6 Features of Laravel Making it the Best PHP Framework for 2019 Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Creating a vigorous app is a challenge for developers. A team of developers has to do both client side and server side scripting. As the complexity of the apps increases, developers need more hours to complete the development phase of the web or mobile application. But complex coding languages and lengthy codes play with the developers’ and app owners’ patience. It’s affecting the rapid development of the mobile or web application. However, frameworks of different scripting languages come with the few handy properties which provide extra features to the app with the minimum coding efforts. One of those frameworks is Laravel. Big companies are hiring Laravel developer like never before, and this trend seems to continue and spread like wildfire.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is the free and open source PHP framework. It was created by Taylor Otwell, who has been the fan of the sci-fi and geeky stuff since childhood. He learned to programme from his neighbor.

PHP is the back-end language, that means PHP framework Laravel is also useful for scripting of back-end side of the mobile or web application.

Taylor wanted to deliver a more advanced framework which supports easy authentication and authorization. Taylor Otwell released the first beta version of the Laravel on June 9, 2011. In Laravel version 1, the framework had more features than Taylor was once hoping. After six months, Taylor released the second version of the Laravel which had even more features than the previous version. Recently, on April 4, 2019, Taylor released version 5.8.10 of the Laravel. This version has features like automatic policy resolution, token guard token hashing, and mock testing helper method.

Taylor is the only mind behind Laravel. Taylor is taking care of the framework by himself. He releases a newer version of Laravel after every six months.

Popularity of Laravel

We have discussed earlier that Laravel is useful for server-side scripting. But when it comes to server-side scripting, the framework should provide state of the art features which make the app development process easy while not compromising any of the complex features of the app. With unique and easy to use features, Laravel helps developers in the most possible way to achieve complex functionality in the app.

Laravel supports MVC structure which distributes the code in three parts and makes the coding painless. It also reduces the efforts required for maintenance of that code. Laravel has many more features like easy testing, auto package discovery, easy deploying, API support and next level compatibility with the front end. These all scarce features of the Laravel are making it the most popular framework of 2019. With all this happening in the market, people are opting more and more Laravel development and there is a trend to hire Laravel developer.

Following graph depicts the Google trend of the popular frameworks. Through the graph, it is clear that developers and entrepreneurs have attracted more towards Laravel than any other frameworks.

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Image source: https://coderseye.com/

If we compare the Laravel PHP framework with other PHP frameworks, then the following graph shows us that in almost 44% of the projects, developers prefer to use Laravel framework for rapid development.

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Image source: https://coderseye.com/

When in 2011, Laravel was launched, Ruby on rails and ASP.NET were the most popular framework. But in just 6 years, Laravel dominated the popularity of the ruby on rails and ASP.NET.

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Each month, Laravel based websites are launched which are numbered around 3500 to 5000 .

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Image source: https://www.valuecoders.com/

This is a very impressive number for a framework. After reading these numbers, you must be wondering about the reasons behind this highest ever popularity of the Laravel PHP framework. Let’s look at the properties of the Laravel framework which justifies the popularity of it in a most possible way.

Properties of the Laravel

From the above numbers, it is an unbeatable fact that Laravel is the most popular PHP framework among developers and entrepreneurs. With this popularity, the trend to learn Laravel and trend to hire Laravel developers are also mushrooming in the market. Following are the detailed properties of the Laravel framework which gives competence to the developers to deliver the finest app in no time.

3 different tools for 3 different problems associated with mobile and web application development

Creator of the Laravel has developed Laravel, keeping in mind the need of developers and administrators. Laravel offers three tools which solve most of the problems a developer encounters while web and mobile application development. These three tools are Laravel Horizon, Laravel Nova, and Laravel echo.

Laravel Horizon:

Laravel Horizon gives a beautiful dashboard for the coding purpose. It has a sophisticated code driven configuration, helping developers in the form of suggestions while coding.

Laravel Nova:

Laravel Nova is the admin panel, has the all necessary features a revolutionary admin panel should have. It shows all statistics related to web or app to the admin.

Laravel Echo:

Laravel Echo is useful to handle the event broadcasting. In the live updating user interface, when some data gets updated in the server, a client received a message through the web-socket protocol. In this kind of situation, event broadcasting sends the server-side event to the client side. Laravel offers a dedicated tool for handing event broadcasting. Using this tool helps developers to avoid prolonged and knotty coding of event broadcasting.

MVC architecture

MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture is the groundbreaking way of developing a mobile or web application. While working on the framework which supports the MVC architecture, developers divide the logic of the mobile or web app in three parts. They are the Model, View, and Controller. The model deals with business logic. View deals with the presentation of the data. It decides how to present the information to the users. It is the graphical representation of the data. While the controller builds the bridge between view and model, acts as the middle layer. So, using a view, a user asks for a service. That request goes to controller. It sends requests to the model. The model performs logical things and generates a response using its business logic. Then it sends the response to the controller and controller sends it ahead to the view. The view shows the output to the users.

Developing a mobile or web application using MVC architecture makes the development and maintenance of the app or web so easy.

6 Features of Laravel that make it the Best PHP Framework for 2019. Hire Laravel Developer to Develop an Unsurpassed Mobile App

Object-relational mapping

There are three major components of the development process. These are table, class, and instance. Laravel allows developers to use the data of the table in the class. And instances of the class can be used to the table’s row. For example, if there is a table named ‘user’. A developer can use the data of that user table in the class. The instance of the class gets the data from the rows of the table. This is called object-relational mapping. This reduces the stress of developing different classes and tables containing the same data. And it avoids data redundancy.


Packages provide the minimum effort to write a code of one particular function of the mobile or web application. One of the most useful packages of the Laravel is Socialite. Using this package, developers can add social login ability in the app with almost no effort. Laravel has the packages directory named Packalyst which is having almost 17000 ready to use packages. Apart from this, the Laravel framework supports the auto package discovery which makes the use of package easier. Auto package discovery terminates the long manual package configuration process and configures it by itself, automatically.

Effortless Deployment

The real pain is to deploy mobile and web application on the server to make it responsive. But while deploying, developers witness so many compatibility issues. However, it is not the case with the Laravel. Creator of Laravel has developed a website named Laravel Forge. Developers just need to pick one listed server from the website and deploy the mobile or web application on it. Your project is live by now. There is no need for any configuration.

Inbuilt testing tools

Testing is the most important phase of the mobile or web application development cycle. Testing is the ultimate method to find bugs in the app or web application. Using third-party tools for the testing doesn’t offer reliability. Thus, using the inbuilt testing tool of the framework is the only choice. Laravel offers inbuilt front end testing tool named Laravel dusk. Laravel Dusk tests the click events on the view. For the back-end, PHP unit is yet the optimum testing tool.

After knowing the top properties of the Laravel, it is safe to hope that you understand the gravity of Laravel. It has the potential to deliver the bug-free mobile or web application in lesser time than any other framework. Because of these reasons, experts are advising to develop a mobile and web application using the Laravel framework. Also, looking at the popularity and demand for Laravel, a trend to hire Laravel developer is now quite understandable.

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