Home Cleaning Services App like Maidsapp: App Development

Home Cleaning Services App is a convenient option for many urban families. Just with a few clicks, cleaning services will be provided to you through on-demand applications.

Maidsapp, is such an application where users can demand for these services and have it delivered shortly.

How to Use Maidsapp

Download and Install the App

Available on iOS and Android, you can download the application and set up easily in a few steps. 

Feed your information 

Sign up and feed your personal information. Add your home/office address. Enter details about the space like square footage and a few more details. 

Choose a Cleaning Package 

Select which type of cleaning you need, quick, basic or deep cleaning. 

Choose between on-demand and scheduled cleaning

This is a great option available on Maidsapp where not only you can get the service on-demand within minutes, but you can also schedule it for later or for a regular cleaning. 

That’s It 

Yeah, it is that easy and convenient. Only a few steps and you will have your service delivered. 

Features you should add if you want to develop an app like Maidsapp

Sign in and onboarding

A staple in most apps, users should be able to sign in and create profiles so that they have their information sorted and personalized. Signing in as a user, enables people to access the account from different devices and have all the order and activity history. 

Choose the package 

Users should be able to choose what package or services they require from the on-demand app. This should ideally be the main page of your application so make it simple to request for maids. 

Scheduling and Cancellation 

Users should be able to schedule the service as well as cancel it if needed. This is important in on-demand applications, because it is all about convenience and these particular features are important for users. 

Payment Options 

The app should have multiple payment options. Customers would want to pay using credit cards, debit cards, UPI and cash on delivery. 

Ratings and Reviews 

Reviews are important to maintain the quality of service towards the customers. Whenever people review a service, other customers know what to expect. They can reject the assignment to a service provider if the ratings are too low. At the same time, reviews help you understand which service providers are the best and who needs improvement. 


Customers should have access to tracking the service so the guesswork is eliminated. It makes the process more transparent and convenient for customers . 

Live chat option

Offer amazing customer support and your business will do much better. Complaints and requests should always be taken into account and be resolved as quickly as possible.

How can you make money by developing an app like Maidsapp?

A few ways you can make money out of on-demand apps are through commission earned from each service booked, peak pricing and advertising charges. 

Are you looking to develop an app like Maidsapp? 

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