The Broad Requirements

How Coruscate Tabulated Ideas To Provide One Time Solution

  • Web-based Immigration Portal Project. The group of experts at Coruscate came up with the idea to build an immigration visa portal web application.
  • A simple click at the application enables applicants to gain significant insight about graduate temporary 485 visa, PSWS, and proceed as per the requirements of each. A call to action area, enabling applicants probe question and seek guidance.
  • After penning down all the facilities and the corresponding function, the final blueprint was then forwarded to the client for approval. The client accepted the layout embracing visa consulting and application services.
  • A web portal that enables applicants to inquire about various visa services and forged a virtual solution for the same. Applicants could seamlessly connect with the
  • Additionally, the portal eliminated the need to visit a physical institute for document verification as the same could be done online. Be it the application form, or the booklet for

Fly Abroad With E – Visas By Immi Counsellor

Visiting visa offices and applying for Visa are more a tedious task. Apply online for the Skilled Graduate 485 Visa easily.

  • Portal to directly apply for Visa
  • Detailed information about the specs of application
  • 24/7 assistance for Continuous support
  • Upload documents for e- verification
  • Pay for the Visa applied

Features Induced In The Web-Based Immigration Portal Project

The team at Coruscate viewed each module desirable and designed the project to induce the following features:

Coping With The Challenge Of Creating a Versatile Web Portal

A team of software enthusiast took to design the project as per the industry standards and finally hard code the same to build a Versatile Web Based Immigration Portal.The team took great care of all the client requirements. Major challenges include:

Set of Technologies Induced

Abiding by the industry standards, Coruscate team induced latest technologies to build a high-quality web application for skilled graduate 485 visa


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