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What is Flutter?

During the early days of the ‘mobile app era’, app owners only preferred to develop an android app and launched it on Google Play Store as Android devices were leading the chart. But soon, the market share of Apple devices reached close to Android devices and so, app owners started preferring mobile apps for both Android and iOS. But in the absence of any cross-platform technology, developers had to invest more hours to develop apps for both platforms which eventually hit the pocket of app owners.

So, to bring such an era to end, Google launched a cross-platform UI software development kit named Flutter to develop a mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and web. Flutter enables developers to develop mobile apps that run on multiple OS without writing complex code for two different platforms.

Why should you choose Flutter app development for your next project?

If you are planning to hire Flutter developers, you should know how this decision will help you and your business to grow.

Who are we and why should you choose us to hire Flutter developers?

Coruscate is the top IT company which has delivered 200+ projects to global clients with the highest ever satisfaction rate. We have formed 20+ teams of developers, designers, and research fellows. These teams are working under the guidance of our company’s most experienced people. The underlying purpose behind our existence is solving business problems using technology to help small-medium scale businesses to scale up. We have been the early-adopter of technologies which eventually makes us supreme in the industry.

Our ‘hire Flutter developer’ service is very startup-centric. We understand your requirements, allocate a team of Flutter developers and complete your project within the deadline. Most importantly, we allocate only a capable team that satisfies all your requirements and develops an unsurpassable app.

Our Flutter app development services

  • Front-end and back-end app development
  • Feature-packed admin panel
  • End to end support and maintenance
  • Migration services
  • Free consultation from an industry expert
  • Business model crafting
  • Consultation for getting a business license
  • Help in recognizing the target audience and most relevant features

Different types of apps you can develop using Flutter

Thanks to the extensive feature set of the Flutter, not only startups but big companies are hiring Flutter app developers to develop mobile apps for their users. If you are going to hire Flutter developer, know different types of apps a Flutter developer can develop.

Flutter app development life-cycle we follow

We have defined a process towards building highly-functional Flutter solutions. It all starts with the idea that you approach us with.

  • Conceptualizing the idea
  • Building insights
  • Researching for possibilities
  • Noting the requirements
    • Understand the pain areas
    • What are the possible solutions?
    • What are the needs of the user in this segment?
  • Sketching the solution
  • Designing and development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Check out the FAQs

If you are still in a dilemma, this list will help you to make a final decision.

  • What does Flutter do?

    For users, Flutter makes beautiful app UIs come to life. And for developers, it makes app development easy and less time-consuming.
  • What kinds of apps do I develop using Flutter?

    Flutter is optimized for 2D apps and an app developed in Flutter runs on multiple platforms.
  • Why should I opt for Flutter app development? Tell me one reason.

    Google is developing all its new apps in Flutter. Not only this, but Google is also migrating its all old apps to Flutter!
  • What devices and OS versions does Flutter app support?

    Mobile operating systems: Android Jelly Bean, v16, 4.1.x or newer, and iOS 8 or newer.
    Mobile hardware: iOS devices (iPhone 4S or newer) and ARM Android devices.
  • How do we track the project and ensure the efficiency of the team?

    Coruscate uses effective project management tools such as Jira, Trello, Asana, etc. to monitor the project’s progress on a daily basis as well as to track the efficiency of the team. These tools help us create tasks and manage them.
  • How much does it cost to hire Flutter developers?

    We have flexible models for the clients. We have both dedicated developers and a hire-on-an-hourly basis model for you. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the two. We also offer ball-park quotes to our clients.

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