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  • How long does it take to build an enterprise-grade application using Java?

    The application development can take anywhere between a month or six months to a year depending on the complexity of the application, and the features you want inside. In certain cases, the database needs to built from the scratch, which can take extra time, adding to the development time for the application.
  • What industries require the support of Java EE?

    Java EE is most commonly used in eCommerce, accounting, banking information systems and other data-driven industries
  • Which popular companies have opted for Java application development company?

    IMDB, Amazon, Paypal, Google, Ebay, Netflix, Walmart, Target, Mapquest, Canon and Spotify use Java as their primary programming language.
  • Why companies prefer using Java application development in Sweden?

    The following are the reasons why companies prefer Java application development in Sweden
    • The Java developers are easy to find and recruit
    • It is a mature language and has tools for debugging as well as ease-of-development
    • There are many open-source libraries available to support development
    • It has a good amount of community support
  • Why telecom companies use Java application development in Singapore?

    Here are the reasons why telecom companies use Java application development in Singapore
    • The complex logic of the telecom industry is implemented in an easy way
    • The programming language comes with third party API support
    • It is easy to manage and highly scalable
    • The frameworks within Java make handling large applications such as the ones in telecom industry easy
  • Why the banking industry has adopted Java application development company in Saudi Arabia?

    • Some of the core and critical banking functions are performed within the JVM
    • It is a safe and secure platform, which is necessary as banking industry relies on transactions
    • The API and web apps for the banking industry have been developed for Java
    • The platform is highly preferred owing to its portability and compatibility, which allows it to run on subsequent versions of the platform
    • Scalability of the platform is yet another reason why it is the most sought after platform
  • What points should we consider when hiring Java application development company in USA?

    When hiring the Java application development company in USA, you should consider the following points:
    • Do they have the necessary industry expertise and the technology understanding?
    • Does the company have a team that can handle a project of the size you are planning to roll out?
    • You should check out their past experience, as that will help you know their expertise and knowledge. A check on the past projects, the number of projects handled and their type should be made before you hire the team
    • Check their certifications and their processes, as that will help you know if there would be delays and quality constraints or not
    • You should find out if they have an expertise in cloud-based technologies or not
  • What is the cost of Java application development?

    There are two types of engagement models that we offer: dedicated developer and custom pricing model. We also offer hourly-developer model in certain cases. The rates for each differ. You can fill out the form with your needs, and our team will get back to you with the quotes and the approximate duration for completion of the project.

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