How To Create Epic UX/UI Design For Your On-Demand App: 2022

This article is for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to develop the best on-demand application with effective and epic UX/UI for your customers. Also for graphic designers who are working on creating an amazing app experience. 

Micro-mobility is high on demand and the time is ripe to enter the market. UX and UI in on-demand applications is crucial to its success. Let’s explore further! 

What is UX/UI design exactly?

User Interface (UI) is the graphical layout of the application or website. It is basically the interface of communication between you and the app. The buttons, colors, fonts, images etc. 

All the elements that make the app functional, responsive and aesthetically pleasing.

User Interface (UI) creates a User Experience (UX).

UX/UI designer creates products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

Importance of UI/UX in on-demand apps 

On-Demand Apps rely heavily on the UX/UX development. Users are looking for ease and convenience when using it. The industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. As an entrepreneur, you must understand why the UI is important for the application and how to create the best user experience. 

  • Create a good impression:  UI UX design, if done well, creates a good impression for users. People are more engaged and interested in trying out the application. The designer should make sure that the functionality and aesthetics are well balanced. 
  • Get loyal customers:  Customers are more likely to come back for your services because they love the interaction. Especially for on-demand applications 
  • Builds brand: Appealing design and functionality will create brand awareness among the target market. They will associate quality and a solid identity with your brand. The user interface is how users interact with your service. That is a customer touch-point. UX/UI designers will ensure the communication is positive and users know the brand and what it stands for. 
  • Increased Traffic: Good user experience will encourage good reviews on the application platforms like App Store and Play Store. Customers will recommend the app in their community and this will increase the traffic on the app. UX/UI designers will create an interface that makes the app more user friendly and in turn, boost traffic. 
  • Attract users: Simply out of curiosity or based on positive word-of mouth, new users will jump on-board to try the application. If you are able to create an impressive interface, it will make new users take notice of you and boosted by good reviews, your app might feature on the charts of different platforms. 


Best UI/UX Practices for on-demand applications


Maintain informality


Try to make the look and feel more relevant and informal. Users will be able to connect with the visuals and respond to the message conveyed. Stuffy and formal visuals may not interest a lot of users. When developing a UX/UI design, keep it simple and approachable. It will leave a pleasant impression on the users. 


Use conventional elements


Elements of colors, fonts, sizes and navigation, should be conventional. Users at this point, have a habit of using apps a certain way. If as a UX/UI designer, you sway too far from how these things are laid out and what users are habituated to, people might find it confusing 

To avoid confusion, and difficulty of use, stick to conventional elements. 


Make it as interactive as possible


Users should engage with the application. Interaction is important for retaining customers. Their experience should not  be one-sided and there should be communication between the user and application. 

Consider platform specific designs

Different platforms have different layouts and interfaces. Align the design with it. The application should naturally fit into the visual and design of a specific platform. This is especially helpful when you are focusing on making the on-demand app user-friendly.


Keep it simple


Simple and minimalistic style is always better. Users find it difficult to navigate through too many action buttons or information. Keep the intention in mind.

Let’s say an app for e-scooters should be on point to booking the e-scooter, spotting it and paying for it. 

Additional features will only demand extra storage and might affect speed optimization. Plus, it is not good for a user-experience. 

Focus on limited things


 Keep the approach simple and focus on what’s important. Trying to do too much with design or functions, can dilute the information and create clutter. As you go about developing the on-demand application, take it one-step at a time. Take every simple element and execute with perfection. 

Less things made perfect is always better than too many things done poorly. 

Focus on simplicity and execution. 

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