Multi-service taxi app development is the future of taxi business

Why developing a multi-service app like LINEMan or LINEMAN Clone can be a good choice for investors?

Doing online business in the 21st century is all about expanding business services while not spending on resource expansion. Many entrepreneurs have posited it, whereas many entrepreneurs are still figuring out ways to expand the business without acquiring additional resources.

The booming demand of Online-to-Offline (O2O) commerce has boosted the growth of Line Man. Line Man has around 500,000 users and Line Thailand intends to double the growth of users in the coming future.

According to the managing director of Line Thailand, Ariya Banomyong, over 44 million Thais or about 70% of the total population use smartphones. And there are many industries that try to join the inclination of these users by opting for online platforms. However, most of the retail and restaurant industries are still working in the offline world.

Talking specifically about the taxi booking app business, Uber has always been ruling the market. But with the advent of a few new taxi booking apps which are providing multiple services, people started preferring it over Uber. In many countries, these companies are earning well. In fact, they have dominated a few highly intensified markets as they have brought convenience to the people. People can now utilize all distinct services like taxi booking, parcel delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery and the messenger from the single app.
One of such apps is Thailand-based LINE Man which is experiencing 300% of the growth with its next-level of resource optimization. Line, which is a popular messaging service launched a door to door delivery app in 2016.

Line Man currently operates in Bangkok and it has been expanding to Thailand.
LINE Man has partnered with two startups for its Bangkok launch of the food delivery. The partners are Thailand’s top restaurant review app Wongnai which provides the food listings for over 10,000 restaurants and street food vendors all over the bustling capital.
The deliveries are a joint venture of Line and Lalamove, a logistic company, whose motorcycles are used to make deliveries around the city. The app enables users to order food deliveries from local convenience stores and parcels. The app has been attracting more than 1.5 million users per month.
Line Man app also caters to the ride-hailing services in Bangkok city. They have seen extensive growth. Line is looking to grow its services in other regions as well in this year.

How LINE Man is different from other Multi-service apps? (Updated on 22nd July 2019)

LINE Man wishes to be the best on-demand delivery service for Thai customers. They are expanding partnerships and are developing features and experiences by considering customer insights more deeply in order to achieve their aim.
LINE Man has brought convenience to Thailand. It is a proud app having the largest network of partners than any of its competitors in those areas. They boast of 3 million users using at least one of their services each day. This makes LINE Man app an object of interest for the visionary investors.

LINE Man is helping out the Thai people to elevate the standard of street food, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and at the same time has created new business prospects for many partners in various categories. They have introduced a new dimension of doing business and have created many job opportunities for the local people.
LINE Man is moving in a direction to maximize the partnership network as they want to cover more industries in order to meet all aspects of customers’ needs. The app is a very strong platform with a user base. The easy to use the app and it is accessible to most of the users with its all-inclusive ecosystem. This includes the entire ordering, delivery and payment process from start to finish.

If you want to develop a taxi app that is equipped with multiple services but not sure how you can kick off business, you have come to the right place.

In this blog, you will get to know,

  • Advantages and market scope of developing a multi-service taxi app
  • About LINE Man, it’s services and growth
  • Features you should ask taxi app development company to integrate into your multi-service taxi app and things you should consider while developing such app.
  • How much does it cost to develop a taxi app?


Advantages and market scope of developing a multi-service delivery app

Integrating multiple services in a single taxi app is the most profitable business model. Many business owners who were struggling to generate revenue in six-digit are now easily hitting the jackpot every day by adopting a multi-service taxi app business approach.
According to Forbes, Uber’s ride-sharing business is continuously bleeding cash, but thanks to it’s Uber Eats food delivery service, they are still holding the throne of a billion dollar company. Teams of Uber are using their food deli very service not only as a revenue stream, but they are using it to market their other services.

Another multiple service providing company is Go-Jek, which is offering more than 20 services from the single app. They have successfully acquired 6600X of total order volume growth in the last 3 years with their 2 million plus drivers and 20-25 monthly users. 
The LINE app basically can provide businesses all services and solutions. These services and solutions can easily scale up and run efficiently at the same time providing a friendly customer experience.

The people of Thailand are already familiar with many of the services that LINE Man offers. And they are more likely to prefer LINE services that exist within the eco-system. LINE Man considers simplifying user’s lives as their mission and they tried their best to solve the user’s problems by meeting many of their concerns in one place. The service deserves to be the one with very high potential and it could benefit the investors if they go for developing such an app.

GoJek App : Be the next “Unicorn” by developing app integrates multiple services under one platform


Following are a few more advantages of developing LINEMan clone taxi app that offers multiple services.

Cost to develop a multi-service taxi app is very less than developing separate mobile apps for each service. We, at Coruscate, charge as minimum as $10k for a multi-service taxi app with all important features.

Having multiple services in an app means, you can generate revenue from more than one revenue stream.

You can offer multiple services with the already acquired resources. For example, if you are already operating taxi booking app business with the fleet of 1000 cars, to start food delivery business, you don’t need to acquire whole new resources, all you need to do is increase the quantity of already acquired resources.

► Insight into LINE Man

LINE Man is the Thailand-based taxi booking app which is providing multiple services like ridesharing, food delivery, grocery delivery, parcel delivery and messenger in Bangkok and nearby suburbs.

LINE Man was founded in March 2017 with the ambition to understand the pain points of locals and enable LINE Man services to solve their day-to-day struggle. In one of his interviews, Managing Director of LINE Man Mr. Ariya said that the service is still new but they are growing faster than what they have expected. According to the recent article about LINE Man on a leading site, Tech crunch, LINE Man is experiencing 300% of growth and they have already acquired 3 million users who regularly use at least one service from the app.

LINE Man wants to be the best on-demand delivery service for the Thai customers and for that, they are actively holding meetings with potential partners. But they only want to tie up with small and medium-sized enterprises as they want to introduce a new way of doing business and to create jobs for locals to scale up the national economy.

» Services of LINE Man

LINE Man is the multi-service platform, providing major 4 services. However, they are working hard to bring more services to their platform.

» LINE Food Delivery

A list of all top restaurants has been documented in the LINE app. Users can explore the list, place an order and pay for the order from the app itself.

» LINE taxi

LINE’s taxi service enables users to book the cab seamlessly. Here it is worth to mention that, LINE’s taxi service is fully licensed and government approved service.

» LINE Parcel

LINE parcel is yet another on-demand service of the LINE Man. It lets users book the delivery guy for any last minute need.

» LINE Grocery

Users can even order the grocery from the nearest supermarket or listed store.

app demo


Things to consider while developing LINEMan clone app or App like Line Man a taxi app that provides multiple services.

One of the reasons why LINE Man has acquired 3 million users within 500 days is its robust mobile app. The app which is LINE Man is offering is the best example of how a taxi app of multiple services should look like and act like.

lineman clone app

Following are the few features which we have listed out after analyzing LINE Man app and other multi-service apps. We have also shared a few words with our skilled developers who have already developed several taxi apps to know the app modules where the probability to make blunders is high.

► User Profile

It is always a nice idea to have all the important details of users with the admin. But at the same time, don’t ask users to add many details as it may irritate the users some time.

► Home Screen

It matters how you welcome the users. If users find trouble to satisfy their goal behind your mobile app installation, they will straightaway uninstall your app and install some other app. So, don’t keep the design of the home screen like a child’s play. Instead, spend some time to understand customers’ behaviour, their preferences, and your supply mass and then present an easy-breezy mobile app home screen.

We, at Coruscate, integrate a few groundbreaking features into the back end of the app to understand the behaviour of users which we later use to present a personalized home screen. This technique takes customer satisfaction to the next level.

► Payment

Payment is one of the most fundamental modules of the app. Even a 0.1% of errors in the payment module can cause you to lose hundreds of dollars in a single day. Following graph clearly depicts that how in a poorly developed payment module, with the increasing number of transactions, the outage cost is also increasing. Thus, we encourage you to hire a clever taxi app development company which knows the ways to develop an error-free payment module. Moreover, discuss with them about the payment processor and payment gateway.

► Map and ETA

Keep your users updated with every action is the finest way of customer satisfaction and an ability to track delivery driver or taxi driver is that ‘finest way’ we are talking about. Your app should have a feature which shows the live location of delivery drivers and taxi drivers as soon as they start the journey. With the location, show the ETA of drivers too as it will be cherry on the cake!

► Admin panel

An admin panel is the control center of your online business. So, make it as feature-packed as possible. A heat map which exhibits the degree of demand and supply is one of the features which help you to grow your business. Additionally, your admin panel should be armed with some BI tools that analyze the big data and give you a brief business report.

Coruscate Solutions has hired dedicated BI engineers who develop some future-ready BI tools. They will also guide you to get everything out of what you will get in the admin panel.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi app like LINE Man?

Coruscate is the top taxi app development company which has entertained several taxi app development related queries. We accommodate 100+ trained designers and developers who can develop both, single-purpose taxi app and multi-service taxi app. We never mess up payment module as we have already earned the expertise to develop payment module from our previous projects.

With our rapid app development technique, we can develop a taxi app within 45 to 55 business days and under $10k. However, customisation can increase these numbers. To know more about the features and ask for free consultation and demo of the taxi app, visit our taxi app development page.

taxi booking app demo

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