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We build full-stack web and desktop applications based on the latest Node.js technologies and MongoDB

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  • Why should you opt for Node.js over PHP?

    PHP uses multi-threaded, blocking I/O to carry out multiple tasks at the same time. This means, the functions are blocked till their completion, and only after the previous commands have been executed, can the new functions be initiated. That is not the case with Node.js. This scripting language has been created to produce concurrent results without blocking the I/O. It has an event-driven architecture, which allows it to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, without blocking any function, and using callback signals to indicate completion or failure.
  • Which companies have built their applications using Node.js?

    Some to the top companies such as Trello, Netflix, Paypal, Linkedin, Walmart, Uber, Groupon, Ebay, Medium, and Nasa.
  • Which industries have been benefitted by Node.js development?

    Media & Entertainment, ecommerce, Communication, Education, banking and finance.
  • How Nasa benefited from a Node.js Development Company USA?

    Nasa produces a lot of data; For Nasa the historical data was as important as the new data created. They wanted end-to-end system for data not just for the spacesuits but also the rockets and other hardware systems that were in use. With Node.js they were able to create data transfer applications using JavaScript. This not only reduced the learning curve but also the efforts and the cost. The asynchronous event loop for I/O operations helped the company build cloud-based solutions that helped make data available for the concurrent users.
  • What is the latest update for Node.js application development in Saudi Arabia?

    Node.js with its immense capabilities allows you to create faster and high-performance applications. Till now the biggest capability of Node.js application development in Saudi Arabiawas creating the vendor agnostic platform for developers. However, with the latest update, they have created a platform where the developers can showcase their node.js work.
  • How Node.js in has transformed the entertainment industry?

    Netflix, the biggest media streaming and VOD provider, runs a high-capacity, highly data-driven platform that delivers content to approximately 104 Mn subscribers globally. They wanted a platform that would increase their scalability, improve concurrent capabilities and allow the conditional dependency that is a part of the platform. With Node.js development company New York, they were able to create a lightweight, highly flexible platform which reduced the load and initiation time by 70%
  • How the new Node.js update v8.0 update will help Node.js application development in Germany?

    For Frankfurt IBM, the new Bluemix services have incorporated IBM Watson and Watson Cognitive Services which include personality services and tone analyzer. They have also included in-region developer services along with cloud foundry runtimes. This is inline with the new runtime support for cloud functions which has been added to Node.js v8.0. This new update will help you integrate the serverless functions in your cloud-supported IBM environment. This update will help Germany update a range of changes to their project without really disturbing it, and that too in real-time.
  • Which company has adopted Node js application development in South Korea?

    Renowned mobile handset company Samsung has successfully adopted Node.js application development in South Korea to handle its large database and improve its operational efficiency.
  • How enterprises benefit from node.js application development Finland?

    With node.js application development in Finland, enterprises have improved their development speed, leading to high-performance applications. With the high scalability that comes with this technology, you can reduce your spend on infrastructure effectively.
  • Which industries have adopted node.js application development in Sweden?

    A look at the Swedish economy, and you would know that the most favored is the finance industry for node.js application development in Sweden.
  • How do you ensure the efficiency of the team?

    We use effective project management tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana etc. to monitor the project’s progress on a daily basis as well as to track the efficiency of the team. These tools help us create tasks and manage them, thus breaking down the project into smaller portions.
  • What is your team size?

    We have a team of 60 in-house developers with an average experience of 3 years.
  • Do you offer dedicated developers?

    Yes, we make sure we offer dedicated developers for the project. The client can connect with the developers through emails, chats and calls.
  • What are your pricing models?

    We have flexible models for the clients. We have both dedicated developers as well as hire-on-an-hourly basis model for you. Depending on your need, you can choose from the two. We also offer ball-park quotes to our clients.

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