Actualize an unhackable IoT environment for an e-scooter app with these 8 IoT security measures

IoT device security is a growing concern.  Everything from refrigerators to door cam, smart TV, car key, smart car, e-scooters which are connected and collecting many sensitive user data are vulnerable to a data breach, or even worse, vulnerable to device penetration.  You can only imagine the consequences if some evil firm or individual gets access to the backend of the smart cars or door cam or any other IoT devices’ IoT environment!

In the last few years,  thanks to government regulations, advanced technology and individual efforts, the internet has got many layers of security. However, anything connected to the internet is still having many loopholes which work as the ‘door of the heaven’ for hackers. Many companies are being the victim of IoT security breach which costs them millions of dollars. And almost 96% of security experts are anticipating to double similar cases in 2020.

Thus, IoT device security becomes very fundamental requirements for IoT device manufacturers and businesses such as e-scooter rental business and automatic smart taxi businesses which are having IoT devices in the heart of the business model.

IoT security challenges 

After aggressively studying the recent IoT security breach cases, security experts have made themselves and IoT device manufacturers aware of the challenges which prevent securing of IoT devices and ensuring end-to-end security in an IoT environment.

Because the idea of a connected device is relatively new, IoT device manufacturers and IoT app development companies generally give cold shoulder to IoT device security measures. Additionally, since IoT is the growing market, manufacturers and other companies are more interested to get their IoT devices in the market quickly rather than bringing the innovation in it in terms of the security.

‘Default password’ has already been cited as the major issue of the IoT devices by many well-versed security experts. And if passwords are changed, the majority of passwords are very common. According to a password management security company, SplashData, nearly 10% of people have used one of the 25 worst passwords.

Moreover, many IoT devices are often resource-constrained and lacking the core resources to offer high security. For instance, a sensor which is used to monitor speed does not support advanced encryption.

API security also plays a significant role to defend the integrity of data transferring between IoT devices and backend software infrastructure. Not only this, but a machine to machine authentication — where there is not at all or very less involvement of the human — also makes IoT devices less secure.

A few notable IoT security breaches of the history

Cybersecurity companies, IoT device manufacturers and IoT app development companies have not yet fully decoded those challenges and so, IoT security breach is still the very common phenomena.

In 2010, Iranian centrifuges became the first victim of the IoT security breach when the Stuxnet virus was used to physically damage the centrifuges.

In December 2013, a security firm found the first IoT botnet which is the group of hacked IoT devices, co-opted for illegal activities.

In 2015, security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek executed a wireless attack on the Jeep. They changed the radio station on car’s media centre, turned on its wipers and air conditioner,  killed the engine and disabled the brakes.

In 2019, a hacker hacked the baby monitor camera!

IoT security measures (For e-scooter app)

After reading so far, you must have found yourself in the highest state of awareness which makes you conscious of the fact that you should put forth a few security measures to not end up developing a poorly protected IoT device and IoT software infrastructure and not suffer a severe financial loss.

Following are the most common yet very effective IoT security measures to not give a playground to hackers to play!

» Credentials:

An IoT app developer should add a module in the app which asks users to change the default credentials with a strong password or multi-factor authentication or even biometrics. In the case of the e-scooter rental business, the operator should ask e-scooter app development company to add the module in the admin panel from where the operator can change the passwords of all e-scooters.

» Public Key Infrastructure and X.509 Digital Certificate:

The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and X.509 Digital Certificate are the most vital measures to develop a secure IoT device and IoT app. A PKI enables users and system to securely share the data and X.509 digital certificate is the widely accepted PKI standard in order to verify whether a public key belongs to the user or not.

» API security

An API (Application Programming Interface) is the easiest way for a hacker to enter into the system and infect it. Thus, it is essential to test the API security. API security testing ensures that API is safe and only authorized devices and app communicates with that API.

» Identity management

An IoT manufacturer should give a unique identifier to each device to identify each device and understand the device behaviours and its interaction with other devices. The app development company should sync data coming from each IoT device with its identification number and let admin show it in the admin panel.

» Hardware security

Considering the fact that an IoT device is equipped with an IoT controller which controls the device, one should never fit the IoT controller in IoT device within easy reach. An IoT device should always be tamper-proof!

» Network security

IoT devices communicate with each other and with the mobile app over the network. Meaning, you should protect the IoT network. In order to protect the network, your hired app development company and IoT manufacturer should:

  • Ensure port-security
  • Disable port forwarding
  • Never open ports when not needed
  • Use antimalware
  • Deploy the intrusion detection system
  • Block unauthorized IP addresses

» Software updates 

It is very critical to keep the backend of the IoT app as well as software of the IoT controller up to date. Your hired IoT app development company is responsible for upgrading the backend of the IoT app with the latest security measures and technology and it’s IoT device manufacturer’s call to upgrade and update the IoT controller of the IoT device.

» Security gateways

IoT devices have very less processing power, memory and capabilities to implement features such as firewalls. Thus, security gateways are used. A security gateway basically works as an intermediary between the IoT device and the network.  It also has more processing power, memory and capabilities to implement any kind of features.

In the nutshell:

IoT is one of the groundbreaking technologies which has changed the way humans interact with the machines. Considering its advantages, all industries from mining to tourism to mobility have adopted the IoT. And it is anticipated that industries which have adopted the IoT will witness the massive growth in the sales and efficiency in upcoming years.

However, IoT security limitation is preventing IoT devices from offering 3 million benefits. The IoT security measures we have discussed in this blog are proven and capable of creating a safe IoT environment.

Coruscate which is the top e-scooter app development company employs all these IoT security features to develop an unhackable e-scooter app as well as other IoT apps. Our IoT engineers and app developers keep themselves updated with the latest IoT trends and security measures.

You can contact us to know more about the e-scooter app, IoT features, IoT security measures and cost & time of development. We provide a free consultation and free e-scooter app demo.


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