Location-based Virtual Reality Games & Apps, Increased Demand in New York, Los Angeles, USA

The buzz around location-based Virtual Reality started with the small piece of news that announced the unveiling of the very first location-based gaming by Survios, based out of California. A lot of gaming companies in and around Dubai, New York, Seoul and Tokyo have been experimenting with this segment and have been successful too. Survios new launch is in lines with these virtual gaming centers. Los Angeles based Two Bit Circus as well as Lindon’s The Void have launched their site specific gaming experiences, in toe with Survios.

What is location-based gaming, and why is it getting all the hype?


As can be realized from the name, the game evolves specific to the location of the player. It is an immersive world, and the players can move locations in the virtual world, with points or other rules mentioned in the gaming environment.

If you have read “Ready Player One” or, even watched the movie, you would understand this concept quickly. The protagonist not only plays the game in the virtual environment but also manages to move around places in the virtual world. The game he was playing evolved with the location and the points and other considerations within the ecosystem. That sums up the location-based gaming for you.

If you have followed the news about Survios and the others to the letter t, you would know that USA based Virtual Reality Companies like Two Bit Circus is planning to include Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping and other technologies and techniques to create the immersive environment for entertainment.

Why do we need places like Survios?


Entertainment needs to be more immersive, and with the world slowly growing nearer to virtual, it is important to create an immersive culture in the virtual ecosystem.

Apart from that, the VR headsets cost a dime, and then there is the gaming consoles that tend to empty your pockets.

With places like Survios, which is a gaming arcade, you can immerse in the gaming world, without actually owning it.

It is like the OASIS from the book we talked about earlier. It will connect you with the world, give you an immersive environment, and make gaming seem real and connected.


You get to play with others in your network; they can be people who live in your vicinity or, people who are located far away from you.

Two Bit Circus raised $15Mn from investors. So, what is so cool and real about Virtual Reality? Is it time to be obsessed with it?

Virtual Reality is no longer something you see in the movies. The times have marched ahead of Iron Man and what he did to technology with Jarvis. You no longer play with people in your neighbourhood or, people in your network. The world is a platform, and you play with various avatars. Yes, VR has definitely taken gaming to the next big level, which you had, till now, read about in the Sci Fi books or watched in the movies.

The Virtual Reality gaming industry has earned around $286.7Mn in 2017 alone and it will become a $2.3Bn industry by 2020.

So, what is so nice about VR gaming? The interaction could be the first thing that brings you close to VR gaming. Secondly, there is a whole lot of gaming and reality involved in the platform. As mentioned earlier, you are playing against real people, which means it is more real than you thought of it. There is a wide variety in the games, and the way the players can play it.

With VR arcades becoming the next big thing, VR is definitely going to be the coolest thing to do for young gamers (Gaming Guruji Blog or Gaming Guruji.
The answer to the question: where were you last night, could possibly be, immersive gaming at the arcade. Reminds you of Stranger Things?

Beyond VR Gaming


Virtual Reality is so much more than just gaming technology. The future of Virtual Reality is beyond gaming and includes a wide range of industries.

NewYork Times has its own VR app which allows people to immerse into the news, and become a part of that world. It combines audio and visual technology and reports stories in real-time. The other app that has been developed using the VR technology is the Go-Pro app. This is the channel for the Go-Pro cameras to create the 360-degree and VR videos that the businesses want to showcase the users.

The app allows businesses to create immersive experiences with ease.

VR apps have been created for the museums as well as for other industries to give a immersive experience to the viewers.

What is the cost of developing VR game app?


The cost of development is entirely dependent on the idea and the expanse of the product. You will need to specify your requirements, how you wish to engage, your goal and even your target audience.

The VR team at Coruscate will then work on the timeline, the overall app features and the phases for development. Depending on this, the VR game app quotation is devised. We deliver a ball park quote after discussing the idea thoroughly with you.We believe in thoroughness and maintaining the integrity of quality and completion. If you want to discuss a bit more about VR gaming app or Virtual Reality ecosystem, or plan on getting a VR app developed for your business, connect with us.

Our team would be more than happy to get started on making VR a reality for you.

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