iOS 11 vs iOS 12: What’s Changed In The Updated iOS Version?

iOS 11, when released last year, lived up to the promises it made, and iOS 12 has furthered the premise for the operating system. Now, you are looking at a better performance bagged into an aesthetic interface, thus taking the iPhones and iPads to the next best level.

A lot of the updates were made during the release of iOS 11, and it was definitely rejuvenating for the users. Let’s see how iOS 12 has enhanced it and brought home a smile on the faces of the users.

Improved Performance

This is where the enhancements and improvements start. iOS 12 promises improved performance and better speed and agility as compared to iOS 11 features. Even the iPhone5s will launch the apps 40% faster, and the movement from the lock screen to the camera will be 70% faster with the launch of the updated version.

Overall, the performance will be 2x times faster with new iOS as compared to iOS 11, which includes the launching of the apps and the sharing options available within the apps.

This simply means that whenever iPhone detects usage, it will ramp up the processor power to maximum immediately instead of gradually, which will improve the performance.

Upgrades in AR

Earlier, you could allow multiple players to use the same AR but it was limited. Now, you can go up to four players in the same AR environment with your iPhone or iPad. The multi-user gaming has been transformed with the updated ARKit 2.0 along with the launch of iOS 12.

Sharing environments, multi-player gaming and even augmenting the real environment into virtual mode has become impressive as a result.

Recently, Lego launched its own AR app with the help of ARKit 2.0, which allows up to four people to play in the lego world simultaneously.

Updated Siri

Siri updates have extended to Apple Watch. The iOS 12 updates have made space for Siri shortcuts too. With the Siri shortcut, you can launch an app that includes Siri, and enable voice assistant. Commanding the launch of the app activities as well as different actions within the apps is possible with Siri.

Siri can be used to text people, play your favorite audio etc. There are numerous things that you can do with Siri shortcuts added to your phone or app.

Improved Notifications

With every gap existing in the notifications segment, the Apple OS is working on solving the problems and enhancing user experience. The irritating notifications that bothered you even with the release of iOS 11, will be changed entirely with iOS 12. The iPhone finally gets the group notifications system and allows you to manage the notifications you receive in a better way. You can customize from the notifications settings.

Tune off notifications that bother you in the settings. If you want to skip to the lock screen immediately, you can do that instantly with the notifications settings.

Siri suggestions can fine-tune your app notifications. You have better control over the notifications now.

Group Calls with Facetime

The one thing that most people had been looking forward to was conference video calls using messengers. Apple’s iOS 12 has updated Facetime to enable video group calls. You can easily start a group video/audio call easily. At a time, Facetime allows you to connect with close to 32 people. Similar to Skype, it allows you to focus on one person at a time, while the others appear at the bottom roster. You can easily connect with people, and arrange for focused group calls.

Message Updates

The messages app in iOS 12 has come up with better filters and effects as compared to iOS 11. The camera allows you to include in Memojis and Animojis in the messages for better communication. Add stickers, text and filters to the messages.

You can even customize your messages by downloading the sticker packs.

Do Not Disturb Updates

The DND update is a major one as compared to iOS 11. Using the phone at night has become easier as a result. The notifications will stay away from your screen, and you can receive only the calls that you feel are important.

Wake up in the middle of the night to find no emails on the phone- now that is a miracle that occurs with DND upgraded with iOS 12

DND is now part of Siri suggestion too, which means it can suggest a number of things to include as part of this command.

Upgraded Parental Controls

This was a necessary upgrade and one that has been welcomed by the parents. With iOS 12, as compared to iOS 11, you have better control over the screentime of your kids. You can set limits on their app usage, and ensure they spend limited hours on Facebook and Instagram.

As a result, the homework does not suffer, and you have allowed your kids enough time on their space as well.

Summing up

iOS 11 had definitely triggered the updates that you have received as part of the iOS 12 features. The iOS 12 beta version is definitely working in favor of better apps with increased user experience.

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