Top iOS 12 Features to Help Scale Your iOS App Development

Apple’s recent event WWDC redefined iOS app development, by introducing a couple of features that would prove to be useful for engagement. When iOS 11 was released last year, the first thing that went bad for the OS version was the bugs that came included. This was not the case with iOS 12 though, as the OS version was released as smoothly as possible.

With iOS 12, Apple has gone bolder and more user-centric in terms of the functionality and feature improvements. While there is the bold avatar, the OS version has not splurged or gone splashy with any of its innovations. It is important for you as a developer to know the major changes that iOS 12 has released for us to see, and how you can use it in your app development.

Screen Time


Let’s start with the new feature that Apple has rolled out with this new OS version, and how it going to change the dynamics for you as an app developer. A lot of us tend to scroll through the social media feeds mindlessly, giving into more unproductive time. With iOS 12’s screen time, this will come to a stop. The new version will be able to track the amount of time spent on a particular app, eventually reducing the number of hours you actually look at your phone. The report, at the end of the day, will show the following activities.

How much time do you spend on a particular mobile app? It will also track your activity across the different categories of mobile apps.

How many notifications do you receive from a mobile app on a daily basis? The best part is that you can reduce the notifications, which tend to lower your productive hours, with the help of this feature.

Just picking up your phone or the iPad can lead to time wastage. The feature will allow you to note the number of times you simply lift the mobile app for no reason at all.

With screen time, you can, as a parent, monitor the time your child spends with the mobile. It also allows you to note which apps they use on a regular basis. Now, you won’t need a child lock or any other way of blocking their activity. The phone and the new iOS version does it for you.

Do Not Disturb


One of the most talked about iOS 12 features is the Do Not Disturb. It is definitely high on the list of people waiting to use the iPhone, as it will prevent them from taking the phone in the hand for unnecessary reasons. During a meeting or while in a serious conversation, this feature can prevent the phone from being an interruption.

While this feature ensures you get the important messages, it makes sure the unnecessary notifications or messages do not make any sort of noise. For this, you have critical alerts that can ensure you receive messages even when you are on do not disturb mode.

Redefined Notifications


You are in control of the notifications with iOS 12. Yes, you can enable or disable notifications to the t with this new OS version. There are some changes in the notifications features that you should know about if you want to improve the app usability.

Grouped notifications are one of the new features that iOS 12 beta version has introduced with the release. What does this mean for the developers? When setting the notifications, you can ensure better and more personalized group of alerts, which makes the user at least get to the app.

There is another notification setting known as Instant Turning, which will allow the user to view and manage the notifications from a single setting. That’s a more user-friendly feature.

Augmented Reality


As mentioned earlier, Apple has worked on improving the performance of the iOS 12 while keeping the version stable for use. Along with this news, Apple had also released the ARKit 2.0 during the conference.

As we are moving towards building more stable and secure AR apps for the future world, these two instances will provide to be a rock solid foundation for the innovation.

The multi-player games and even the shareable world will get a stable construct with these two new features.

The developers can test the iOS 12 beta as well as the ARKit 2.0 to deliver seamless AR solutions. Along with ARKit, the voice assistant has also gained a major update during the conference. This means Siri shortcuts, the new update in the assistant, along with the new ARKit will help automate the workflows and empower the mobile applications further.

With these updates, iOS app development can move towards augmenting reality and enhancing productivity in the organizations. You can start working on the beta version and ensure powerful and well-segmented app development.



As a developer, it is time you download the iOS 12 beta version and start working on stabilizing the existing apps by upgrading them to the new version. The new OS version is compatible with most of the older devices too, and you will need to construct applications in a way that people won’t need to change their devices or face upgradation issues.

Coruscate has started working on iOS12 app development and is currently modeling the existing apps on the new version. Our team is highly capable and stays abreast with current trends and updates. Connect with us if you want to develop your idea into an iOS12 mobile application.


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