words

After studying this blog, it is the totally recognizable fact that it is safe to play in the business of online restaurant table booking app as it does have fewer competitors and more possibilities. If you have a vision like dineout app owner has, your company will undoubtedly become the blessing for the people who don’t want to waste time and money. So by saving people’s money, you can earn money!  

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