How to hire e-scooter app developers for your e-scooter startup

How to hire e-scooter app developers for your e-scooter startup Business, Across the globe? + How to start e scooter sharing business?+ E Scooter Sharing business app features to consider + Build E Scooter app like Bird, Lime + Hire E Scooter sharing app development company

E-scooter apps have been in existence for more than 2 years and so, it is no longer as rare as you think. But genius e-scooter app development companies or e-scooter app developers still are!

We are living in the era when finding a workable e-scooter is very easy through the e-scooter app, but finding a team of clever e-scooter app developers for developing such an e-scooter app is arduous.

In the presence of many e-scooter app development companies that are claiming of having the expertise, you become more vulnerable to hire e-scooter app developers with fake expertise. And if you end up hiring amateur e-scooter app developers, your whole startup will fail, sooner and later.

Sensing the urgency, we have listed out a few steps to not ruin the e-scooter app developer hiring process. By following these steps, you will lead you and your startups to industry experts who actually know the nuts and bolts of the e-scooter app development.

But before we proceed, I would like to clarify one thing that here we are assuming that ‘hire e-scooter app developers’ means hiring e-scooter app developers from the e-scooter app development company or outsourcing e-scooter app development project to such company and not to any freelancer.

» Hire ‘dedicated’ e scooter app developers or E Scooter app development Company

An E-scooter app isn’t similar to any other app, so does the e-scooter app developers. Generally, a genius e-scooter app development company like Coruscate accommodates dedicated developers for the e-scooter apps as e-scooter apps can only be actualized with the proper use of IoT technology and MQTT protocol.

IoT technology makes the e-scooter hardware smart and MQTT protocol establishes the connection between smart e-scooter hardware and e-scooter software (mobile app.)

Since the use of MQTT is very rare, app developers who are developing many other apps and not the e-scooter app, may not know about it. To avoid such developers who can develop any other app successfully but spoil your e-scooter app development project with their inability in just one concept, you always need to prefer ‘dedicated’ e-scooter app developers for building an e-scooter app.

We are having a team of ‘dedicated’ e-scooter app developers who have successfully implemented IoT technology and MQTT protocol in many projects. You can know the hourly rate to hire e-scooter app developers by contacting us.

» Know their portfolio

A good mobile app development company always keeps the portfolio. All you need to do is ask for it without hesitation. And when they show it to you, notice each element of their work. Find out how well they have designed the app, how well they have managed to add features in it and whether there are any rare or futuristic features or not.

Here, if an e-scooter app is missing in their portfolio, you can still learn a lot about their cleverness from the different apps they have developed and the degree of innovation they have brought in it. And if their portfolio attracts you even if they haven’t developed any e-scooter app, they deserve a chance.

Get in touch with our tech expert today to check our E scooter app development portfolio:

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

» Check Clients’ References

Always prefer to hire e-scooter app developers from those e-scooter app development companies which happily share their client information with you, or at least real reviews. Based on these details, you can either contact their clients or read clients’ reviews to identify their (company’s) app development talent.

» Choose a lifelong partner

E-scooter app development is not a single time process. Since the e-scooter rental business is driven by the government’s rules and regulations, you need to update the app with every little change government makes in it.

Moreover, you also need to update the app with the change in the business model or user behavior. This way, you require e-scooter app developers as long as your e-scooter rental business is alive.

By hiring lifelong e-scooter app developers, you can save a lot of money and solve any sudden business challenge immediately.

Coruscate is one of the few e-scooter app development companies, which offer such kind of service. We become the business strategic partner of our clients and help them throughout their business journey.

» Don’t decide based on pricing

cost of e scooter app development

Choosing the development partner based on the price quote is perhaps the most ‘fatal’ mistake entrepreneurs are making. For the sake of saving a few bucks, they many times hire e-scooter app developers who offer them the ‘cheap’ development service.

These developers generally develop an e-scooter app with their ready-made libraries and app modules which result in a basic app, having common features. With such an app, you simply cannot dominate the market.

Instead, you should take ROI into account. You should figure out how many extra features you are getting by paying a high fee and how with these extra features, you can break-even and cover your app development cost quickly while maintaining a high user base.

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» Consider services beyond app development

Having only a feature-packed and robust e-scooter app does not guarantee you the business success. There are a few other things which are worth to pay heed.

These things are business model crafting, app deployment strategy, and hardware selection. A proper business model allows you to earn more by investing less. A successful app deployment gives you a strong initial user base. Hand-picked e-scooter hardware increases the unit economics and lets you offer safety to riders. This is why, only with an app, you can never get the sight of ever-increasing revenue and app instalment graph.

Coruscate understands the requirements of startups and so, offers a complete package. We help business owners to craft the profitable business model, plan out an effective app launch strategy and select a reliable fleet of e-scooters.

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» Don’t neglect the app design

No matter how futuristic features your hired app developers have included in the app, people will find using your app challenging, in the absence of pixel-perfect app design.

App design supports the features and lets users use those features effortlessly. Thus, you should make the app design a top priority. You should discuss app designs while choosing your development partner.

Once you hire the e-scooter app developers from a company, you can ask them to do wireframing of your app and show you the final app design in sketches.

In the nutshell:

With the advent of easy development technologies, e-scooter app development is longer an uphill battle. But hiring proper e-scooter app developers is still one of the challenges an e-scooter startup has to overcome.

The only way to hire genius e-scooter app developers is by being a genius! You need to filter the e-scooter app development companies based on the extra services they are providing, how well they can design the app? will they help you to select the fleet, craft the business model? do they own all real reviews of real clients? and how many rare features their developers can integrate into your app?

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company (USA, UK, CANADA), offering lifelong business and development support along with business model crafting and e-scooter selecting guide.

To know more about features, and ask for a free demo of the e-scooter app, please contact us.


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